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Greg Gamble's Hoop Totals: 118-91 ATS

Just like we told ya...Zags.jpg
...the Zags Magic Bus doesn't help at home!

In our endeavor to server you better we had some technical problems yesterday, but are back in action today and ready to make some money. I was able to post my beautiful Santa Clara play late yesterday as the Zig-Zags lost their first home game in over 50 contests. However, I did send out some personal picks to my fellow degenerates thru email yesterday, but as I’m sure you understand…I cannot add those totals to the sight. I know I’m shadier than the little white swimmers that helped out Anna Nicole, but I hope you all enjoy the picks and the pics…HOLLA!

When the Hornets are healthy...they look pretty perfect

Don’t sleep on the Hornets now that they’re healthy…It reminds me of how quick Pamela got the fellaz to chase her azz after she got Tommy’s germs cleaned out of her…same type o’ shiznit. The Hornets covered a lot more than expected with Chris Paul and David West out, and with them back, do not be fooled cause Byron “the underrated” Scott and Co. are playing for a playoff spot in the West. As for the Grizz, they’re looking over their shoulder daily because of the trade rumors, and actually had to sign Junior Harrington to play the point as they’ve finally realized Chucky Atkins & Damon Stoudimare were really only good about 5 or 6 years ago…this one is easy, just like Santa Clara last night…Hornets by 5-11 points.

Just like the Tar Heels...they still look good with a lot to cover!

I don’t know if I like this game if the Hokes didn’t beat UNC at home by 6 early in January. Since then, besides the Duke win (which they did cover) and the straight-up lose against NCST, they seem unbeatable again and have won be an average of over 31 at home over their last 3. As for Va Tech, not a good decision to beat Roy Williams if you plan to cover off Tobacco Road…UNC by 25-50 points

Just like this tat...I don't know what the spread is, but it's definitely worth taking a look!

The already injury-depleted Nets will be without JASON KID tonight! Even if he wasn't out, I would have bet same major coin on the Spurs since they've burned my azz the last two contests. While it may not be smart, it’s the same thing you did as a sophomore when you were trying to sleep with the senior Cheerleading Captain…persistence baby! If you don’t like it, choose another website…Spurs by 10-16 points

G. Gamble's Hoop Totals: 76-57 NBA ; 42-34 NCAA

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