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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 117-88 ATS

I played in a little hold’em tourney during the National Championship game last night and came out of the gates just like the Gators. Even better, anytime somebody started to make a little move…I’d just Lee Humphrey their azz and let them know they had no shot to win. With the professionals taking the night off to regroup from my late season dominance, as a full-blown degenerate it was nice to know I could still invest in the one remaining college game and play some poker to pass the time on an NBA holiday. But tonight, no such luck for Mr. Stern and the books in Vegas as everybody knows you cannot stop Greggy G…you can only hope to contain him. I just make money-money, make money-monEEYY!

Don’t tell Byron Scott that it’s more likely Tank Johnson gets a grammar school named after him than the Hornets are of making-up 3 games and capturing the final playoff spot in the West. Magic’s former running mate coaches every game as if it’s the NBA finals and CP3, David West, Tyson Chandler, & Desmond Mason still have that look of a white-business men hitting the bar in Thailand…nervous, but determined to getter done. As for the Bucks, I’m not saying their tanking…but over the last two weeks Andrew Bogut & Charlie Villanueva were sat down for the year and Michael Redd (questionable) has been diagnosed with a mysterious cause of draft-lottery-ball tendonitis. Despite the Hornets long-shot chance at a postseason, their next two are very winnable and they also know they still have 2 games with the 8th-seed Clippers still on the docket…Hornets by 5-11 points

The Spurs just lost to the lowly Indiana Pacers on Sunday and if you know anything about Mr. Popovich…he was more pissed than the Catholic Church was at Tom Brady. Everybody is finally healthy for the Spurs and they know they need everybody hitting on all cylinders if they want to make a Championship run. In addition, their bench guys (who should get a ton of time tonight) are fighting for their lives to make it into the playoff rotation, so don’t expect any type of letdown once Pop pulls his stars. As for the Super‘Average’Sonics, they got blow-out at home against the Nuggets Sunday, are without Jesus Shuttlesworth the rest of the way, and have been led by Earl M*tha F*ckin Watson lately in the box score…Spurs by 17-23 points

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