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April 1, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 116-88 ATS

The Wizards are getting ready for the playoffs, while the Bucks are getting ready for anywhere but Milwaukee this summer...Wizards by 8-14 points

April 2, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 117-88 ATS

If you haven’t noticed, the great Greggy G has covered 6 in-a-row and needs just one more win to get back to 30 games over .500. As a result, Vegas has ordered the professional hardwood to take a night off so they can re-evaluate how keep me from pulling an Ocean’s 11 on them. Luckily, we’ve got the National Championship game tonight, as well as the opening of the MLB season…and yes, I do partake in the strange world of baseball lines. It’s kind of like trying to figure out what you’re watching with the “Straight of the Boat” Asian Adult films...lots of strange faces, noises, and equipment, but still worth a small investment. While my White Sox have the Southside faithful worried with plenty of new faces in the rotation and the bullpen, I can’t be happier that the first Sox player we’ll see at the plate is none other than the great Pablo Ozuna…by far my favorite player on the diamond even though he doesn’t really have a position. As for the Cubbies, and as much as I hate to say it, they look like the real deal and should keep the short-shorts and tight tank-tanks all over Wrigleyville this summer. I also have to give them some props for sending Mark “crabby-injured-pants” Prior to Triple-A…what a bum. But enough about the MLB, we got a national title tilt tonight and a picture that may be my hottest one yet. Dollar, Dollar, Bill Y’all!

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April 3, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 117-88 ATS

I played in a little hold’em tourney during the National Championship game last night and came out of the gates just like the Gators. Even better, anytime somebody started to make a little move…I’d just Lee Humphrey their azz and let them know they had no shot to win. With the professionals taking the night off to regroup from my late season dominance, as a full-blown degenerate it was nice to know I could still invest in the one remaining college game and play some poker to pass the time on an NBA holiday. But tonight, no such luck for Mr. Stern and the books in Vegas as everybody knows you cannot stop Greggy G…you can only hope to contain him. I just make money-money, make money-monEEYY!

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April 4, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 119-88 ATS

Can you say EIGHT STRAIGHT M*THA F*CKIN WINS FOR GREGGY G! I’m hotter than Connie Chung in '89 and even my Dry Cleaner greased my palm with some extra cash as I pick-ed up my silk shirts yesterday…Oh yeah, he’s a subscriber to the madness. While I’m sure some of you are waiting for the momentum to shift south, I asked my entrepreneur Homeboy Danny “I only go baseline” Sachs about life at the top of the food chain and he said: “Your NBA picks are like my air-tight water-bottles…they don’t drip money into my pocket, they just MAKE IT RAIN!” Now that’s what I needed to hear. I mean look at West Virginia’s former coach John Beilein, he used the NIT Championship and the support of Insideplays.com to make some major paper at Michigan. So with that, I’m gettin’ greedy today and making 5 plays on the NBA hardwood…for those of you not interested in bball, that also means I’ve got 5 beautiful ladies for ya as well. C-YA in the Hamptons Homeboys!

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April 5, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-90 ATS

With my record 3-0 after the early games last night, I slammed my Brandy & Cream Soda cocktail, turned off my bedtime video “Dancing with Beavers” (Instead of Two Socks, the character’s name is Two Happy Socks…pretty frickin’ funny!), and checked the halftime score of the Nuggets to see they were up by 20. What a way to end the night I thought…I picked myself off the sofa in my Golden St. Warrior Zubaz, and went to bed expecting a 4-1, or 5-0 evening, and even dreamed of buying my girl that lil’ pony she's always wanted. So to say the least, as I sipped my bloody and downed a happy mushroom this morning, I was not too thrilled to check out the box scores and see I went 3-2 last night. While that may be a nice night for the average degenerate gambler, we all know that’s not what’s expected from Greggy G. But no worries my friends…we’re only a day away from the madness that is Friday Night in the NBA and I’ve even got a lil Thursday Night TNT special for ya. So enough banter, let’s pick up another victory tonight and roll into Friday with more money than a groupie on All-Star weekend.

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April 6, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-91 ATS

This evening's NBA picks resemble the Hog-Hunting contests I used to have with my Homboys in college…and tonight, it looks like I’ve got reservations next to the Ice Cream machine at Olde Country Buffet. No time for chit-chat today because I’ve got a few meetings on the docket this afternoon…no, not the ones where I tell people why I drink Arbor Mist before YMCA ball-games or how I’m addicted to the same thing Tom Brady has been doin’ lately. Injuries and lottery ping-pong conspiracies all over the ATS board today, and from what I hear from my inside sources, Vegas is more nervous than my ass was after they clipped my hair for my last job interview. Check-in all weekend because I’ve got nothing but the professional hardwood and debauchery on the mind!

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April 7, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 125-94 ATS

I got to run Homeboys...trying to sell the crib and I actually got some people comin' to check out the mansion. But don't worry, I didn't forget about you guys...check it out!

I never bet on Knicks, but just about everybody is on the training table in Milwaukee with ping-pong ball'itis. Isiah and the Knicks aren't making the playoffs, but you know Zeke wants to win so the Bulls don't get a better pick...Knicks by 4-10 points

Sloan's going to make sure their playing at a playoff level now, especially with the Rockets looking a lil banged up for the playoffs. As for the Sonics, the actually played alright last night...can't see that on back-to-back when it doesn't matter...Jazz by 13-19 points

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April 9, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 126-95 ATS

Did anybody see former Bull Eddy Curry drop 43 and 13 on Saturday? While I’ll agree it was pretty filthy, nothing annoys me more then reading in all the Chicago papers and hearing at the local pubs (well…in-between the bar brawls that the cops are starting) that Pax, Skiles, & Co. are regretting the Curry move. LISTEN YOU BASTARDS…IT WASN’T GOING TO WORK IN CHICAGO! Besides the fact that the Chi-town native needed to leave his hometown to make life easier, please don’t tell me you think he’s the type of player that will be playing ballz-out for even 2/3 of the that huge contract. Just like my boy Chris Wilcox in Seattle, no matter how awesome he looks for 20 or 30 games a year, he still has to be valued by the other 50 games he blows-off. The Bulls have a roster full of dedicated gym rats (well…except for the Michael “I’d eat the frickin’ rats!” Sweetney) and are building something that’s going to be special for a long-time…even though I still think they should grab Gasol or Garnett this summer!

But enough Bulls banter, the last weeks of the NBA season are a Vegas nightmare and Greggy G has the troops rallied for an attack that would’ve made my Warcraft coach proud. Not to mention, my NBA Homeboy Larry, who besides dating really hot chicks that don’t even care to remember my name, has a great end of the year over/under theory. He’s covered something like 80% since he installed it just over a week ago…and it’s easier than trying to score a hottie when you’ve got Larry’s money! Here it is…On any games between two teams not in the playoff race, bet the over as nobody is playing defense and ends up looking like an NBDL all-star games with all the youngsters. Secondly, on any games between teams jockeying for playoff position, bet the under as teams actually play some defense and try to get into the playoff mode. When you win a ton of money on theory, Larry said it was cool if you just give Greggy G all the credit. Let’s roll this week fellaz…there’s a suburb in Chicago I’ve got my eye on to purchase!

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April 10, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 128-96 ATS

While hitting 50% last night (2-1 myselft, 0-1 on the new Larry theory) still cost me some OJ, I wish I had invested all of my Spud Webb rookie cards and mint-condition Garbage Pal Kids on the Magic last night. The game in Milwaukee represented the reason I usually head into baseball season with plenty of xtra cash to blow on the Southsiders. We had the Magic desperately hanging-on to the final playoff spot in East, while the Bucks had more action going on at the training table and with their travel agents than on the hardwood. Tonight, I’m sticking to my ATS theory, as well as, bouncing back with Larry’s Ova/Unda Special. I’ve witnessed the Chicago Legend purchase a few white tigers over the weekend from his theory, so a 0-1 record at Insideplays just means I’m just doubling up on one of his picks anoche. Speaking of tonight, looks like I’m stumblin’ to bed with some hard working kidneys…we have the Bulls/Knicks battle kicking-off the evening, followed by my White Sox trying to start their west coast trip 2-0. What a day to be a Chicagoan. Take it light Homeboys and please don’t forget to take your Milk Thistle every morning…it’s your liver’s best friend!

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April 11, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 131-97 ATS

While I woke-up to my girl hollerin’ at me to start her car and scrape the snow off, I could’ve been irate since it’s frickin’ April or even because the Sox blew a late lead in the 9th…but after last night’s hardwood investments, she could’ve shaved my eye-brows and I’d still be a happy man. Yours truly was a hook away from pulling a 5-0 evening, (3-1 on my own, 1-0 with Larry the Legend’s Ova/Unda Special) and I found out I was the 3rd guard taken in the YMCA supplemental Draft for this Spring (My game has been compared to a combination of Ben Gordon’s without the jumpshot and Brevin Knight's without the court vision). No time to waste though, we’ve only got a few nights left of the late-season NBA gifts and the lines seem to be shifting by the minute. Oh yeah, and my Homeboy Larry did some late-night research (ova/unda on the # of substances in his body when I got his email at 11:45 last night?), and he’s hotter than a M*tha F*ckin Tea-Kettle. Don’t be fooled by his 1-1 record with Insideplays.com, just like my azz trying to get lucky after too much Whiskey…I’m a little slow to jump-on when I’m supposed to. His theory has been hittin’ something like 75% over the last two weeks. Game-on BEEATCHES and make sure to tell your loved-ones not to worry about fixing dinner tonight…cause WE GOIN’ SIZZLER, WE GOIN’ SIZZLER!

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April 12, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-97 ATS

Stop the Presses Homboys…Greggy G went 4-0! As the humble man I am, I must first give thanks to Jameer Nelson on his flawless layup with .1 left on the clock (…in my opinion, possibly the biggest shot of his career) and to the Indiana Pacers who miraculously covered 6 points in the finally 30 nano-seconds…because of their innate inability to dominate early, I never played the potential 1-point ATS lose in the Rocket game. And of course, I cannot continue without givin’ Larry the ATS Legend his mad-props for handing us the Philly/Boston OVA, and convincing me later in the day that the Heat/Wiz contest was not unwatchable if it could become profitable. What a genius...I ended up making some homemade shroom flavored popcorn, cracked a 3 month old PBR, and thoroughly enjoyed watching both teams play like azz and come nowhere close to the ATS total.

Watch-out Vegas, insideplays.com has put the women & children to bed and is lookin’ for frickin’ crab-legs & caviar! Only two tilts on the NBA docket tonight, and while I’ll still do a little handicapping cause I’m a degenerate, the real Good Friday is only a day away…the last Friday of the NBA regular season! A day when in the same game a team may have 3 NBDL stars of tomorrow loggin’ 30 minutes apiece, while their opponent has 2 all-stars with playoff desperation never leaving the floor. Enjoy the day Homeboys…cause you know my azz will! We goin’ Sizzler and Daddy’s gettin’ a new pair o’ kicks…and this time they won’t say Starbury on the side!

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April 13, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-98 ATS

I was so close to taking a night-off from the window, but just like Warren Moon…something about the sun going down excites me! I definitely should have trusted my gut as I ended the night losing some dinero on the Lakers and gettin’ hauled out of lil’ pub by a Mexican bouncer yelling: VAMANOS SH*T-HEAD! In my opinion, racial profiling led to my dismissal from Manuel’s Casa de Partido as I was the only cracker in the establishment, but the owner begs to differ…(supposedly) he says I threw my Tecate at his 12’ TV and was yelling: “Harold Rider sucks Pelotas Grandes!” For those of you not in the know, Kobe Bryant will now be represented by the Isaiah J.R. Rider and Harold “Baby-Jordan” Miner until he proves he’s more than just a talent show. And please spare the text messages Laker fans because I don’t want to hear how he already has some jewelry…just like my girl showing off her Elizabeth Hurley sized ring and acting like she bought it, real ballers know Shaq was the one that bought Kobe’s bling! Obviously, I’m angry because I made a stupid decision to bet on a team I hate, which always ends up being the frickin’ double-whammy…and that’s only fun if Kobe Tai is involved. But enough complaining because nothing gets better than today…I mean we have the last Friday Night in the NBA, one my best Homeboys is in from out-of-town, the Cougar just told me it’s his 30th Birthday, and the warden (my beautiful lady) gave me a hall-pass for the evening! Let’s make some cash tonight so you guys can buy that Ab-Roller and I can buy Manuel a new TV. Take it light boyz…CAUSE IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A GIMP!

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April 14, 2007

Greg Gamble's ATS Special: 138-98

Yes, I’m 40 games over .500...what did ya expect you lil BEEATCHES!?

Like I told you last night…Gadzuric, Boykins, Bell, Patterson, and Mo Williams are playing for their livelihood, and standings wise they don't have to worry about tankin’ anymore. As for the Cats O’ Bob, their in the Oden/Durant mode…Wallace and Carroll sat out last night with ping-pong ball’it is…Bucks by 8-14 points (BTW, can’t understand why Vegas is givin’ the Bucks pts tonight)

April 15, 2007

Greg Gamble's NBA Special: 138-99 ATS

The Bulls have looked dominate at times over the last month, finally have everybody healthy, and need to win out to ensure the 2nd seed. As for the Wiz, without Agent 0 and Caron Butler they remind of the Washington Bullets when Horace’s brother Harvey Grant was manning the block…Bulls by 10-16 points

In my humble, but correct opinion…the Spurs are best team in the NBA. Duncan, Parker, & Ginobili, have been playing at another level after the last couple weeks and definitely will want to make a statement today in the house that Cuban built…Spurs by 4-10 points

Orlando and Dwight Howard were awesome last night and can potentially clinch a playoff spot with a win. As for the Celtics…TANK!...Magic by 14-20 points

While I dominated the card game last night, one of my Homeboys asked why I waste me time doing this shitzit. You know what I told him...because I'm a frickin' REBEL BABY!

April 16, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 139-101 ATS

Sunday started out perfectly with a bloody, followed by some shrimp nachos and a Bulls performance that has Chi-Town buzzin', before my Funday sunshine was killed by a ref. Just hangin' with my lady and ready to enjoy a 2-1 Sunday...when referee Joey “I think I’m a star” Crawford suddenly decided to kick Timmy D out because he was laughing on the bench. Are you frickin' kidding me! With all the tanking theories and mysterious injuries we’ve seen the last month, NBA fans were finally being treated to a nationally televised Mavs/Spurs battle that had both teams playing like it was the Western Conf Finals. Next think you know, the baldy veteran ref decided he wanted to show everybody across the land that he controls the game and turned Sunday into a complete embarrassment. This is not the first time Crawford has acted more macho than a porn-star with a 19 year-old virgin, and do not be surprised if Mr. Stern suspends his sorry-azz for part of the playoffs. But before we get to the playoffs, we still have 3 days left in the regular season to help our early retirement plans fellaz. Have a great week and congrats to my Homeboy Jon in Minneapolis…he passed his last test and is now an official Architect. All that means...is that I finally have someone to help me finish my house in the Hamptons!

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April 17, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 142-101 ATS

After last night’s perfect performance, I actually received a visit from a lil’ foreign woman with three nipples who offered me a 50/50 partnership in a Tarot Card & Palm reading establishment in my hood. While I was interested, it was more in regards to what dirty and naughty activity goes on after the drapes are pulled, the incense and ditch-weed is burning, and you notice the palm reader is wearing (not-wearing) a Britney Spears special down-below. Of course, I passed on the opportunity because it would’ve affected the millions of diehard Greg Gamble readers, but you can understand why the multi-nippled prognosticator was so persistent. I predicted a Nets win at The Garden by 8-14 points, and they won by 9. I envisioned a last second Celtic upset at the AARP Heat venue, and they won by a bucket. I forecasted the Grizzlies beating the Spurs and that my man Pau Gasol would pull-off a 30 and 10 night in possibly his last home-game in Memphis, and the Grizz proceeded to roll and the Spaniard ended with 25 and 15. And finally, I told ya Joey "Napoleon-Complex" Crawford would be suspended. Yes, I know I’m cooler than Burt Reynolds in Striptease, but as a professional I must wipe the slate clean and do it again tonight. Let’s roll boys…only two days left in Greggy G’s Tank’ology Madness!

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April 18, 2007

Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 143-103 ATS

We’ve finally made it to the last day of the NBA regular season, a day when nobody gives a ratz-azz except gambling junkies, the fan clubs for Pape Sow & Bracey Wright, and the few cities (ala Chi-Town) where playoff seeding is still at stake. While I’ll admit I enjoy watching end of the bench basketball and receive a text message update from the “In Randy Livingston We Trust” club every time he dishes out an assist, besides investing on probably every game on the docket tonight I’ll be with my Homeboys at the bar hopin’ the Bulls can hold-on to the 2nd seed. Unfortunately, the Nets are at home and have plenty on the line as well, so expect a 70% defensive-effort from Vinsanity tonight and at least a 110% breakdown-effort from Greggy G on the game.

And to the Greg Gamble enthusiasts who are worried that the end of the season means they’ll be missing out on my Pulitzer Prize winning material…we’ve got plenty of playoff basketball to wager-on and to match-up with hot swimwear, as well as, at least 2500 opportunities on the diamond to prove I’m the gamblin’ version of Peter Gammons! You should see how my theory on matching lingerie and pinstripes can lead to ATS magic. But enough about how I get around the bases faster than Tommy Brady during the off-season, I’m sitting at 40 games over .500 for the regular season and need a few more wins to keep my lovely lady blinged-up like Kobe’s after he returns from a trip to Utah. What fun it should be tonight, no defense, no Joey Crawford, and plenty of cocktails for the Homeboys and Greggy G!

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April 19, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Regular Season Awards Part 1

First and Foremost, Congratulations to Southside Southpaw Mark "I luv the Cards" Buehrle on his no-hitter...I luv the way he deals. As a lifelong Sox fan, I can’t remember being more unenthused entering a season after finished 3rd in the division and proceeded to do nothing substantial in the off-season. In my humble 'somewhat tipsy' opinion, nothing is worse than being a middle-of-the-pack baseball team in Chicago. Since our sunny weather window is so small, it doesn’t make any sense to follow the long-azz season with only a small opportunity to observe DePaul girls walking around in short-shorts that read: “Ass Hat” unless you are in playoff contention or extremely horrible…cause BAD baseball is twice as good as average baseball (just ask the Cubs). But last night, while drinking $2 Tecate (Happy!) with my Homeboys and watching the Bulls crap down their leg like Najah Davenport in a closet, little seemed to matter as Buehrle reminded us how magical it feels to the white-trash faithful when the Cell is buzzing. Even if it’s only temporary, thanks Mark…I needed it!

Back to the Hardwood fellas…after finishing the regular season exactly 40 games over .500 last night (146-106 ATS), I lounged on my expensive Unicorn-skin sofa and rehashed what my degenerate basketball life had come to. Basically, I know way too much about tall angry black-men, hairy..but cool fist-pumping foreigners, and the defensively challenged Caucasians of the NBA. Before passing out, I realized I needed to utilize this useless information and share my knowledge with others. So without further ado, before giving you my playoff predictions, I offer my first installment of the Greggy G’s NBA “If you don’t know, now you know” Awards. I just started these last night, so don’t give me too much shiznit yet…they’ll get better once a get a new batch of mushrooms delivered.

-The player actually worth an NBA ticket-

I luv anybody that can look down into the rim!

Being forced to watch Hawk basketball is no-longer similar to pulling a rolled-up rubber out of your curlies now that Josh Smith’s crazed glare is in Hot-lanta. While watching the lefty fly-in on the break is more exciting than Teenage Mutant Ninja Dildoes with Spanish subtitles, nothing compares to the face of fear shown by opposing forwards at the top of the key when he makes his first jab-step. You know about today’s NBA, most guys would rather give up an easy bucket then be a side note for a new poster. While highflyers and smooth dunkers are scattered all over the NBA like professional athletes at the strip-club, just like Nique, Smith separates himself because of his ferocious power and unexpecting throw-downs off a miss. In addition, just like a chick that has one-boob bigger than the other, the uniqueness of being a lefty just adds a few percentage points of excitement. Not to mention the swingman averaged almost 3 blocks and 13 ugly jumpers per game, the excitement Smith brings to the arena is so unique because you never know if he’s going to scream at his coach, laugh with the cheerleaders, or just dunk on your head!

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April 20, 2007

Greg Gamble’s NBA Regular Season Awards Part 2

Sorry about the drunken ramblings yesterday, but my White Sox buzz was rollin’ Wednesday Night and the grammar/spell check must have been ignored! I guess that happens when you try to write a masterpiece after drinking Tecate at the bar and then capping the night mixing cherry-flavored Whiskey, Propel, and some leftover Chardonnay to get the creative juices flowing…and I probably shouldn’t have slippin’ that Kodiak in!

As for last night, I have to admit a had the sweats last night as I watched the ESPN ticker scroll across and didn’t find anything I wagered on. I promised myself I would not go to the baseball window until the NBA playoffs were over, and while it was only 1 night, I feel like I just got out of rehab and passed my first bar without stopping. But enough about my therapy, we have the playoffs starting Saturday and Part 2 of my “If you don’t know, now you know” NBA Regular Season Awards. As for my breakdown of the playoffs, give me a little time…my boss almost fired me this morning and I'm heading to Minneapolis for a weekend of debauchery with my Homeboys. What I do have for you is three more awards (my favorite black, white, & foreign ballers) and three more beautiful pics (my favorite white, black, & foreign hotties). Have a Stephen Jackson type of weekend fellas and make sure to check back tomorrow for my ATS Playoff Picks!

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April 21, 2007

NBA Playoff ATS Special...BEEATCH!

The Playoffs are here, my azz is already drunk in Minneapolis with my Homeboys, and we have 4 games on the docket today. I have feeling I should have taken a little more Milk Thistle this morning (Life-savin' Liver Pills for those not in the know!), but I'm sure if I drink a diet Coke to every 6 cocktails I'll be OK. While I only have one pick and pic for you today, I promise you won't be disappointed...C-YA

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April 23, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 1-0 ATS

Hopefully Sunday Funday was enjoyable…even without my playoff picks. I apologize, but I spent the day drivin’ home from Minneapolis after a Saturday with some ole’ college buddies. And of course, we acted as though we were still running the show at 22 and even told some of the dancers (my favorite was Tigger) that we were minor leaguers for the Devil Rays…just like ole’ times baby. As for my investments this weekend, besides squeaking out the Bulls victory where I told you Luol would dominate, I played quite a few unders as game 1’s always produce shooting percentages closer to 35 than 45%. I’ll continue to track these trends, but game 2’s are never a solid ova/unda play as many teams desperately change their strategy.

And how about my M*tha F*ckin Warriors, after wasting 6 hours in the car on a beautiful day, I opened a nice bottle of wine, made some lemon-butter for my artichokes, and tried not to dribble on my GST Zubaz as I watched in amazement! The match-up between Don Nelson and his former buddies is going to be a classic and if Baron “I’ll knock you over with my azz!” Davis can continue to exploit the undersized guards or slow-footed forward match-ups there could be real problems for Avery. Not to mention, Stephen “I want to party with you” Jackson’s stellar defense on the German Diggler and Matt “Mohawk” Barnes’s underrated role in staying out of the way and coming-up with more loose balls then Andy Dick. Should be a great week of action fellaz and should be a great week to call in sick at least twice…no barkin’ from the dog, no smog, and ole girl’s cookin’ breakfast with plenty of hog!

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April 24, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 1-1 ATS (NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS)

With the Pistons up double digits most of the 4th quarter, I can’t say I was too thrilled to lose last night’s wager by a hook at the charity stripe. Detroit always seemed a bucket or two away from completely blowing out the Magic, but acted more unenthused than MJ at a gentlemen’s club when the blonde girls have a night off. But not to worry, the sun came up today, I had enough V-8 in the fridge for a breakfast bloody, and the Sun-Times still has the daily line on page 110. In addition, we have Bulls playoff basketball and $2 PBR’s calling my name tonight. While Scottie Skiles has downplayed the significance of game 2 to the media, do not be fooled by his comments. In my humble, slightly-buzzed opinion, the winner of tonight’s contest is advancing to round 2. So breakout the Jud Buechler jersey, your Craig Hodges short-shorts, and save the 2-for-1 Tuesday coupons at the Admiral…its gameday!

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April 25, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 4-1 ATS (NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS)

I didn’t pay top-dollar for this expensive website to brag about myself, but…I went 3-0 last night you lil’ BEEATCHES!!! What a night, the Bulls come-out smokin’ like Randy Moss at 4:20 and showed the Chi-town faithful a passion that makes it hard to not to luv these fellas. From the Afroed Wonder’s defense on the block, to Noce and Sefolosha causing more havoc than Pac Man with too many dolla bills, the Bulls are developing right before our eyes. And how about the other side, I almost had as much enjoyment watchin’ coach LA Looks stare at the floor wondering how he can get out of coaching the AARP Heat next year and Shaq Diesel lookin’ bewildered as he struggled to get up and down the hardwood. Throw in $2 drafts of Fat Tire chased with a Newport Light, another White Sox comeback victory, and Lou Pinella getting crazier by the minute as he begins to understand what being a Cub is really all about…Oh yeah, did I tell ya my sweet-azz went undefeated last night too! Just another day in the life of a self-proclaimed legend…Let’s do it again tonight, I think my Golden St. Warrior Zubuz deserve a night on the town!

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April 26, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 6-2 ATS


The hardwood guru was only 8 seconds and a Kelenna Azubuike free throw away from a second straight 3-0 evening. What can I say…6 out of 8 in the playoffs with my two losses coming by one OVA/UNDA point last night and by the deadly hook (a half point for you non-gamblers) on the Pistons Monday. Actually, it’s kind of ironic because my Polish Cyclone Thunderstick also has a little hook itself. But enough about my lil’ Homeboy Jumanji, I actually need to sent out some props to the Cubbies. Once again the power of Insideplays is motivating athletes like a pack of hotties waiting on the concourse for Pablo Ozuna. Yesterday, I compared the Nuggets defense to Cliff Floyd’s swing and he proceeded to go 4 for 5 at the dish. Coincidence you say, I think not…my webmaster has informed me Cliffy’s a daily subscriber! But enough about the Northsiders trying to crawl out of the basement of the Central Division, we have 3 more NBA picks and some other pics that’ll surely make you say: “ I LUV GREG GAMBLE MORE THAN A HOT MODEL LUVS THE PATRIOTS QB!!!”

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April 27, 2007

Money Mike's Lake Show analysis

Seeing that the Lakers tend to be bashed alot on Insideplays by my boy GG b/c they seem to never cover the damn line, I found it only appropriate to give some love to the Lake Show after last night's performance. Down 2-0 and back in Hollywood for game 3, I eagerly anticipated how the young Lakers would respond. As I sat in the Rockit bar and grill last night watching lame ass brokers, traders, lawyers and the such try to pick up some of Chicago's finest dime pieces, I watched in disgust as the Lakers pretty much were steam rolled in the first quarter by the Suns. At the same time, I'm listening to my buddy B Bolan from C-Town talk about how much he hates Kobe and Lebron is the best player on the planet. Write on queue as if Kobe over heard the ludicrious statement that was just made, Kobe sets the tone with a couple of makes and some lock down defense to get the troops in line. 25 shots later, Kobe has 45 points, and Kwame "I just made Jordan proud" Brown puts up 19 and 6 boards to help lead the Lakers to their first win of the series.

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NBA Playoff Special: 8-3 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Another profitable evening for Mr. Gamble, another Ronny Mexico faux-pas, and pictures of His Airness partying with white-girls in Cabo…it’s like somebody is doing my work for me! I’m not even going to mention my 2-1 performance last night cause we need to lambaste the water-bottled, middle-fingered, non-rubber wearing overrated QB that just didn’t have enough on his diamond-incrusted plate. If you haven’t heard, police conducting a drug raid on a property owned by Mr. Mexico ended up finding more than 60 abused dogs and other materials associated with dog and cock-fighting. Now I’ll admit I did a little cock-fighting back in the day, but that was solely a college experimental thing. As for the animal abuse, I don’t even like the shedding, crapping, stinky pets, but anybody involved in this type of behavior should be dealt with by the Mafia group that was after Maurice Clarett. But enough depressing sports news, let’s check out MJ getting’ his groove on…Luv how he’s still holding the cigar: http://deadspin.com/sports/nba/take-a-number-to-grind-with-mj-254447.php . I can’t make this stuff up fellaz…it’s like everybody wants to make it into Greggy G’s column. But enough gossip, I know the majority of my loyal readers are here for my NBA picks…well, actually most of you are hear for the pictures, but I’ll take what I can get. Have a great weekend my friends, check back when you’re bored, and Happy M*tha F*ckin Birthday to my Homeboy Toddy T. I’d tell him to get lucky tonight, but unlike most of us, that’s just part of his daily routine!

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April 28, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 9-5 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Listen...I got home at lil' before the sun came up, I still have to get my car, my bro's in-town, and I have to bring Sexy Back at a wedding tonight...so trust me when I say I luv the Spurs to win by more than a bucket tonight...San Antonio 6-12 points

NBA Playoff Special: 9-5 ATS

*Greggy G's NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Listen...I got home at lil' before the sun came up, I still have to get my car, my bro's in-town, and I have to bring Sexy Back at a wedding tonight...so trust me when I say I luv the Spurs to win by more than a bucket tonight...San Antonio 6-12 points

April 29, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 10-5 ATS

*Greggy G's Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Coach LA Looks and the Heat have to be demoralized after blowing game 3, and the Bulls can see blood in the water like it's a Bison Dele boating trip. The Heat can't run with Paxson, Skiles, & Co. and don't be surprised if you see them looking for opportunities to take some cheap shots on the youngsters...Bulls by 6-12 points

I'll be wearing my GST Zubaz rootin' for Nellie and his 22 swingmen...but my wallet will be full of Mav dollars! You have to think Dirk and Avery get the boyz to bounce back tonight...Mavs by 6-12 points

April 30, 2007

NBA Playoff Special: 11-6 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

The Bulls, Warriors, and my girl’s new Insideplays lingerie made yesterday an extra special Sunday Funday. With the 'Cool' Luol Deng getting his long-azz arms on every single loose ball and Baron Davis using a fullback’s mentality and a powerful-azz to dominate the Mavs, I had plenty of dreams of a Chi-town/Oakland Finals match-up. With that said, I’m currently on assignment and will be working on a feature article for the Bulls/Pistons match-up and will have to make this write-up shorter than Rex Grossman standing next to an offensive lineman. Hopefully everyone had a kick-azz weekend and special thanks to my brother who spilled a glass of red wine on my brand new suit 15 minutes into the wedding Saturday….that’s my dogg! Take it light boyz and don’t forget to check the new DVD Fortune Nookie #22…it blows FN #21 out of the water!

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