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Happy New Year Homeboys!!!

Nothing but health, happiness, massage parlors, & dirty money to you all in 2007! While I mentioned I was going to update the bowl pick’em spectacular, I was side tracked by Vanessa Marcel and the 90210 marathon this weekend. Vanessa.jpg

Check back tomorrow, and if you’re lucky I’ll have new standings posted. As for today’s winners, I have a few thoughts on some scoring in the Michigan/USC contest and a gambling theory on Ricky Davis the night after New Year’s…check it out at www.insideplays.com

This is going to be shootout similar to what we saw between Michigan and Ohio State, as these teams will be looking to trade TDs and not FGs. Pete Carroll always has a few tricks up his sleeve for the bowl season, so I expect at least one TD on a halfback toss, fake punt, or the good-ole’ Statue of Liberty play. I’m guessing the final score will be in the 60s.

The Mountaineers just have too many weapons on offense and will spread out the solid Yellow Jackets defense with their shotgun-delay-option. In addition, the Mountaineers got great news that Head Coach Rich Rodriquez was staying in-town after the regular season, but got even better news when they heard Georgia Tech Sr. QB Reggie Ball would be suspended for academic reasons…W. Virginia by 18-24 points

After beating Kobe and then traveling to Indiana for a surprising win, I’m guessing the young Bobcats squad took it easy last night as they’ve gained some confidence in what has been a slow building process. As for the T-Wolves, who looked horrible in New Jersey on Saturday, I have a feeling there was plenty of cognac and lap-dances to bring in 2007. In addition, Insideplays.com always bets against Ricky “Party-All-the-Time” Davis the day after New Years!...Bobcats by 4-10 points

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