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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 102-80 ATS

You guys all know Greggy G never shuts-up when he’s hot, and is short-winded like Paul Pierce on the break and crabbier then Todd Hundley after a poor evening…and once in awhile, he complains about how the Jazz lost a 17 point lead in the 4th M*tha F*ckin quarter! Nothing different about today, just plenty of picks…and more importantly pics! I know I told you I’d have my NCAA bracket beaters today, but after last night I need to win some pool money and will have to give out my Cinderella’s early tomorrow. (Of course I’m not going to win, but at least my dumb-azz thinks so until Thursday afternoon) But don’t fret young Homeboyz, West Virginia looked smoother than Christina Aguleria’s booty last night, and as I told ya, they’re a lock to win the 66th best team of the year award…and what a coincidence, I’m a Bear fan and our starting QB Rex Grossman won the 66th best QB award!

After a lull in early March that slowed the juggernaut (luv that frickin’ word) that is Chris Bosh & his European Homeboyz, they’ve won 3 in-a-row and seem determined to get into playoff form. As for the Knickerbockers, while their tied for the final playoff spot in the East and just gave Capt Exxon Isiah Valdez an extension, most of their wins of late have come against the bottom feeders and they’re one of the sloppiest teams in the league. While I’d usually say the reasons the Raptor will destroy the one-on-one show that is Stevie Franchise & Starbury is that they don’t have an answer for Mr. Bosh or the bench to match Toronto’s depth, the real reason is it fits the Knicks perfectly to lose by 25 the day after they gave Joe Dumars ole’ running mate a reward for grossly overspending for virtually every player on the roster…Raptors by double digits

As the Jazz were up double digits all night and almost 20 in the second half, I have a feeling Sloan’s boyz were thinking about how much more interesting the night life might be in Miami compared to Utah. While I probably wouldn’t have taken the Jazz if they won last night, I have a feeling Stockton & Malone’s old coach is super-pissed and his players will want to redeem themselves more the Pac Jones’s High School guidance counselor. The Magic are in a free-fall and only have two young frontcourt players to content with the multiple low-post options for Utah…unless you count Bo “M*tha F*ckin” Outlaw. I predict some early foul trouble for either Howard or Milicic and a tough night on the glass if one of them is chasing Okur on the perimeter all game…Jazz by 6-12 points

The Aztecs, who had the talent and size to make some noise in the NCAAs, were shocked to lose in the 1st round of the MWC and basically washed away the 8 out of 10 run to finish the season and an RPI of 55. Aztec senior guard Brandon Heath is one of the most impressive backcourt stars not in the Big Dance (19 ppg 4 rpg 4 apg 36 3pt%), they have pair of athletic frontcourt veterans toping the charts at 6-10, and should have control of the glass against a Bear squad whose only frontcourt players averaging over 20 min per game are 6-6 & 6-5, respectively (I don’t know why I added “respectively”, but I see all the big-time sportswriters use it). I know Missouri St. has a solid shooter in Blake Ahearn, but I just think they don’t have the athleticism or star power to cover more the 7 points against the NBA bound Brandon Heath and his boyz…Aztecs pull the upset


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