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Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 122-97 ATS

Yeah...whatever Timmy Homoway
...I hear you hate Greg Gamble as well!

Well…the All-Star break is here, and I think Greggy G needs a little NBA vacation to regroup the troops and find the magic that has turned more average than Punky Brewster as the years have past. I’ve got my crack production staff in Vegas this weekend looking for the inside scoop, while my gambletron 3000 while be virus checked as if it were a groupie on All-Star weekend. But of course we’ve got plenty of college action this weekend and I’ll be chillin at the crib as Mr. Gamble has stainless-steel being delivered baby, …oh yeah, those December and January roundball investments have paid off, and now I just need to find the love to turn February’s investments into a diamond-incrusted Quisinart. To get it started, I’ve got a two picks for yeah today…One on ESPN2, and one Ivy League gem!

The Eagles of won 12 in-a-row, 22-4 overall, and check out their losses this season…I’m not making this shiznit up: at #11 Texas A&M, at #12 Wisconsin by 3, at #24 Maryland, and at #2 North Carolina by single digits. Led by all juniors and seniors, Withrop is the real deal and actually has some size for a mid-major. As for Missouri State, they’re coming off an emotional home-loss to MVC leader Southern Illinois on Tuesday, and there is only one team that should have the audacity to us the team name the BEARS!...Winthrop by 1-6 points

Actually, my Ivy League gem is simply what these boys are looking at once they graduate from a school that I probably couldn’t even janitor at:

...I'm talking about the car you silly BEEATCHES!!!


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