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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 103-81 ATS

Before we get to my NBA Magic, I present to you my NCAA tourney Cinderella special! Just like Paris’s used and abused kitty, it’s not hard to try to score with the fav…but tell me how you actually got some action from a female bballer and you’ll be my hero. While I’ve got chalk winning the final game, check out my bracket busters that probably won’t win…but if they do, you’ll hear me braggin more than a frat boy after a house party!

Elite Eight Sleeper #1: Of the #1’s, Ohio St is going down faster than Pamela A stuck on yacht with a rockstar. In both my brackets, I’ve got Ohio St. losing in round 2 to either Xavier or BYU. With a handful of freshman on the Buckeyes, I have a feeling a team like Xavier who has a veteran starting five, some decent size, and a phenomenal coach can shock Thad Matta the way Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey’s break-up shocked my world. Following that, it would be easy to say that Tennessee would then slide into the Elite Eight against an overconfident Xavier squad, but I’ve got the super senior Long Beach St. Homeboyz making Snoop Dogg proud and not only beating Bruce Peal and Virginia…but also the Xavier/BYU winner. Yeah, I’m crazy…crazy like my boy Wilt Chamberlain used to be on a night off!

Elite Eight Sleeper #2: All prognosticators and fans agree that nobody is playing better than the Gators…which means they’ll be astonished like J-Lo was to here Benny Boston whispering sweet-nothings into the ear of a stripper. I’m predicting a bad shooting night for Green and Humphrey in the Elite Eight and the Ducks or Fighting Irish to catch fire for the upset victory. In the mind of Greggy G, the Pac-10 has the best opportunity to surprise some teams throughout the tourney…and why not bet on the Duck or the Beaver!

BIG-TIME 1st Round Upsets (…that won’t win you the tourney pool, but will give you the same feeling as sleeping with a fat chick…really rewarding at the time!):

#13 Holy Cross over #4 Southern Illinois – The Salukis have been awesome, but are not very deep and hardly ever won by a wide-margin this year. In addition, I have a feeling the potential 2nd round match-up with Bruce Webber may be on their mind. As for Holy Cross, they can shoot the rock, have some size, and are morally strong like Greggy G!

#12 Long Beach St over #5 Tennessee – I hate Bruce Pearl and luv Snoop Dogg

#11 Stanford over #6 Louisville – Smart kids who are 7-foot are tough to beat.

Chalk Championship: Jayhawks over the Tar Heels

I’ll have more info as the tourney rolls on, but as always and more importantly…here are my money plays and money pics!

Yes, I know the Heat have ripped me off more the dancers at the Admiral Theater, but it’s always been on their home turf (yeah, and if those exotic performers were at my house…never mind, they’d still rip me off). The Nets have finally won 2 in-a-row, have a healthy Richard Jefferson, and two superstars ready to prove they’ve got something left in the tank. While I also know your sick of hearing about J-Will and Gary Payton’s horrific defense as they’ve buried my azz the last couple, I’m not wavering and it helps that I’ve got Jason Kidd on my side. The Heat head home for a back-to-back tomorrow, so don’t be surprised if they pack it in early (One of these days, they’ll actually pack it in like I always tell ya!)…Nets by 5-11 points

Denver is starting to come together and have been getting some solid inside play from Camby and Hilario, while the Lakers are in a free-fall and will be playing with Lamar Odon for the first time in weeks. Kobe may score 50, but if the rest of his boys only score 40…we goin’ Sizzler, we goin’ Sizzler!...Nuggets by 7-13 points

While everybody has the Hoyas traveling pretty far in the tourney…as do I, that doesn’t mean they aren’t ripe for a sluggish start against a Bruins squad that has been killing people lately and actually have the size to contend with the Hoyas. As always with the mid-majors and small conf champs, Belmont also can light it up from deep, and while they may be down 20 at some point, that doesn’t mean they won’t start firing for a backend cover…Hoyas by 9-15 points

First off, this game is in Cali so the Zags should be pretty well-represented. Since Gonzaga’s big-man was suspended for doing the same thing I luv to do, they’ve actually been playing outstanding after the initial shock wore-off and have been shooting the ball like they have in the past. As for the Hoosiers, I haven’t been impressed with them all year and I’m guessing they’re still getting used to Kelvin “Shady” Sampson as their new headmaster. Overall, the Zags are better coached, play better defense, and should have some crazy-azz fans in attendance (especially if they road trip like Cheech, Chong, & Heyvelt)…Zags by 4-10 points


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