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January 1, 2007

Happy New Year Homeboys!!!

Nothing but health, happiness, massage parlors, & dirty money to you all in 2007! While I mentioned I was going to update the bowl pick’em spectacular, I was side tracked by Vanessa Marcel and the 90210 marathon this weekend. Vanessa.jpg

Check back tomorrow, and if you’re lucky I’ll have new standings posted. As for today’s winners, I have a few thoughts on some scoring in the Michigan/USC contest and a gambling theory on Ricky Davis the night after New Year’s…check it out at www.insideplays.com

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January 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 47-28 ATS

Will Nocioni be able to slow down Shawn Marion tonight?
I’m devastated that my Hoops record has dropped below the 20 games over .500 mark, but tonight I will change that…and hopefully finally update the Bowl Spectacular. While I apologize about the delay, it’s my frickin money you’re winning so just be thankful I made it though the Holidays alive. 3 NBA winners fellas, including the Bulls/Suns contest…Let’s roll www.insideplays.com

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January 3, 2007

College Bowl Pick-em Spectacular


After 28 games with 4 remaining...here are the top playas:

KFUNK3030 19
PEYTON182006 17
TG 15

Oh yeah and in last place is my Homeboy...

To see everybody's winners...

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Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 48-30 ATS !!!

Kaman.jpg You think Alonzo wants to rub up with this all-night?

The college bowl spectacular is finally posted so make sure to check it out! As for my 1-2 Hoops evening last night, I’m sickened by the Spurs 4th quarter collapse, but can’t be too upset about the way the young Bulls ran with the Suns. While nobody will probably agree, Pax should look to trade Mr. 40-point Gordon while his stock is skyrocketing…He’s going to command max. $$$s very soon and I can’t see paying him for only playing one end of the floor. As for tonight, I was thinking of just playing the Clippers/Heat contest (which is a Greg Gamble 4-star lock) but realized there are too many hours in the evening and I’m not very skilled at reading or arts and crafts. Lucky for you, I found two additional winners to make the night complete... www.insideplays.com

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January 4, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 50-31 ATS !!!

Sheed.jpg After losing three-in-a-row, Sheed and boyz are ready to roll!

Back in the win column last night, thanks to a dominating performance by the Clippers and Tar Heels. My beautiful lady couldn’t understand why I wanted to watch the final five minutes of the North Carolina blow-out. I told her I simply wanted to breakdown some game film...when in reality, all I was breaking was the M*tha F*ckin bank! Once again, Thursday’s provide as much NBA action as a strip-club in Salt Lake City, so I’m just playing one tonight…at least as of right now. Tomorrow’s got a full slate of NBA for me to sift thru, so be sure to shoot me an email with who like and I’ll post them with my picks greggamble@insideplays.com . Dollar, Dollar, Bill Y’all www.insideplays.com

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January 5, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoops Special: 51-31 ATS

With all his winnings, will Greggy G be celebrating with some St. Ides?

Welcome to the home of Greg Gamble’s Nightly NBA Winners. If you’ve been riding with me from the beginning and placed a Benjamin on each of my picks, after the book takes the OJ, you’d still be sitting with 17 pictures of the former president. That’s enough paper to buy my girl something shinny for her ears and a case of St. Ides-Special Brew for me…Holiday-Blend of course. While it’s always invigorating to pat yourself on the back, I’m not satisfied and will be looking to be at least 30 games over .500 by Valentine’s Day…my girl needs a necklace to match the earrings and I have always wanted a white tiger! Uno, Dos, Tres winners for you tonight Homeboys, let’s start the weekend off right…www.insideplays.com

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January 6, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoop Special: 52-33 ATS

I know Carlos...I can't believe you didn't cover either!

I need a quick bounce back after my 1-2 performance last night and I can't wait for the NBA action tonight. I'm going to the college hardwood fellas...I think you should join me. 3 NCAA plays as well as a possible rebound performance for the Jazz... www.insideplays.com

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January 8, 2007

Five Star Special For Fans Of The Cougar

As the good friend of The Coug. Denny Green once said:
"The Cougar was exactly who we thought he was"
"Crown his ass!!!"

That's right The Cougar is a player and you can check his stats.
20-10 ATS for all 2006 bowl games
12-5 ATS for all picks on insideplays.com
6-1 for all NFL picks on insideplays.com

Are any of your surprised that The Coug is leading the insideplays.com bowl contest? Since The Coug. is hanicapping professional he will be donating the winnings to his favorite charity...The Center For Lost and Orphaned Baby Cougars.

Tonight is the night all loyal Cougar fans have been waiting for. The Cougar's first ever FREE five star special. If you have been following the Cougar the past month then you are up quite a bit of coin. Tonight is the night The Coug. wants you to push it. And he wants you to push it in the biggest college game of the year.

Ohio St. -7 over Florida
UNDER 47.5

This line has been bet down after opening at -8.5. The line started to drop after the following stat was found. Ohio St. is 0-7 aganist the SEC in bowl games. Betting on that stat is ridiculious and The Cougar will gladly take the extra point and a half. Here are the things you should be looking at when hanicapping this game.

* OSU has better players at every offense position.... especially the skill positions
* Florida has the worst field goal kicker in the NCAA.... Florida is only 4-13 in field goal atttempts this year. Coach Meyer has already said he won't go for many field goals pas the 20 yeard line. In what looks to be a very defenisvie game this could be a huge advantage.

Expect a defensive game where Florida will stall in the red zone. Ohio St. leads the NCAA in fewest big plays allowed (plays over 25 yards). That means Florida will have to grind their way to the endzone and will miss out on scoring opportunities by not being able to kick field goals.

That is why The Coug also likes the under.

Expect OSU to use it's two headed running attack to slowly wear down a very good Gator rush defense.

A great stat when playing over/under is the "rebounding defense trend". How do defenses respond the game AFTER they let up and OVER. Both of these teams ended the season with an over. Combined OSU and Flordia bounce back from and over and cover the under in their next game 85% of the time since 2004. As a player that is a huge stat. Expect the Coug. to jump all over that.

In conclusion The Cougar advises a bet like this.
30% of your wager on OSU
30% of your wager on the Under
25% teasing OSU and the Total
15% paralying OSU and the Under.

Good Luck and happy hunting!!!!!!!!

The Coug

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 55-34 ATS

I think T-Mac is going to miss Yao big-time tonight!
After a 3-1 Saturday on the college/pro hardwood, it’s going to be hard to watch the National Championship game with the regular-season clash between bitter-rivals the LA Clippers and NO Hornets tonight. While I do think Urban Meyer will utilize the 7 points the Buckeyes are giving him, my only interest will be in the winner of our inaugural Bowl Spectacular. (BTW, the football guru The Cougar disagrees...check out his breakdwon below) If Ohio St covers, we’ll have three gentlemen knotted up with 22 wins so the over/under total will decide the outcome (Kfunk 69, Damian Cougar 58, Gator Mike 45). If Florida covers (which will happen), the Cash Money Brothers will be added to the mix with a total of 59 for tonight’s game. With that, I’ve got 2 NBA winners to help pass the time during the long, boring-azz halftime…Make Money-Money, Make Money-Money$$$. www.insideplays.com

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January 9, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 56-35 ATS

You really think this guy can stop King James tonight?

Congratulations to Gator Mike who narrowly defeated Insideplays very own Damian Cougar. I few others were close, but in reality…besides Gator Mike you all tied for last place. While I had Florida beating the Buckeyes last night, tonight’s match-up between Ohio St. and Wisconsin on the hardwood has me even more excited. Not to mention the classic rivalry between Northern Iowa and Illinois State, and LeBron traveling to visit Ron Artest in Sacramento. Overall, I’ve got 4 plays for you tonight to help you win back the dinero most of you lost on the most overrated Heisman Trophy winner ever…www.insideplays.com

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January 10, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 59-36 ATS

With Bosh back healthy...look for the Raptors to soar!

While the Buckeyes late game heroics enabled me to cover 3 out 4 last night, it’s tough to feel lucky when you know the book doesn’t apologize for their backend covers. My so-called good/overweight friend Damian Cougar has already complained this morning about the one game I lost last night, but he’s just bitter because Crispy Cream has announced they’re closing more stores this year. But enough about the Coug, the NBA looks like San Fran during the gold-rush tonight and I’ve got plenty of Rocker Boxes and Gold Pans for ya to use. I may be crazier than Maurice Clarett on the Goose, but I think I’ve found 5 winners in the NBA and one more in college. Let’s roll fellas, but please remember…this is for news and news matter only!...www.insideplays.com

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January 11, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 63-38 ATS

Looks like Jason Kidd's back on the Market!

Rumor has it the NBA will be switching the Jerry West logo for the NBA to a portrait of Greggy G sitting on pile of money! After a 4-1 performance last night in the association (and not counting my 0-1 result in college), I’ve decided to take my normal Thursday vacation from the NBA. Of course, I’ll probably play both NBA tilts tonight since I can’t watch a game without a little incentive, but Friday we’ve got a full slate and I still need to buy my girl a pony. In addition, I actually need to get some real work done today before I’m unemployed, but I do have one college hardwood gem for you...I know you boyz don’t trust me with the road favorites, but you just can’t teach a Homedogg new tricks…www.insideplays.com

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January 12, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoops Special: 64-38 ATS

It's always a good day when you see #4 in his Pony's!

Afternoon Homeboys…time to win. NBA Friday couldn’t have started any better…after a wholesome breakfast of Totino’s Party Pizza (Combination…of course) and a crisp Blackberry Merlot (Arbor Mist 2006), I checked out the NBA injury report to find a few teams that will be well short on players…and well short on investments from yours truly. So enough chit-chat…After a long night of Golden Tee at the smoothest bar Chi-Town…The Cly Bar, I feel like someone’s cat took a Najah Davenport in my mouth (If you don’t get the joke…google it BEEATCH!). Time to call your banker fellas…it’s payday! 3 NBA (almost) locks for ya and plenty of banter all weekend long. Take it light, and remember when you stop at Cly Bar for a cold-one…Tell them Greg Gamble sent ya. www.insideplays.com

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Money Mike's NFL Breakdown

Oh yeah......I'm back. It's Money Mike back up in this beeeatch with the NFL breakdown. I know you fools have missed me but with my guy GG is on fire with the NBA picks I decided to let him ride the wave for awhile. I'm was starting to get jealous so here I am. For you new comers that don't know about me I give winners too......but I also will be covering our segment called "The Hollywood Minute" which breaks down our famous athlete's and their extra curricular activities including movies, TV shows, girlfriends, mistresses and creep moves. Pictures are included kids so check back. Anyway...let's get to the point with this weeks NFL match-ups.

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January 14, 2007

BEARS, BEARS, BEARS...Polish Sausage!

This dude makes my Homeboy Parisi look tall!

Greggy G is having trouble concentrating on his BBall picks with a Bears playoff game around the corner. The feeling around Chi-Town has Bear fans waiting for a collapse and expecting nothing but the worst from Sexy Rexy. While I do think the Monsters of the Midway will advance to the NFC Championship, I think we’ll see Brian Griese by the 3rd quarter…and will see the Seahawks covering 9.5 points by the 4th. As for the second tilt today…www.insideplays.com

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January 15, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 64-40 ATS

KG is a man who looks focused baby!

Happy MLK day everybody! While some of you may be on holiday, Greg Gamble is open for business 365 days a year. After picking both pigskin games on Sunday, I’m rolling into the week with some extra coin and more confidence than David Hasselhoff strollin’ the beach for hotties. I’m jumping all over the NBA tonight and look to start the week off hotter than Kobe Tai in sweatpants…Holla at your boy…www.insideplays.com

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January 16, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 67-41 ATS

Side Show Bob, Big Z, & Gooden should dominate the paint 2night!

Just the typical Monday dominance on the Association Hardwood for the Polish Prince last night (3-1 ATS). Unfortunately, we have an abbreviated schedule in the NBA tonight following the MLK Holiday...A day the bookies are actually calling a Holiday because they’re not getting housed too much by the members of www.insideplays.com. Which means you boyz are only getting 2 pro picks (that I’m less than thrilled about), but I will be jumping into the college scene for two additional plays. Tomorrow is the day for some real love from the roundball guru, but it’s not like I’m not making a call to my guy today. Good luck tonight fellas…but you really don’t need luck if you’re sitting behind the kid with all the answers. I luv ya like a fat kid luvs cake!

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January 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 69-43 ATS

Only Greggy G can use the Hedgehog to promote one of his Winners!

Going 2-2 last night is completely unacceptable and I plan to make it up to my loyal degenerate investors! Before we roll into the roundball winners, let me give you guys a little heads-up on the pigskin playoff action this weekend. If you like the Bears, bet them now! The spread opened at 2.5 for Tom Waddle’s former team, but as more and more people start to focus on the weather in the Windy City and the dome tendencies of the Saints…the spread will move-up all week. As for the Colts, BET THE HOUSE!!! The ‘Perfect Storm’ is approaching for Peyton Manning to finally capsize Belichick and Brady’s overmatched ship (That’s a little cheesy, but as my boy Damian Cougar says…there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese!) Enough about the gridiron, I know your here for the hardwood gems and I got 6 of them for ya…and half them are going to be on TV! Spread the word boyz…www.insideplays.com

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January 18, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 75-43 ATS

I told these girls I love the Shockers (Wichita St.) tonight...I think they thought I meant something else!

Who else gives out FREE 6-team parlays, who else gives you daily up-dates on your favorite porn-starts, and who else can say they’re 32 frickin’-games over .500…Say it with me: IN GREG GAMBLE I TRUST!!! What a beautiful evening last night, no west coast game to keep me up and a White Russian that tasted so much sweeter because I realized I could actually afford real Kaluha. Now before I break-down tonight’s college action, I need a favor from you guys. This site will only get better (injury-alerts, spread-movements, new BYOB strip-clubs, etc.) if I can hand my boss a two-week notice and put all my time into degenerative investigation habits. So as my boy Jerry McGuire once said: “Help-me…Help-you!” Get your boyz to check out the site, tell them to sign-up for the free newsletter, and let them know there are no-strings attached…just like the underwear you bought your girl with all the money Greggy G’s made ya.

Alright, enough shameless plugs…lets jump into some picks. As always with Thursdays, the NBA has only two games so I’m going with a fun college trend tonight on all my plays. While playing on the road in-conference always spells trouble for the favorites on their first trip of the year, I believe the second road trip for conference leaders is much easier and the spread is always lower as Vegas knows the gamblers got killed earlier on this trend. Tonight, I’m only taking conference leaders on the road against the bottom feeders at the mid-major level…with a spread of 5 or lower. You know why…because I can! And get ready for Friday boys, the NBA guru will be back and so will a late night of my girl wondering why we’re watching the 4th quarter of a blow-out between the Buck n Sonics…www.insideplays.com.

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January 19, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 77-45 ATS

Give Ronny Mexico a break...dude's got glaucoma!

After all the success, its funny waking up feeling like the stock-market crashed when you go 2-2…And of course the SHOCKERS don’t cover! I even got in trouble from my girl for posting those pictures and that little mid-major Beeatch can’t even cover against the Redbirds! At least nobody lost more than some OJ with my picks…by the way, anybody got a book that charges less than 10%?

Enough chit-chat, it’s time for Roundball analysis of the Association…I love this ATS game! Will LeBron really lose 3 in-a-row, can Ronny Artest stand to lose 8 in-a-row, and is it true that Asia Carrera doesn’t give happy endings? Don’t worry…Greggy G’s got the answers. Check us out all weekend for BBall plays and plenty of pigskin info. I live in Chi-Town so let me be your weather man for Sunday's Bears/Saints tilt. www.insideplays.com

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January 21, 2007

Money Mike's NFL Brick Oven locks!!!!!!

Yeah fools.....Its Money Mike up in this piece to give you the Brick oven locks on Championship Sunday. GG is out slapping high five's with his boys at Clybar 3 hours before the game even starts, so I will give you picks also later in the article; but for now....listen to what MIke has to say.

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January 22, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 78-47 ATS

Shaq might be back...but in what kind of shape!

After a week of NBA picks that made my Tarot Card consultant ask me to read her palm , (not counting KG getting booted and the T-Wolves losing in OT on Friday) I got greedy on Sunday and put 95% of last weeks winnings on Peyton Manning (the other 5% went to Caviar and Alize baby!). You know it’s your year when Da Bears book a ticket to Miami earlier in the day and the spread for the Colts lines up the way it did yesterday and you win by a point as the Horseshoes take their only lead with a minute left!

But enough about how cool and rich I am, let’s try to make you some money on the hardwood tonight and at least show you a gratuitous photo of the Olsen Twins. My goal was to be 30 games over .500 by Valentines Day so I can buy my girl that pony she’s always wanted…but it looks like we’re already past that and I got some extra time to add a diamond encrusted grill to her Feb 14th gift package. I love the Bears, I love the NBA, and I love staying up late watching Gonzaga and Portland…and not because I want to see if the Zags can utilize the high-post! www.insideplays.com

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January 23, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 79-49 ATS

Dirk looks more focused this year than in the past!

After watching the Spurs mount a 20 point lead, it was rather disappointing to watch their bench casually piss it away with more disregard than the time I pissed on the coffee table (full of bills) that my girl had just prepared to mail. While I can bitch about that game, watching the Wade’less Heat go on a 27-0 run in the first quarter against the Knicks was a more embarrassing play than the time I bet someone that Bam Morris would be a Top-10 running back for years to come…well, at least he was a Top-10 RB when it came to providing half the nation with the Wacky terbacky. So enough whining about my 1-2 performance last night, you guys all know another undefeated evening is right around the corner. I’ve got 5 more for ya…and probably at least one or two gratuitous photos that will make you smile…www.insideplays.com

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January 24, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 82-51 ATS

What most gaming sites find appealing...

What Greggy G and Co. find appealing...

With a piss poor 3-2 performance last night, I was only able to buy a carton of Newports, a bag of Funjuns, and a Diet Rockstar with my winnings this morning (The staple breakfast of an ATS baller)...but I'm breaking records today Homeboyz with 7 picks. While I know most of you love my Association plays over the collegiate hardwood, I’m starting you off today with a couple NCAA gems. I’ve got 4 of the top 6 teams in the nation (we shall call them the Vanessa Marcil's) going on the road to play squads that have some hype but lack any true substance (we shall call them the Lindsey Lohan’s). I also have some NBA luv for ya...so don’t fret young degenerates and get ready to watch your bankroll rise…www.insideplays.com

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January 25, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 84-56 ATS


Thanks ladies…I needed it after my 2-5 performance last night. But yes, I’m a year older and hopefully for my ATS players, a year wiser. My pics are going to be brief today, but the pictures from my last few parties will be plentiful. I’ve got big plans today…instead of just gambling on sports, my boyz are throwing me a little poker party and I think there is already an over/under on Tequila shots. Sorry again bout last night, but I’m guessing the gambling gods may have some luv for the Birthday boy tonight!...www.insideplays.com

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January 26, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 84-60 ATS

Greggy G's lookin to Bounce Back!

It was hard to stay focused on Texas Hold’em last night with TNT blaring in the background as I swear I heard Sir Charles Barkley say…Greg Gamble needs to regroup worse than 98 degrees. Without a doubt, I’ve officially hit my first rough spot of the hardwood season. I even collected some nice Benjamins earlier this week and if I’m not careful I going to be giving them right back! But a veteran of this game doesn’t sulk like my Indian friend Kris playing cards… he puts the women and children to bed and goes looking for dinner. I live my life like Ice Cube’s father in the award-winning movie FRIDAY: “You win some, and lose some, but live…you live to fight another day!” Game on Boyz…and while I usually take the weekend light, expect plenty of pics and picks because daddy don’t want to see the book next week.

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January 27, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoop Special: 86-63 ATS

Tar Heels -2 is like taking Candy from a hot chick!

North Carolina Tar Heels (-2) @ Arizona Wildcats
I think the Wildcats are overrated and I think the Tar Heels have the potential to win the National Title again this year. Zona's five starters are solid, but they don't have the depth Roy Williams has with at least 9 future NBA players on his roster ...North Carolina by 6-12 points

Check back this afternoon for some NBA luv...Drink heavy boyz!

Greg Gamble's Hoop Special: 87-63 ATS

I heard this chick went to North Carolina too!!!

The Tar Heels won me some cash, so I'm a little tipsy, but don't worry...I made this pics when I was only half in the bag!

I like the Jazz because AK-47's wife let's him have sex every year with a random, Carlos Boozer matches up with David West pretty well, and Jerry Sloan is the shiznit...Jazz by 6-12 points

The Mavs should be ready to roll after losing in Chicago and there is no way Mike Bibby can keep up with Devin Harris and Jason Terry...and I haven't even talked about Mr. Nowitski...Dallas by 16-22 points

January 28, 2007

Greg Gamble's Hoop Special: 87-65 ATS

Greggy G's still #1 to me!

I will be betting against the Celts the rest of the year. I honestly believe the injuries to Pierce and Wally are more severe since Oden & Durant are in the upcoming draft. As for the Wiz, they love to blow teams out and this will be no exception…Wizards by 9-15 points
...I've got 5 more winners below...Let's roll!!!

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January 29, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 92-67 ATS

Football is still a week away Fellaz...It's Roundball time!

Chi-Town seemed to shutdown this weekend as Da Bears fans wait in anticipation for their special day. You know what’s a special day for Greggy G? When the Hokies go on the road to play the Yellow Jackets and it’s in HD on Fox Sports Net! While I cooked up some smokies and mixed-up some Mai Tai’s, nobody show-up for my Sunday Funday Party…but that didn’t stop me from rolling up a 5-2 record yesterday. And of course I needed it after my sub-par performance last week, but hey, even Spud Webb had few games without an assist. Tonight, I’m not loving much on the NBA hardwood, but there looks to be some easy choices at the college level. I feel like telling you I’ve won 4 in-a-row on NCAA…but you guys know that cause you be reading www.insideplays.com every M*tha F*ckin Day!

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January 30, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 94-68 ATS

Baron should have an easy time directing traffic tonight

Before I jump into my plays today, I’ve been asked by many of my loyal readers to move all gratuitous photos off the opening/newsletter intro of the site. While I think in today’s day an age showing a little leg or nice thong pic should be acceptable almost anywhere, I will oblige and keep all the most entertaining pieces of art above my picks. Now that we’ve covered the human resources department of our show, let’s make some cash so we can have some prawns, caviar, and Hennessey for lunch tomorrow. After a 2-1 evening last night, I was tempted to make a few more plays today…but didn’t see too much jumping off opening lines this morning. While I’ve got 3 picks for you, the first one seems like a gift from the Asian massage parlor that you didn’t see coming. I’m dropping three times as much on my first pick, and while that’s not really a lock…I’ll tell you it was tomorrow if it wins!

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January 31, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 95-71 ATS

Just like my Homegirl...I need to be Perfect tonight!

Ouch…I was hoping for Shrimp and Hennessey for lunch, but instead I’ll be sippin’ on some Boone’s Farm and warmin-up some Chx Picante Ramen. But as most prominent gamblers know, you must not dwell…only double up! I love the NBA tonight, especially with Kobe good and angry after the suspension and playing the CBA Celts, and I’ve also even found a few college gems after analyzing over 50 upcoming games last night. I’ll keep it short since most of you are not too thrilled with me today…but tomorrow I hoping to get more luv than Adam Orvi at his Bar Mitzvah.

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