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Greg Gamble’s Hoops Special: 84-60 ATS

Greggy G's lookin to Bounce Back!

It was hard to stay focused on Texas Hold’em last night with TNT blaring in the background as I swear I heard Sir Charles Barkley say…Greg Gamble needs to regroup worse than 98 degrees. Without a doubt, I’ve officially hit my first rough spot of the hardwood season. I even collected some nice Benjamins earlier this week and if I’m not careful I going to be giving them right back! But a veteran of this game doesn’t sulk like my Indian friend Kris playing cards… he puts the women and children to bed and goes looking for dinner. I live my life like Ice Cube’s father in the award-winning movie FRIDAY: “You win some, and lose some, but live…you live to fight another day!” Game on Boyz…and while I usually take the weekend light, expect plenty of pics and picks because daddy don’t want to see the book next week.

It's party time for the Suns after the Mavs loss!

For the first time in a long time, the Suns couldn’t cover as they let the Knicks sneak in for a backend cover Wed. I don’t see that happening tonight with the Bucks really struggling to find a rhythm because of all the injuries and newcomer Earl “I luv him but he dribbles too much” Boykins running the show for a team he barely knows. In addition, with the Bulls huge win over the Mavs, the Suns have taken control of the Western Conference and should have some extra giddy-up in their step tonight. All my Homeboyz in Chicago were talking about this game over cards last night, and while that’s not always a recipe for success…it is tonight…Suns by 14-20 points

Chris Webber is softer than Cotton!

I just think with Billups still not 100% and Chris Webber’s slow-timeout-azz still getting into the flow, Agent 0 (Arenus…for those not in the know) & Antawn Jamison should be able to exploit their match-ups tonight…while Caron Butler and DeShawn Stevenson should hold their own against Tayshaun and Rip. I’m guessing this one goes down to the wire and I’ll put my money on the crazy kid from Zona every time…Wizards by 1-6 points.

It's hard not to bet on a young Boozer!

Hey, I was on the Carmelo and A.I. bandwagon for the first two contests against Memphis and Seattle, but heading to Utah should be a little tougher task. Even though the Jazz slipped up with an OT loss to the same Grizz squad Wed., AK-47 is starting to play better on the offensive end and actually matches-up against Melo pretty well. In addition to the Okur/Boozer frontcourt that is always dominate, Deron Williams should have his way with Steve Blake and Derek Fisher is a better than advertised defender that shouldn’t get torched by the Answer…Jazz by 6-12 points

Will T-Mac make the ESPN highlights tonight?

No matter how many times I watch the Rockets win, I just can’t figure out how they do it. T-Mac hasn’t even been all-world and guys like Rafer, Mutombo, Head, and Hayes are somehow holding this team together until Yao gets back. As for the team formerly known as the JailBlazers, Portland is loaded with some nice young talent, led by a guy named Zach who has been absolutely filthy, and have really started to buy into Nate McMillian’s system. Tough match for the Rockets frontcourt tonight and tough to see how the Van Gundy’s can cover double digits…Rockets by 4-8 points.

KING JAMES IS OUT TONIGHT! The line opened -4.5 for the Cavs but was taken off the board with LeBron's toe injury. 76ers beat them with LeBron in their last contest...and they roll again tonight...Philly by 5-11 points

BTW, Marist is playing tonight…but I’m not getting f*cked in the azz by the Red Foxes again!
That's right youngster...I'm bouncing back!


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