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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 108-85 ATS

We all know the Vegas books adjust their lines once Greggy G posts his winners, but did you know we’ve sparked some interest from the NBA players themselves? While the majority of our daily banter discusses the positive contributions athletes make in sports, once in awhile we sarcastically take a light jab at the ballers and it turns out their responding better than a Pat Riley coached squad. Case in point (luv that phrase), while yours truly was 2-1 last night, the one loss came at the hands of the Bobcats as I jokingly lambasted their new scoring option Walter “Fabio” Herrmann. As I sipped on my well-vodka and cream soda concoction watching the NBA package, good ole’ Fabio was raining 3s in OT and screaming “Greggy Who!” on his way to a 19 pt 10 reb performance

If you don’t believe me, then you’re telling me the Argentinean Goldilocks was motivated by the great Bernie Bickerstaffenheimer…Please. But enough about how Insideplays is changing the landscape of professional sports, let’s get to tonight’s NBA action and add onto our 3-1 start to the week. Maybe I was a lil’ over-confident last night after the Suns covered, because I proceeded to roll-up on my girl and asked if she wanted some Thug-Kama-Sutra. While she did said “Hell Yeah”, she followed that up with…“What’s your dorky, white, unibrow-azz going to do while I’m getting some?” Oh well, at least I’ve still got my Homeboyz!

I watched the Pacers/Rockets contest last night on TNT, in-between scenes of Chitty Chitty Gang Bang of course, and was amazed how the Rockets just went through the motions and still rolled by double digits. Overall, the more Pacer ball I watch, the more I get the feeling that Larry the Legend made a catastrophic mistake in taking on Dunleavy and Murphy. Not that their not solid roll players, but their being paid to be superstars and when paired together on the court make the Pacers the slowest defensive team in the league. I honestly believe GM Chris Mullin should get executive of the year for finding someone to take on his financial blunders. Take last night as an example, this is Mike & Troy’s combined box score: 68 min, 5-19 fgs, 0-6 3pt…11pts, 8 reb, 5 ass…and their still owed over 90 Million M*tha F*ckin Dollars! Throw in a street-baller named Jamal, the bad knees of Jermaine, and we’ve got ourselves a team to bet against from here on out.

As for Popovich’s veteran boyz, they’ve lost two in-a-row since their 13-game win streak was snapped, including an embarrassing home lose to the Celtics where they were down 19 at one point. Timmy D and the crew have been off since last Saturday, and watched as both Houston and Utah inched closer to them in the standings last night. While the Pacers actually put a decent effort together for 3 quarters in Houston, a back-to-back against a disciplined Spurs squad has the feeling of a blow-out of ATS epic proportions. Jermaine O’neal can’t even practice anymore since coming back from another knee injury and you know Jamal Tinsley didn’t get to bed early to rest up for tonight…Spurs by 18-24 points

Don’t look now, but the Hawks have rolled off 5 in-a-row at home and actually look like their trying to prove a point with Joe Johnson out of the line-up. Josh Smith, Marvin Williams, and Josh Childress have been awesome on the wing and have rejuvenated the 12 people watching Hawks games, while Zaza Pachulia has been unbelievably solid in the middle. I know the Heat have burned me worse than taking a piss after wearing a Trojan with spermicidal-lubricant, but I just can’t see Riley getting them motivated in Hot-lanta...and speaking of Hot-lanta, what are the odds that some of Miami’s crusty veterans aren’t thinking about gettin’ loose at some of those classy dancing establishments. Finally, the Hawks have plenty of bigs (Pachulia, Wright, Bautista, & Jones) to keep Shaq at the line and to keep this one close…Hawks in a tight-one!

Hey, I’m a Chicago-Kid and a Blue Demon fan, but this has been a pretty crazy road-trip for the overachieving group. After a tough battle at Kansas St. Monday, (where the arena seems like your playing in-front of 100,000) DePaul took a flight that night to Colorado in an attempt to get use to the altitude and get some extra practice at a stadium that’s the size of a JUCO gym and houses some of the most dedicated fans in the land. Since being snubbed by the Big Dance, the Falcons have won both NIT contests by more than 20 and have found the rhythm that had them as high as #14 in the polls this year…Falcons by double digits


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