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March 1, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 138-121 ATS

My 3-0 NBA and 0-1 NCAA performance last night helped validate my “Hate-Mail”, or as we call it here at the Greggy G Mothership: “Tim Hardaway Mail”, because every degenerate insists I should disband the NCAA selections from my picks (NBA 88-69 ATS; NCAA 50-52 ATS). To the millions who agree with the Hardaway Mail…screw you and get your own website! All the losing record in the NCAA means to me is that I’ll be doubling-up all my plays from here on out, because I’m a finisher like Asia Carrera and will cap this season with plenty of Happy Endings. Much love to the Hornets for finally draining some FTs and giving me the 30 second backend cover. The run has started fellaz and I feel like A.C. Green after playing 6 seasons and staying away from all the groupie temptations…so fresh and so clean and ready for a long-run!

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March 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Hoop Special: 140-123 ATS …but 88-69 ATS in the NBA!!!

As the season progresses and playoffs near, the NBA on Friday night becomes more predictable than Rex Grossman throwing into the flat. The young up-incoming teams fighting for an improved playoff position play with reckless abandon, the veteran playoff squads start to rest their starters and give the night off to the crusty old-timers, and the bottom feeders only seem to play well on Friday if they’re in a city without a great nightlife. It’s the finally 25 games of the regular season and the book knows we’ll be collecting more than that kid in December whose mom is Jewish and Dad loves Jesus. Let’s make this a profitable weekend fellaz…you know I need it. Happy Birthday Big Trev…Much Luv from Greggy G and boyz!

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March 3, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 90-70 ATS ...142-124 ATS Overall

The Spurs are absolutley Rae Carruth'ing teams of late and look like a completely different crew with everybody healthy. They were dominating the Magic by halftime on Friday, were able to rest many of their starters, and didn't have to travel too far for this in-state rival. As for the Rockets, they continue to impress with a short bench and aging vets, but they did have a late ESPN game against A.I & Carmelo in Denver yesterday. BTW, Denver is the worst defensive basketball team I've every seen. Obviously, A.I & Carmelo are too tired from their one-on-one shows, but Nene didn't even want to challenge Rafter Alston on his way to the hole. Another great reason to play the Spurs tonight...and not because Parker is a pimp, Manu is magician, and TD is playing like old TD...but because after playing the Nuggets, the Spurs are going to seem like your trying to score against MJ's 70 win boyz...Spurs by 10-16 points

Just a thought: Caly Poly (-7), Ohio St (-3.5)., Hofstra (+1), Depaul (-13), & Xavier (-12)...BEEATCH

March 4, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 91-70 ATS ...143-124 ATS Overall

Greggy G...winner of 6 of his last 7 in the NBA homeboys!

Nobody is playing worse than the Warriors right now. They started their road-trip early last week desperately holding on to slim playoff hopes…and then proceeded to get blown-out by an average of 20 pts per contest by the Bucks, Bulls, and the frickin’ KNICKS! In addition, half the roster is questionable on the injury report and new Savior Don Nelson just proclaimed to the cameras that they basically suck and he’s failed…not a good combo on the road. As for MJs old-team, after a solid 1st half of the season, injuries to two of the three amigos left Gilbert the Great all by his lonesome and Wiz slowly started to fall in the standings...But WAIT! Caron Bulter & Antawn Jamison are now back, and even though they’ve only started one game, what better way to get your feet wet than against the Warriors. They also know they need to solidify their playoff position, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran off a nice little win streak. This has blow-out written all over-it like a fratboy after a house party…Wizards by 16-22 points

While it took me more than half the year to figure out, I’ve never seen a team with more talent play so lifeless and uninspired in all my degenerate life. Just like the Warriors, desperately holding out hope that they could make the playoffs, the T-Wolves proceeded to get absolutely throttled by the Mavs & Jazz at home. I know those two are good, but it’s looking so bad that KG isn’t even bouncing around and screaming. As for the Celtics, I know everybody thinks they should lose games on purpose to get Durant or Oden, but try telling that to some hungry youngsters who were a laughing stock during the losing streak and a veteran who wants to prove everybody wrong. Paul Pierce and his new crew have won 3 in-a-row, including an awesome overtime win last night at New Jersey (Al Jefferson had 32 pts, 18 pts, & 2 blks…maybe the best low-post threat in the East after Shaq) and are coming home to some crazy fans who are desperate to witness a blow-out on Sunday afternoon…Celts by 12-18 points

March 5, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 92-71 ATS ...and 144-125 ATS in the NBA!!!

A solid 4-2 weekend on the hardwood has boosted the moral throughout the Insideplays.com’s offices and hallways…and actually given me an opportunity to take my girl to a restaurant that isn’t BYOB. Not much action tonight, but enough to give you a reason to buy a 40 oz., a Totino’s Party Pizza, and the NBA package to catch the classic rivalry that is the Bobcats vs the Jazz. Holla at your boy!

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March 6, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 93-71 ATS …and 146-125 ATS Overall!!!

Is there a better way to start the week, besides maybe a couple brownies with some flavorful herbs, than an undefeated evening on the hardwood? While some splendid defense by VCU in the final minutes gave me a backend cover, the Jazz made things easy by blowing-out the Bobcats by the 3rd quarter and enabling me to actual turn off the tube, sip on some brandy, and finish my girl’s scarf I’ve been crocheting for the last year and a half. As for tonight, there are slimmer pickings than at the gentelmen’s club at BYU so I’m playing it light again. Greggy G’s covered 6 of his last 8…have you? HOLLA

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March 7, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 94-72 ATS

My real boss has actually asked me to do some important work today (like checking injury reports and who’s not playing because their stuck in the poky isn’t important), so instead of my mindless banter….all I can offer is three lay-ups on the NBA hardwood tonight. Even though NCAA conference tourney time here, you know I’ll be tied-up like Kobe Tai watching the 76ers battle the Supersonics tonight…Game-on little BEEATCHES!

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March 8, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 94-74 ATS …and 147-128 ATS Overall!!!

Now listen…I’ll take the blow-out lose by my Hometown Bulls in stride, but watching the Wizards lose to the Hawks, after being up double digits in the 3rd quarter (with the ATL boyz playing without Joe Johnson), made me sicker than watching Tonya Harding bounce around in a home-video. If I hadn’t found out about Kobe & Carmelo were a DNP later in the day, I would have had to call in sick today to head to the lil’ swimmers donation bank for some weekend money. Not much NBA action tonight, but of course I’ll be playing one of the two on the slate…and throw in a few NCAA plays to make the day more interesting.

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March 9, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 95-74 ATS

March Madness is upon us fellaz…which means I’ll either be dining all of April at Smith & Wollensky’s or bringing coupons to the Weiner Circle. Speaking of a Weiner Circle, how about those rumors involving the former LSU women’s basketball coach and some of her current and former players. All I know is her name is Pokey…and I think she was poking around with some things she shouldn’t have been. But enough about the fundamentally sound female roundballers, it’s Friday Night in the NBA and I’m beaming with more confidence than Tom Brady’s sperm. Check us out all weekend, and make sure to tell your Grandma to sign-up for our daily newsletter…it’s hotter than a M*tha F*ckin Tea Kettle!

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March 10, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Special: 97-75 ATS

The Wiz pissed away a 10 point lead at Atlanta as they lazily thought they could sleepwalk to a victory with Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams out. With Miami flying up the standing (only 2.5 games back), Hibachi, Caron, and Jamison know they need to get this thing back on track. While the Knicks have played better of late, mostly at home, they don’t have the fire-power with Jamal Crawford out to keep-up with the high-scoring Wiz and I can’t believe Starbury will continue to shoot over 60% from downtown as he has the last few…Washington by 10-16 points

The Spurs have been blowing people out lately and shouldn’t have any trouble with the undermanned Nets. Kidd, Carter, & their left-over crew of NBDL ballers got blow-out by the Rockets last night and I expect the same tonight. The Jersey boyz have nothing down-low and should have all kinds of trouble trying to stop the new and improved Timmy D…Spurs by 14-20 points.

I loved the Ducks early in the year, but a mid-season funk had them barely cracking the top-25 and dropping their line in Vegas. Luckily for us, the yellow & green kids have found a sick rhythm and have been absolutely ballin’ people in the Pac-10 tourney (Arizona by 19, California by 18). As for Trojans, they’ve been better than advertised this season, but have struggled with consistency as plenty of freshman make-up the roster. They always say it’s tough to beat a team 3 times in-a-row, and I think that will come to fruition as the Ducks have lost to USC by 2 and 3 points respectively this year…Ducks by 4-10 points

March 11, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 98-76 ATS

I'm hittin ya with 5 quick pics fellaz, because I'm off to pre-party with my boy I.T. (that's my boy Tech Support for those not in the know) before I head to may sick-azz seats for the Big 10 Championship! The face of the tix may say $170, but you know what I paid...Nuttin', and you know why...cause I'm GREG M*tha F*ckin GAMBLE!

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March 12, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 100-77 ATS

Everybody have a nice weekend? You know I did hittin’ 6 of my 8 picks on Saturday & Sunday and enjoying the Big 10 Tourney thanks to my Homeboy Floss’s kick-azz tickets. While everybody will be hardly working this week as they incorrectly fill out their brackets, Greggy G will be working overtime like the former LSU women’s ball coach to breakdown the NIT and the Association. Only a couple of games in action tonight, and hopefully, I’ll actually get some action of my own if I can put together a nice meal for my lady. Game-on BEEATCHES! While most people hate Monday’s, to me it’s just the start of another potential week that could land me on Robin Leech’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by next Monday!

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March 13, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 102-78 ATS

Unlike the Mavericks, I kept my win streak alive last night and was able to finalize my final four selections. It’s your lucky day fellaz, because I’m going to give you the 411 on how things will shake out in the tourney. After analyzing the brackets, I’ve got West Virginia as the eventual winner of the N.I…M*tha F*ckin T. Unfortunately, I’ve only got three players to join my bracket-buster NIT tourney: a Madison stripper named ONYX, some dude named Ronnie Woo Woo, and my ole’ lady (don’t tell Onyx or Ronnie that my girl’s picks are really just mine!) Of course, my Homeboy Gator Mike was not invited to play since he took my money in the Football Bowl Spectacular and my accountant recommended I treat him like the 7-11 employee who tries to play the lottery…Ineligible BEEATCH! While I’ll give you my 5-star NCAA tournament picks tomorrow (Niagra is a lock for the play-in game tonight…I mean sh*t, the actually beat the Red Foxes of Marist this year!), let’s head back to the Association hardwood were I’m hotter than a jello wrestling contest between Tom Brady’s two swimmer holders…I got to say it was a good day! Ice Cube ‘92

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March 14, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 102-80 ATS

You guys all know Greggy G never shuts-up when he’s hot, and is short-winded like Paul Pierce on the break and crabbier then Todd Hundley after a poor evening…and once in awhile, he complains about how the Jazz lost a 17 point lead in the 4th M*tha F*ckin quarter! Nothing different about today, just plenty of picks…and more importantly pics! I know I told you I’d have my NCAA bracket beaters today, but after last night I need to win some pool money and will have to give out my Cinderella’s early tomorrow. (Of course I’m not going to win, but at least my dumb-azz thinks so until Thursday afternoon) But don’t fret young Homeboyz, West Virginia looked smoother than Christina Aguleria’s booty last night, and as I told ya, they’re a lock to win the 66th best team of the year award…and what a coincidence, I’m a Bear fan and our starting QB Rex Grossman won the 66th best QB award!

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March 15, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 103-81 ATS

Before we get to my NBA Magic, I present to you my NCAA tourney Cinderella special! Just like Paris’s used and abused kitty, it’s not hard to try to score with the fav…but tell me how you actually got some action from a female bballer and you’ll be my hero. While I’ve got chalk winning the final game, check out my bracket busters that probably won’t win…but if they do, you’ll hear me braggin more than a frat boy after a house party!

Elite Eight Sleeper #1: Of the #1’s, Ohio St is going down faster than Pamela A stuck on yacht with a rockstar. In both my brackets, I’ve got Ohio St. losing in round 2 to either Xavier or BYU. With a handful of freshman on the Buckeyes, I have a feeling a team like Xavier who has a veteran starting five, some decent size, and a phenomenal coach can shock Thad Matta the way Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s break-up shocked my world. Following that, it would be easy to say that Tennessee would then slide into the Elite Eight against an overconfident Xavier squad, but I’ve got the super senior Long Beach St. Homeboyz making Snoop Dogg proud and not only beating Bruce Peal and Virginia…but also the Xavier/BYU winner. Yeah, I’m crazy…crazy like my boy Wilt Chamberlain used to be on a night off!

Elite Eight Sleeper #2: All prognosticators and fans agree that nobody is playing better than the Gators…which means they’ll be astonished like J-Lo was to here Benny Boston whispering sweet-nothings into the ear of a stripper. I’m predicting a bad shooting night for Green and Humphrey in the Elite Eight and the Ducks or Fighting Irish to catch fire for the upset victory. In the mind of Greggy G, the Pac-10 has the best opportunity to surprise some teams throughout the tourney…and why not bet on the Duck or the Beaver!

BIG-TIME 1st Round Upsets (…that won’t win you the tourney pool, but will give you the same feeling as sleeping with a fat chick…really rewarding at the time!):

#13 Holy Cross over #4 Southern Illinois – The Salukis have been awesome, but are not very deep and hardly ever won by a wide-margin this year. In addition, I have a feeling the potential 2nd round match-up with Bruce Webber may be on their mind. As for Holy Cross, they can shoot the rock, have some size, and are morally strong like Greggy G!

#12 Long Beach St over #5 Tennessee – I hate Bruce Pearl and luv Snoop Dogg

#11 Stanford over #6 Louisville – Smart kids who are 7-foot are tough to beat.

Chalk Championship: Jayhawks over the Tar Heels

I’ll have more info as the tourney rolls on, but as always and more importantly…here are my money plays and money pics!

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March 16, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 104-82 ATS

I can’t complain too much about last night, mostly because I actually got some action and went to Sizzler, but also because I split my NBA plays (no comment on my NCAA donations) and the 1st day of the tourney didn’t ruin my bracket too bad. And don’t worry, after the Heat beat my azz worse than Joumana Kidd has been crowning Jason’s azz (long-live Dennis Green), I will not be taking my girl’s car payment money and betting against the Diesel again tonight. What I am doing, is meeting my degenerate Homeboyz for a full day of boozing and gambling…we actually call it Charles Barkley Day! But before I give you lucky bastards my NBA Friday Night plays, as requested by the Greggy G fandom (mostly sarcastically as you bastards have no faith in my collegiate prowess) and without further ado, I give you my Big-Ballin’ Winning NCAA Bracket:

Florida vs Maryland
Oregon vs Wisconsin
Kansas vs Virginia Tech
Pittsburg vs Georgetown
North Carolina vs USC
Vanderbilt vs Georgetown
Xavier vs Long Beach St.
Texas A&M vs Memphis

Florida vs Oregon
Kansas vs UCLA
North Carolina vs Georgetown
Snoop Dogg St vs Memphis

Oregon vs Kansas
North Carolina vs Memphis

Kansas over North Carolina

Enjoy my NBA picks tonight and check back all weekend…BTW, if I hit more than 50% of my plays Fri & Sat I’m taking my Homegirl to Ponderosa for their all-u-can eat Sunday Funday…so wish me luck!

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March 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Special: 106-83 ATS

I know my azz is gettin old because I’ve taken every Friday off for the NCAAs since college, and I’ve noticed I’ve started to phase out earlier and earlier in the day…yesterday I passed out before halftime of the night games. It actually took me until this morning to realize I went 2-1 in the NBA and that my bracket took a hit with LBST getting rolled...but at least I picked an exciting underdog…over 200 frickin’ points in that game! Anyway have a sweet weekend and remember to tip your bartenders…and performers…Dollar. Dollar, Bill Y’all!

Boston gave a nice effort in Dallas last night before folding late, but has started to revert to some old habits...such as youngsters makin' turnovers and veteran’s castin' bad shots. Also, I guarantee Pierce isn’t excited to be playing a back to back against Bruce Bowen, while the Spurs are coming off an azz-kicking from the Bucks and Pops has them believing everyday is a statement game from here on out.. Go Xavier, Go Spurs, and Go Greggy G!...Spurs by 16-22 points

March 19, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 106-84 ATS

Admit it fellaz, you were telling your friends about Greggy G as Xavier was up 10 with only a few minutes to go. As with most tourney games, I didn’t invest…but was more disappointed than Onterrio Smith was when he found out there wasn’t a return policy on the Whizzinator. Oh well, I’ve still got 7 of 8 Elite Eight teams alive (damn you LBST!) and West Virginia is still my lock to win the NIT. As for tonight, the pickings are slimmer than at Old Country Buffet after the Purdue Cheerleaders have finished their mid-afternoon snack, but I’ve got a pretty sweet picture to use…so I’ve got to find something to wager on. Only 2 garbage games on the professional level tonight, so I don’t know if I’ll be wastin’ my time with those…but I do know one thing: It Ain’t Eazzzy being Greggy G…will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free!

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March 20, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 106-84 ATS

Air Force lit-up the scoreboard like it was the last joint on a Rasheed and D-Stoudamire road-trip in Blazerland, and helped Greggy G’s week start out in the green. With that, I’m taking my collegiate victory and running over to the professional level tonight as we’ve got playoff positioning and ping-pong ball discrepancies all over the ATS board. Less than a month left in the regular season and you know Vegas is more nervous than Michael Vick at an airport security check-point…so let’s take advantage my friends. As for the NIT & NCAA tourneys, not much excitement there as we already know West Virginia and Kansas will be the two teams ending the season on a winning note. Game-On…Holla at your Boy!

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March 21, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 108-85 ATS

We all know the Vegas books adjust their lines once Greggy G posts his winners, but did you know we’ve sparked some interest from the NBA players themselves? While the majority of our daily banter discusses the positive contributions athletes make in sports, once in awhile we sarcastically take a light jab at the ballers and it turns out their responding better than a Pat Riley coached squad. Case in point (luv that phrase), while yours truly was 2-1 last night, the one loss came at the hands of the Bobcats as I jokingly lambasted their new scoring option Walter “Fabio” Herrmann. As I sipped on my well-vodka and cream soda concoction watching the NBA package, good ole’ Fabio was raining 3s in OT and screaming “Greggy Who!” on his way to a 19 pt 10 reb performance

If you don’t believe me, then you’re telling me the Argentinean Goldilocks was motivated by the great Bernie Bickerstaffenheimer…Please. But enough about how Insideplays is changing the landscape of professional sports, let’s get to tonight’s NBA action and add onto our 3-1 start to the week. Maybe I was a lil’ over-confident last night after the Suns covered, because I proceeded to roll-up on my girl and asked if she wanted some Thug-Kama-Sutra. While she did said “Hell Yeah”, she followed that up with…“What’s your dorky, white, unibrow-azz going to do while I’m getting some?” Oh well, at least I’ve still got my Homeboyz!

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March 22, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 109-86 ATS

While I was unable to perform any Thug Karma-Sutra last night, as mentioned before by my lady, because I’m a dorky white-dude with bum-ankles and a fading sharpie-tat that reads: “Strickly 4 my Polacks”, I did perform some fine research for tonight’s NBA action. As for the big tourney games tonight, I’m not investing…but can tell you who will be advancing:

…the Tigers are soo balanced
…Xavier prepped Ohio St. like Ob1-Canobe prepped Luke
…too much size for the Salukis and cause I’ve got KU winning it all
…I’ve been less and less impressed with Pitt of late.

But enough about the collegiate game, it’s Thursday Night in the NBA and Commissioner Stern decided to give us a little more action than normal…Let’s Roll Homeboyz and wish my luck at beating Joey V's azz in Golden Tee tonight!

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March 23, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 111-87 ATS

Just call me the Doctor baby…the Doctor of Roundball. After callin' all 4 NCAA winners last night and hittin’ 2 out of 3 NBA plays, my girl is getting the treatment tonight…we goin’ Sizzler, we goin’ Sizzler! I even told you Amare would drop 30 & 20 last night against the Kings, and ended up with 33 points 21 bounds. And even better, my Bullies won and I still covered on the Nuggets. As for the NCAA, my brackets are lookin’ sharper than the St. Pauli's Girl at Hockey Game and I’ve got the upset of the weekend for ya…The M*tha F*ckin Ducks! I know they first have to beat the Running Rebels tonight and don’t have the size to match-up with the Gators on Sunday, but I saw all 16 of their guards draining 3s in my sleep last night…well, in-between the midnight shakes. But enough about how cool I am…without further ado, I give you my winners for tonight…Chalk baby, Chalk!

Jeff Green is more underrated than Cyclone Troy Davis in Canada

My boy Tim Floyd just doesn’t have the depth to match UNC

I’m hoping for a Bulldog upset so my Ducks have an easier time on Sunday, but I’m also hoping David Silver and Ian Ziering stop by for my open house this weekend

M*tha F*ckin DUCKS over UNLV
If you don’t know, now you know!

Enough college 4-play, it’s time for Friday Night in the NBA…an evening when groupies will be face-down and azz-up & Greggy G will be face-down and a few dollars up! Emmm…I like it like that, she’s workin’ that back…slow-motion for me, slow-motion for me…Have a good weekend Homeboys

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March 24, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 111-88 ATS

Once again, I gave you both SU winners last night, and today it's no different...I have the Tigers beating the Buckeyes and I've got the Jayhawks over the Bruins!

The Nets sucked it up last night, and need this one badly today...Nets by 6-12 points

March 25, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 112-88 ATS

While my brackets finally blew-up yesterday, I still came out with some xtra paper for Sunday Funday with an undefeated night in the NBA...thank you Vince Carter for savin' mine and Jason "I can't Shoot!" Kidd's azz. Anyway, I still think the Ducks can pull it off this afternoon, while the Tar Heels should be able to utilize their depth against the Hoyas...but enough about the collegiate hardwood, my bloody and overpriced bagel was paid for by the NBA last night!

The Pistons have the complete package to get'er done!

Dude...the Bucks started Brian Skinner and former Hawkeye Jared "M*tha F*ckin'" Reiner in their frontcourt the other night. With Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva out for the year and Chauncey back for a final push for homecourt throughout the Eastern Conf., I think Michael Redd needs to drop at least 45 do cover on Sunday Funday!...Pistons by 7-13 points

March 26, 2007

Money Mike's Monday picks

Yeah. I'm back. No Greg G all week. He's in Miami spending all the winnings from this years past NFL season with the wife, kid and in-laws. Send Greg G your condolences. G Gamble will be back next Monday tanner than Nadia who I saw roller blading down lake shore yesterday. Enough about GG.....Let's get to it.

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March 27, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

Not to bad last night (2-1). Toronto was a disappointment but it's all good, we'll go 2-0 today. Let me just take a moment to comment on last night's results. If your Golden State how do you consider yourself a real playoff contender when you get absolutely rolled by the Spurs at home by 37? Are you kidding me? This is a perfect example of how important it is for your team to have character, leadership, drive and chemistry to be a real contender. Getting to the playoffs is not motivation enough to play hard every night? If your tired you lose by 15-20....not 37! Ok, I'm off the soap box.....let's move on with the picks.

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March 28, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

Oh yeah kids. 2-0 last night. 4-1 for the week. We got a nice little stroll going on. Let's keep it going. Guess who gave me a call this morning? Craig G. He has spent the last few days wadding in the kiddie pool and shooting dice with Mickey at Universal Studios. Tonight he's meeting up with Goofy for some late night Texas Hold'em after the wife and the in-laws go to sleep!

One more thing before I get to the picks. How the hell do the Lakers lose to the Grizzlies at home last night? When your second leading scorer has a total of three points; that's how. Yeah, Odom had 11 assists and 16 boards but this game comes down to points. Step your game up Odom. Now that I got that off my chest. Let's get to the picks.

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March 29, 2007

Money Mike's NBA picks

This special western hemisphere edition goes out to my boy GG who spent the night taking stacks from Goofy playing Texas hold'em. As for me, no it wasn't a good night. 1-2. 5-3 for the week is still not bad though. One note for all you fools....Baseball season starts sunday night, so we will have new games to gamble on! Yeah, we make baseball picks too! Anyway, lets get to tonight's games.

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March 30, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 113-88 ATS

I’m back BEEATCHES…thanks again to Money Mike for actually doing something for the first time in 6 months for the website…Solid picks Homeboy! As for my vacation, let’s just say that I wasn’t in Vegas and Goofy, Mickey, and the Epcot Center popcorn vender couldn’t help me with any luv at 4:20 poolside. Anyway, while most of my Big Dance picks bowed out in the Elite 8, I completely dominated the NIT bracket as West Virginia made me look like a genius. As for the NBA, my record is slowly crawlin’ back to dominance and I’ve got 3 more gems for ya tonight. They’ll be short and sweet, since I’m trying not to get fired from my real (boring) job after using up more vacation days that I don’t have! Have a good weekend Homeboys!

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March 31, 2007

Money Mike's weekend picks - The Block "O" edition

Sorry about that last night fellas. No picks posted. Had a personal emergency I had to tend to. Got caught up Thursday night doing my Pacman Jones impression trying to "make it rain" at VIP's with $200! Anyway, the picks today are nice and straight forward and I think you all will agree with them.

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Greg Gamble's ATS Special: 115-88 ATS

It feels better than a backrub in ChinaTown to be back picking NBA winners (Not like I wasn't reading the USA Today at Space Mountain on vacation). 2-0 on the professional hardwood, including a Rocket push (thanks to my guy...no OJ), and we've got a kick-azz Saturday if you like Roundball. Before I get to the Bulls/Cavs matchup today, where the winner takes a 3 game move in the standings, I have a feeling G-Town has the defense and toughness to rattle the young Buckeyes. As for the Gators and Bruins, this is a rematch of last year...except not everybody's back for John Wooden's old team. G-Town vs Florida should be fun boyz, I'm off to drink and watch sports all day, but don't forget to see my NBA pick and pic of the day!

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