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Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 69-43 ATS

Only Greggy G can use the Hedgehog to promote one of his Winners!

Going 2-2 last night is completely unacceptable and I plan to make it up to my loyal degenerate investors! Before we roll into the roundball winners, let me give you guys a little heads-up on the pigskin playoff action this weekend. If you like the Bears, bet them now! The spread opened at 2.5 for Tom Waddle’s former team, but as more and more people start to focus on the weather in the Windy City and the dome tendencies of the Saints…the spread will move-up all week. As for the Colts, BET THE HOUSE!!! The ‘Perfect Storm’ is approaching for Peyton Manning to finally capsize Belichick and Brady’s overmatched ship (That’s a little cheesy, but as my boy Damian Cougar says…there’s nothing wrong with a little cheese!) Enough about the gridiron, I know your here for the hardwood gems and I got 6 of them for ya…and half them are going to be on TV! Spread the word boyz…www.insideplays.com

You can't tell me Van Gundy doesn't look like the furry-lover!

Just because T-Mac and the Rockets have played better than expected so far with Yao out, doesn’t mean Mutombo and Juwan Howard will continue to play like it’s 1997. The Van Gandy brother that doesn’t look like Ron Jeremy (aka the Hedgehog) knows the one team that his Rockets cannot match-up with, even with the Great Wall, is the Phoenix Suns. With Amare and the Matrix running wild all night, I have a feeling Van Gundy may concede early and keep Mutombo and Howard rested on the bench. They got blown-out in Dallas last night and it’s just seems like another one is on the horizon. (Did you see that sh*t, I was able to throw in “horizon” with the “Suns” as my pick…I’m frickin’ awesome!)…Suns by 10-16 points.

The Nets have quietly won 6 of 8 and are beginning to revert back to their old form of blowing out all the bottom feeders of the NBA. In addition, Jason Kidd is playing with a controlled recklessness, thanks to his balls being released from the marriage vice, and Vince Carter has that ole’ facial expression that lets opponents and refs know he’s the best man on the court (I’m guessing he shoots at least 16 FTs tonight). In addition, the Bobcats are playing Matt Carroll and Derek Anderson on the wing, which means Richard Jefferson will be flying backdoor all night…Nets by 8-14 points

With all the injuries and newcomers on the Bucks squad, I will gladly donate some change to the book if my deep, hardworking Bulls squad can’t blow them out. Skiles’s young crew has been very streaky over the last few years…and lucky for us…after destroying the Grizzles and easily handling the Spurs it looks like they’re back on one of those streaks. Nice short trip for the Bullies to Milwaukee, and I nice quick win for Greggy G…Bulls by 8-14 points

During the Tigers’s 17-game win steak they never bumped into a ranked team, but I new streak was started when they finally did as they lost to #22 Maryland on Saturday. As for the Tar Heels, you never want to play Roy Williams the game after he lost to an unranked opponent…UNC by 7-13 points.

Following two tough contests against ranked opponents (L @ #4 Wisconsin, W vs. #20 Tennessee), the Buckeyes are ready for a ball squad that has higher academic standards. The Wildcats always play tough at home, but lucky for Greg Gamble’s posse, their not… and their really bad on the road. How bad you ask? They lost by 26 at Penn State!...Buckeyes by 26-32 points.

Bruce Webber is just too good of a coach for the Illini to continue to be playing as poor as they have. As for Minnesota, their coach left earlier in the year and the ‘mojo’ of having a coaching change seems to have worn off. It also doesn’t help that the Gophers starting junior center broke his hand last week and will miss at least the next two weeks (13 ppg, 7 rpg). I expect the talented young guards of Illinois to run wild tonight …Chief Illini by 9-15 points.


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