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Money Mike's Super Bowl Pick

Bears vs. Colts -7 ...these were the good old days to Tex Mex


Oh Yeah.......its finally here. Super Bowl XLI! I can't wait to see somebody pouting in the post game press conference. For the past two weeks people have been asking me "what's your pick Money Mike"? Well I'm here to break it all down for you and tell our Chicago fan base why you should queue up the 80's favorite "The Bad news Bears" starring William Devane in the latest sequel.

It took me a long time to make a decision on this one. I went back and forth ever since the match up was decided two weeks ago. My posting is late because I hadn't made my decision until about an hour ago.

Bears fans have been talking for two weeks how the Bears should just run, run, run on the Colts and there is no way they could have corrected their running woes in a matter of weeks. But I'm here to tell you that Bob Sanders makes that big of a difference for that Colts D. I watched first hand Bob Sanders dismantle a Steelers run game last regular season on a Monday night all by himself. In the games he has played in this year....it has been no different. He is a run stopping machine, and if the Bears are counting on a run game to win this one...they are delusional. Look for Freeney and Co. to have 8-9 players in the box to stop the run and dare Tex Mex Rex to through the ball down the field. Berrian, Gage and Mohammed need to step it up and make plays for Tex Mex to help him get rid of the super bowl jitters early.

Don't get me wrong Bears fans.....I want the Bears to get it done. But I am a realist.....the Bears have no answer for Reggie Wayne or "Starvin" Marvin Harrision who is starvin for a super bowl ring. Although "Peanut"Tillman has played well at times, he is still a rookie and will be exploited on the big stage.

With all of that said their is hope.....Bears fans. Special teams will be a factor. If Devin Hester can break one it may break the game wide open and put the pressure on happy feet Manning to throw the ball more than he wants too. We all know that will play right into the hands of that D line of the Bears that will love to put Manning on his back early and often inthe first quarter. Pressure early on Manning will be the key to to the Bears pulling the upset.

So........Bears fans....the reality is........Manning will dip and dunk the Bears D to death until the corners come out of that zone they love to play and go man up with Wayne and Harrison; which will be bad news come the 4th quarter. Sorry kids, no super bowl shuffle this year......Colts by 8-11 points. Take the under! Just a couple of mistakes by Tex Mex will have the Bears packing the bus for the airport by 9:00 EST. So let the talk about "what if" begin in the "Windy City". See you guys tomorrow.......holla back.

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