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Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 91-70 ATS ...143-124 ATS Overall

Greggy G...winner of 6 of his last 7 in the NBA homeboys!

Nobody is playing worse than the Warriors right now. They started their road-trip early last week desperately holding on to slim playoff hopes…and then proceeded to get blown-out by an average of 20 pts per contest by the Bucks, Bulls, and the frickin’ KNICKS! In addition, half the roster is questionable on the injury report and new Savior Don Nelson just proclaimed to the cameras that they basically suck and he’s failed…not a good combo on the road. As for MJs old-team, after a solid 1st half of the season, injuries to two of the three amigos left Gilbert the Great all by his lonesome and Wiz slowly started to fall in the standings...But WAIT! Caron Bulter & Antawn Jamison are now back, and even though they’ve only started one game, what better way to get your feet wet than against the Warriors. They also know they need to solidify their playoff position, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ran off a nice little win streak. This has blow-out written all over-it like a fratboy after a house party…Wizards by 16-22 points

While it took me more than half the year to figure out, I’ve never seen a team with more talent play so lifeless and uninspired in all my degenerate life. Just like the Warriors, desperately holding out hope that they could make the playoffs, the T-Wolves proceeded to get absolutely throttled by the Mavs & Jazz at home. I know those two are good, but it’s looking so bad that KG isn’t even bouncing around and screaming. As for the Celtics, I know everybody thinks they should lose games on purpose to get Durant or Oden, but try telling that to some hungry youngsters who were a laughing stock during the losing streak and a veteran who wants to prove everybody wrong. Paul Pierce and his new crew have won 3 in-a-row, including an awesome overtime win last night at New Jersey (Al Jefferson had 32 pts, 18 pts, & 2 blks…maybe the best low-post threat in the East after Shaq) and are coming home to some crazy fans who are desperate to witness a blow-out on Sunday afternoon…Celts by 12-18 points

Posted by Greg Gamble on March 4, 2007 11:15 AM |


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