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Money Mike's NFL Brick Oven locks!!!!!!

Yeah fools.....Its Money Mike up in this piece to give you the Brick oven locks on Championship Sunday. GG is out slapping high five's with his boys at Clybar 3 hours before the game even starts, so I will give you picks also later in the article; but for now....listen to what MIke has to say.

New Orleans "who dat" Saints @ Chicago "who are we?" Bears - 2 1/2

I am going to make this real simple and easy for you fools today. I think the best way to look at this game is to break down this match up mechanically. Lets look at everything that is going to affect this game and we can come up with a winner together.

QB - Brees against Grossman. Brees is better period. I don't want to hear about how the weather may affect his game. Brees played his college ball in West Lafayette Indiana for Purdue, which is just a hop, skip and a jump from The Chi. ADVANTAGE: Saints.

RB - Deuce and Bush against Jones and Benson. I give the slight advantage to the Saints simply because of the big play ability in Reggie Bush. If he breaks one long one its gonna really open things up for Brees and Co. They don't need very much help anyway with all the weapons they have. ADVANTAGE: Saints

WR- Henderson, Colston, Horn and Bush (yes...Bush counts in this category too) against Berrian, Gage and Moose. Any of the Saints receivers can take it to the house at any moment whereas Chicago's only break away receiver is Berrian. ADVANTAGE: Saints
Offense: Saints posted the best offense in the NFL this year. Enough said. ADVANTAGE: Saints

Defense: Saints defense is beat up especially the DB's. Although everyone keeps talking about how the Bears haven't been as good neear the end of the season, the D was lights out early in the season which means they are still better than most defenses in the NFL, and better than any of the other 3 teams left. ADVANTAGE: Bears

Special teams: Devon hester probably won or at the least changed the momentum in 5 Bears games this year. 6 Return TD's....wow! ADVANTAGE: Bears

Home Field advantage: Cold, windy and a slow muddy field by the 3rd quarter. ADVANTAGE: Bears

Coaching - Lovie has a ring...Peyton doesn't. ADVANTAGE: Bears
Experience: Lovie has las a ring and has been to the playoffs as a head coach in the past. This is Peyton's first year at the helm. ADVANTAGE: Bears

Choke Factor: The QB's have the ball 100% of the time on offense. Which QB is most likely to choke under pressure. Unfortunately Bears fans you know the answer to this question all to well. ADVANTAGE: Bears.

Gut feeling: Although the Bears have the advantage 5-3 in our categories...I think the Saints get it done. Take the 2 1/2 points. To much offense all day long. To much motivation to bring the Super Bowl to the people of N.O that have been through hell the last year and a half. The Saints scored plenty of points against a tough Philly team last week. look for more of the same today. Saints by 6-8 points.

Patriots @ Colts -3 1/2

GG LOVES the Colts today. Money Mike can't dare bet against the hated Tom Brady. I'm taking Brady and the points. Enjoy the games kids. See ya tomorrow. Holla!

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