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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 106-84 ATS

Air Force lit-up the scoreboard like it was the last joint on a Rasheed and D-Stoudamire road-trip in Blazerland, and helped Greggy G’s week start out in the green. With that, I’m taking my collegiate victory and running over to the professional level tonight as we’ve got playoff positioning and ping-pong ball discrepancies all over the ATS board. Less than a month left in the regular season and you know Vegas is more nervous than Michael Vick at an airport security check-point…so let’s take advantage my friends. As for the NIT & NCAA tourneys, not much excitement there as we already know West Virginia and Kansas will be the two teams ending the season on a winning note. Game-On…Holla at your Boy!

KG and his band of misfits were in position to hold onto the final playoff spot in the West just a couple weeks ago, and proceeded to drop 7 of 9 and slide all the way to 12th in the standings. As for the Suns, they’ve dropped 2 in-a-row since the thrilling victory in Dallas and need to be careful with the Spurs & Rockets flying-up behind them. Surprisingly, everybody is finally healthy for the Suns and D’Antoni knows they need to be hitting on all cylinders come playoff time. Luckily, nothing spells relief like W-O-L-V-E-S and the short bench for the Suns means will be seeing plenty of all-stars flying through the air all night. Minnesota also has started to change their rotation, not in hopes of winning, but in hopes of keeping their draft pick away from the Clippers…Suns by 18-24 points

After a mid-season swoon, King James and his improving cast has been untouchable of late with an 8-game winning streak, where they’ve won by an average of 13 points per contest. More importantly they’ve been off since Saturday and were able to watch the Pistons lose on Sunday to bring them within 1 ½ games of the top seed in the East. As for Cats O Bob, half their roster is either questionable or doubtful for tonight (Okafor, May, Brezec, Knight, & Harrington) and they’ll have to rely on the long-haired Argentinean Walter Herrmann, G-Wallace, and a banged-up Raymond Felton to keep it close. Not to mention, their coach has been told he’s not manning the sideline next year and His Airness has mentioned how much he likes Kevin Durant. I’m not saying he’s asking them to lose, but I have a feeling he’ll be telling most of the injured boyz to make sure they’re completely healthy before hitting the floor…Cavs by 9-15 points

The match-ups tonight do not bode well for Exxon Isiah Valdez, especially with the Mavs bench pretty beat-up because that means we’ll be seeing a lot of the starters tonight…so check this shiznit out:

Starbury vs Harris – Steph can't...and won't keep up with Devin
Franchise vs Terry – JT may score 30 tonight on Capt Ohhhlayyy
Jeffries (4.4 ppg) vs Howard (19.1 ppg) – Enough Said
Frye vs Nowitski – Just like Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights…He’s a star!
Curry vs Dampier/Diop – Curry won’t enjoy this duo tonight

While some may say the Mavs will be thinking about tomorrow’s contest vs the Cavs, stars love to play at the Garden and everybody luvs to BEEATCH slap Isiah…Mavs by double digits


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