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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 126-95 ATS

Did anybody see former Bull Eddy Curry drop 43 and 13 on Saturday? While I’ll agree it was pretty filthy, nothing annoys me more then reading in all the Chicago papers and hearing at the local pubs (well…in-between the bar brawls that the cops are starting) that Pax, Skiles, & Co. are regretting the Curry move. LISTEN YOU BASTARDS…IT WASN’T GOING TO WORK IN CHICAGO! Besides the fact that the Chi-town native needed to leave his hometown to make life easier, please don’t tell me you think he’s the type of player that will be playing ballz-out for even 2/3 of the that huge contract. Just like my boy Chris Wilcox in Seattle, no matter how awesome he looks for 20 or 30 games a year, he still has to be valued by the other 50 games he blows-off. The Bulls have a roster full of dedicated gym rats (well…except for the Michael “I’d eat the frickin’ rats!” Sweetney) and are building something that’s going to be special for a long-time…even though I still think they should grab Gasol or Garnett this summer!

But enough Bulls banter, the last weeks of the NBA season are a Vegas nightmare and Greggy G has the troops rallied for an attack that would’ve made my Warcraft coach proud. Not to mention, my NBA Homeboy Larry, who besides dating really hot chicks that don’t even care to remember my name, has a great end of the year over/under theory. He’s covered something like 80% since he installed it just over a week ago…and it’s easier than trying to score a hottie when you’ve got Larry’s money! Here it is…On any games between two teams not in the playoff race, bet the over as nobody is playing defense and ends up looking like an NBDL all-star games with all the youngsters. Secondly, on any games between teams jockeying for playoff position, bet the under as teams actually play some defense and try to get into the playoff mode. When you win a ton of money on theory, Larry said it was cool if you just give Greggy G all the credit. Let’s roll this week fellaz…there’s a suburb in Chicago I’ve got my eye on to purchase!

The Bucks have lost 9 of their last 10, mysteriously have a different group of starters on the injury report every night, and will be relying on Dan Gadzuric and Jared Reiner to stop Dwight Howard tonight. As for the Magic, their barely holding onto the final playoff spot in the East and showed some NBA desperation on Saturday winning by 27 against the Grizz. In addition, the only thing Milwaukee has going for them besides Michael Redd (questionable) is a bunch of over-achieving guards…and that matches-up perfectly with the Magic (Jameer, Arroyo, Dooling, Redick, Bogans, etc.)….I predict Howard grabs at least 27 rebounds and Grant Hills leads them to a 7-13 point win.

Ming and McGrady both played last night and T-Mac followed-up their win in Sac-Town by saying the Rockets need to start dominating as they head into the playoffs. As for the Super‘Average’Sonics, they played awesome in Utah Saturday, which means there is no way they can pull it off two games in-a-row…Rockets by 8-14 points

Before Saturday’s tough loss to the surging Nuggets, the Clippers had won 7 out of 8 and were playing with the NBA desperation that makes ATS players salivate. Just like the Magic, the Clippers only have a 1 game lead over the Warriors and to sum up their play lately…I actually say Tim Thomas play some defense. As for the Mavs, I know they only need to win one more to clinch, but Avery has finally let-up on the reins a little and has started to rest some of the big-boys. It sounds like Josh Howard should be out tonight, which means a lot more than most people think…Mavs by 1-6 points


Read the intro today if you Beeatches want a breakdown of the Larry Ova/Unda Special! You know the Zenmaster doesn’t want to run with the Nuggets, who have been flying up-and-down the court lately, and will make sure to keep them in the halfcourt as much as possible. In addition, they both have almost identical records and you know Kobe is going to make sure his boys don’t embarrass him against A.I. & Carmelo. I have a feeling Mr. Bryant and Smushy Smush will be walking the ball up all night…Total points 200-206 points

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