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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-90 ATS

With my record 3-0 after the early games last night, I slammed my Brandy & Cream Soda cocktail, turned off my bedtime video “Dancing with Beavers” (Instead of Two Socks, the character’s name is Two Happy Socks…pretty frickin’ funny!), and checked the halftime score of the Nuggets to see they were up by 20. What a way to end the night I thought…I picked myself off the sofa in my Golden St. Warrior Zubaz, and went to bed expecting a 4-1, or 5-0 evening, and even dreamed of buying my girl that lil’ pony she's always wanted. So to say the least, as I sipped my bloody and downed a happy mushroom this morning, I was not too thrilled to check out the box scores and see I went 3-2 last night. While that may be a nice night for the average degenerate gambler, we all know that’s not what’s expected from Greggy G. But no worries my friends…we’re only a day away from the madness that is Friday Night in the NBA and I’ve even got a lil Thursday Night TNT special for ya. So enough banter, let’s pick up another victory tonight and roll into Friday with more money than a groupie on All-Star weekend.

I know Riley’s crew has burned me more often than Ronny Mexico has burned some of his ladies who let him roll without a hat, but the AARP Heat have been traveling all over the country the last few days and should be ripe for an azz-kickin’. Check out their schedule lately…After two games away from home last week, they continued their road-trip in Detroit Sunday in a lost to the Pistons, then traveled home for a tough battle against the Raptors and a hectic day of reporters because of D-Wade’s first practice, and now head back to the cold-azz Midwest for a battle with King James.

Speaking of LeBron, he’s been taking a little heat for his escapades at a gentlemen’s club in New York last week after he treated his teammates to a little entertainment after their lost to the Knicks. The story actually seemed to break a few nights later after he sat out the Cavs loss at Boston. For what reason that matters, I have no idea…unless he had a DNP-(Tendonitis in his sack) written in the box score. With that said, the Celtic loss and Bulls victory last night at Detroit makes tonight’s contest huge in the playoffs standings for the Cavs. Because of the weird layout of the NBA playoffs, if the Cavs fall behind the Bulls they could possibly slide three spots in the standings. So with that, and the fact that old dudes shouldn’t be on the plane as much as the Heat have been, I expect King James and his crew to have a huge performance at home tonight…Heat by 8-14 points

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