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Money Mike's NBA picks

Oh yeah kids. 2-0 last night. 4-1 for the week. We got a nice little stroll going on. Let's keep it going. Guess who gave me a call this morning? Craig G. He has spent the last few days wadding in the kiddie pool and shooting dice with Mickey at Universal Studios. Tonight he's meeting up with Goofy for some late night Texas Hold'em after the wife and the in-laws go to sleep!

One more thing before I get to the picks. How the hell do the Lakers lose to the Grizzlies at home last night? When your second leading scorer has a total of three points; that's how. Yeah, Odom had 11 assists and 16 boards but this game comes down to points. Step your game up Odom. Now that I got that off my chest. Let's get to the picks.

Orlando @ Boston +3

Orlando is in the 7 spot currently and although they probably won't catch the Wizards for the 6th spot, they are still going to finish strong. Not to much to say about Boston except don't win to many down the stretch or Mr. Oden will be looking mighty nice in Memphis blue. Orlando by 6-8 points.

Cleveland @ NY +4

C-Town looked good last night clinching a playoff spot. Look for King James to bring some more pain to one of his potential future employers. (After he leaves Cleveland because of to many playoff losses). Lebron needs a big market. There is an outside chance they can catch Detroit for home court throughout the eastern conference playoffs. Cleveland by 8-10 points.

Houston @ L.A. Clips + 3

One last note, GG loves Houston tonight but I will only take credit if they cover. If they lose it doesn't count against me. It's a short easy trip from Houston to L.A. and the Clips have no answer for the Ming Dynasty, not to mention McGrady. Houston by 7-10 points. Until tomorrow. Holla back!

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