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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 94-72 ATS

My real boss has actually asked me to do some important work today (like checking injury reports and who’s not playing because their stuck in the poky isn’t important), so instead of my mindless banter….all I can offer is three lay-ups on the NBA hardwood tonight. Even though NCAA conference tourney time here, you know I’ll be tied-up like Kobe Tai watching the 76ers battle the Supersonics tonight…Game-on little BEEATCHES!

While the Wiz burned me on Sunday, they looked awesome last night against the Raptors and should be looking to climb up the standings in the final months of the season with everybody healthy. As for the Hawks, while they showed some promise early in the New Year, they’ve lost 6 in-a-row and have finally realized their slim playoff hopes are finally dead. In addition, they’ve struggled all season at the point guard spot, which isn’t a good sign with Agent 0 just starting to get hot again…Wizards by 5-11 points

Yes…the Heat have been playing out of their azz since D-Wade went down, but the latest injury to the sharp-shooting Jason Kapono will be even too much for the ‘Great’ Pat Riley to work his magic. As for the Bulls, they’ve been awesome lately with young guards and wings flying all over the court, which is not a good sign for the AARP Heat. Big Ben Wallace has said he will play on a gimpy ankle and always turns it up a notch when banging with the Diesel. As I’ve said before with the Wade’less Heat, if you can get up on them early, they’ll shut-it down and save their energy for their night escapades on Cialis…Bulls straight-up win

Nobody may know it and I’m sure GM Billy King is happy about it, but the 76ers have won their last 5 at home and are currently riding a 4 game win steak. While most fans would expect them to roll-over and die with the potential of Durant and Oden in the upcoming draft, just like in Boston, most veterans and youngsters on terrible teams want to prove they don’t need help from the draft…mostly because that could end-up being their spot on the roster. Andre Miller, Iggy, Korver, and the surprising Willie Green have been awesome on the perimeter of late, while Joe Smith is trying to prove he’s still got game and Big Sammy D & Steven Hunter actually seemed motivated to finish out the season. As for the Sonics, they’ve been solid lately at home and had an emotional victory last night in the Big Apple, but overall, they’ve sucked on the road and I can’t expect Ray Allen and the bone chips in his ankle to be too excited to be playing the 76ers on a back-to-back. Rashard Lewis has been great since coming back from injury, but he’s got an extremely tough match-up with Iguodala tonight…76ers by 6-12 points


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