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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 104-82 ATS

I can’t complain too much about last night, mostly because I actually got some action and went to Sizzler, but also because I split my NBA plays (no comment on my NCAA donations) and the 1st day of the tourney didn’t ruin my bracket too bad. And don’t worry, after the Heat beat my azz worse than Joumana Kidd has been crowning Jason’s azz (long-live Dennis Green), I will not be taking my girl’s car payment money and betting against the Diesel again tonight. What I am doing, is meeting my degenerate Homeboyz for a full day of boozing and gambling…we actually call it Charles Barkley Day! But before I give you lucky bastards my NBA Friday Night plays, as requested by the Greggy G fandom (mostly sarcastically as you bastards have no faith in my collegiate prowess) and without further ado, I give you my Big-Ballin’ Winning NCAA Bracket:

Florida vs Maryland
Oregon vs Wisconsin
Kansas vs Virginia Tech
Pittsburg vs Georgetown
North Carolina vs USC
Vanderbilt vs Georgetown
Xavier vs Long Beach St.
Texas A&M vs Memphis

Florida vs Oregon
Kansas vs UCLA
North Carolina vs Georgetown
Snoop Dogg St vs Memphis

Oregon vs Kansas
North Carolina vs Memphis

Kansas over North Carolina

Enjoy my NBA picks tonight and check back all weekend…BTW, if I hit more than 50% of my plays Fri & Sat I’m taking my Homegirl to Ponderosa for their all-u-can eat Sunday Funday…so wish me luck!

The Jazz need to get back on track after concentrating more on the Florida thong bikinis than their hardwood execution this week, while the suddenly hot 76ers were brought back to reality after a throttling by the Celtics on Wed. In my experience, which rivals the amount of azz you can get in college with a clean Chevy Impala (20’ inch blades!), bottom feeding teams always go on a nice run late in the year, but once they get bitch-slapped they return to their old form. While Iggy has been sick on the wing for Philly, the Jazz should be able to dominate with their bigs against Stephen Hunter and Sammy D. The Jazz needs this a lot more than Maurice Cheeks (…as the Philly front office pleads with him not to throw away any more ping-pong balls) and I expect at least 50 points and 30 rebound between Boozer and Okur…Jazz by 7-13 points

When in doubt, or needing to pay the gas bill, bet against Exxon Isiah Valdez. Despite losing 6 in-a-row, Byron Scott’s young and disciplined Hornets are only a game out of the final playoff spot in the West and you have to expect them to ball with playoff desperation tonight. While that could also be said for the Knicks who are tied for the final spot in the East, I don’t see the same desperation in the eyes of Starbury and Stevie Franchise. In addition, Tyson Chandler knows Eddy “Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger” Curry pretty well, and I don’t think Isiah will have an answer for David West on the low-block…Hornets by 1-7 points

The Warriors are more exciting at home than my azz was in Amsterdam. Amazingly, they’re holding onto the final playoff spot in the West and are actually looking like the Warriors of the ol’ TMC days. As for the Wolves, I know guys at the YMCA that play were more intensity than these bums, and nobody packs it in early like the T-Wolves once they’re down by more than 5…Nelly’s Boyz by 9-15 points


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