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Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 134-118 ATS

Kobe looked like it was 2002 last night...
...thank god, cause he was my only win anoche!

I am completely done with the NCAA...at least for today. It's strickly NBA Action for me tonight and hopefully that win streak I keep talking about!

With Nash back, the Suns have been Wonderful!

Larry Bird’s latest acquisitions (Troy Murphy, Mike Dunleavy & Ike Diogu) may have made the Pacers more fundamentally sound…and less likely to shoot a gun outside a strip-club, but it also made them much slower…and much-less likely to ever cover against the Suns. Especially in the backcourt where Jamal “No-defense” Tinsley and Mike “I’m not a shooting-guard” Dunleavy will have to chase around Nash, Barbosa, and Raja Bell all night…this could get ugly in a hurry. While Jermaine O’Neal has been solid all season, Amare Stoudemire has been filthy lately and should have his way with JO…especially on the break. In addition, Shawn Marion can clean-up the weak-side glass with the best of them and he should be licking his chops if he’s matched-up with the youngster Danny Granger. Finally, Marquis Daniels, who had been awesome lately for the Pacers…besides the little late-night arrest thing, will be out tonight after re-injuring his knee…Suns by 10-16 points

Tyson Chandler has been a beast lately!

The Cavs looked awful against the Bulls in their last home game scoring only 78 points and handing out a measly 12 assists as a team. King James and the crew followed that up with an embarrassing road-loss to a Wade’less Heat on Sunday…barely cracking 80 points. As for the Hornets, they continue to play inspired ball as they fight for one of the last few playoff spots in the West and are currently riding a 2-game win streak. David West and Tyson Chandler have been phenomenal in frontcourt over their last 5 games, 40 ppg, 23 rpg, 2.0 bpg combined, and should look even better against the lazy Drew Gooden and the slow-footed Big Z. Overall, the Cavs are just not good enough to blow anybody out right now, and with the game on the line…I’d actually bet on Chris Paul to be the star to get things done…Hornets by 1-6 points

KG has long legs and an athletic frame to match-up with Dirk

I know I should be shot in the balls for playing the T-Wolves again…but KG and Marist have been like crack to Greggy G. Just listen to this rationale…The Mavs played last night, are playing their 4th game in 6 days, and possibly have three swing-men out tonight because of injury. Greg Buckner and Devean George sat out last night, while do-everything forward Josh Howard (19 ppg 7 rpg) was carry off the court after spraining his ankle in the 4th quarter. As for Garnett and his under-achieving friends, they beat the Wizards at home on Sunday and should be able to hold Nowitski in check of KG’s passion and athletic frame are matched-up with him most of the night. Come on fellas, one of these days the Timberwolves have to win me some money…Mavs or Wolves by 3


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