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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 122-91 ATS

This evening's NBA picks resemble the Hog-Hunting contests I used to have with my Homboys in college…and tonight, it looks like I’ve got reservations next to the Ice Cream machine at Olde Country Buffet. No time for chit-chat today because I’ve got a few meetings on the docket this afternoon…no, not the ones where I tell people why I drink Arbor Mist before YMCA ball-games or how I’m addicted to the same thing Tom Brady has been doin’ lately. Injuries and lottery ping-pong conspiracies all over the ATS board today, and from what I hear from my inside sources, Vegas is more nervous than my ass was after they clipped my hair for my last job interview. Check-in all weekend because I’ve got nothing but the professional hardwood and debauchery on the mind!

The Lakers are falling in the standings faster than Paris Hilton with an oil tycoon. The Lake Show has lost two in-a-row and Kobe shot like shiznit in his last contest. As for Seattle, after a little win streak they’ve lost 3 in-a-row and will only have one legit scorer on the floor tonight (R. Lewis). You know what my mom always told me…If you don’t have Jesus (Shuttlesworth) on your side, you only have a chance in hell!...Lakers by double digits

King LeBron’s crew slid all the way to fifth in the standings after last night’s loss and need to win won more game than the Bulls the rest of the way to move back to a 2-seed. As for the team former known as the Wizards, No Agent Zero, no Caron Bulter, and no Mitch Richmond…I’ve got a better chance makin’ it to heaven than the Wiz have of covering tonight…Cavs by double digits

Nobody would like to keep their current playoff seed more than the Raptors. If the playoffs started today Bosh would be matched-up with the team formerly know as the Wizards, while if Riley & Shaq (1 game behind) catch’em they’ll be playing against LeBron in the first round. Who you think they're more worried about…Jarvis Hayes or King James? Now that’s a rhyme baby…someone get De La Soul on the phone for me…Toronto by 5-11 points

I know the Suns lost a tough one in San Antonio last night and the Hornets have been a Greg Gamble staple lately, but this one is lining up more perfect than if your prom date is getting drunk for the first time. Check this out: Desmond Mason has a broken face and is out, Tyson Chandler was in a walking boat yesterday and is doubtful, and most importantly, CP3 re-injured his foot and is questionable tonight. As for the Suns, they’re only a game ahead of the Spurs in the standings (Timmy’s boyz own the tie-breaker), which means home-court advantage when these two match-up in the second round…talk about M*tha F*ckin motivation that would make Tony Robbins proud…Suns by 11-16 points

The Nets are not out of the woods yet for the playoffs, and I have a feeling Vinsanity, Jefferson, & Kid would luv to sweep the season series with Skiles’s youngsters (especially J-Kidd) since they’ll probably be matched-up with them in the 1st round. Chicago is coming off an emotional win against the Pistons on Wednesday and it’s tough to see them do the same without anybody in the middle (Ben Wallace-questionable) to prevent Carter and RJ from dunking on their heads…NJ in a buzzer-beater

The Warriors are actually playing awesome right now having just beaten the Grizz, as well as, the Suns and at Houston to stay just a game and a ½ out of the playoffs. As for Memphis, all I know is Junior “M*that F*ckin’ Harrington is starting at point guard, Mike Miller is out for the year, and Pau Gasol can’t wait for the season to be over…did I mention I also have Warrior Zubaz…Warriors by 8-14 points

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