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End The Year With Classic Cougar Fashion!

Well the end of the year is upon us. If you have been riding with the Cougar then 2006 has been a great year for you. If you just found the Cougar on Insideplays that is ok.... you are still 6-1 with the Cougars football picks.

There are some layup bets left on the Bowl schedule including some Cougar 5 star specials coming up around the BCS games. Let the Cougar help build your bankroll up for those games with the following picks.

With Navy's biggest win this year coming aganist Air Force you gotta go with BC here. I love this game at 6.5 but it won't be here for long. There have been a lot of covers this year in bowls. Boston College is holding teams to 15pts per game. In fact only one team this year has scored more the 21 pts on BC (BYU 23)

Who made this spread? Miami has no quality wins all year, a coach out the door, 5 new injuries, and the game is on New Year's Eve. You really think any of the Miami players care about this game? The whole team will be looking forward to getting out in time to go party and shoot people.

Not trying to take anything away from the Badgers here but they just haven't been tested enough this year. For being in the Big Ten they have had a pretty cush schedule. Arkansas on they other hand has been overacheiving all year.

Any other field and Michigan is favored by at least 4 here. This is one of my favorite games on the schedule. I feel the Wolverines have better skill players at every position on the field. They have more to play for, have more emotion AND are getting points.

That is pretty much it. I am mostly staying away from the NFL this week. Too much like a preseason week. If you have to bet it play only the games that have teams NEEDING to win. Historically those teams cover.

Speaking of... I like Green Bay this week. A win drags out the Favre era. They COugar isn't allowed to bet aganist the Bears but that doesn't mean you can't!!!

Have a happy and safe New Years,


The Coug

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