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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 128-96 ATS

While hitting 50% last night (2-1 myselft, 0-1 on the new Larry theory) still cost me some OJ, I wish I had invested all of my Spud Webb rookie cards and mint-condition Garbage Pal Kids on the Magic last night. The game in Milwaukee represented the reason I usually head into baseball season with plenty of xtra cash to blow on the Southsiders. We had the Magic desperately hanging-on to the final playoff spot in East, while the Bucks had more action going on at the training table and with their travel agents than on the hardwood. Tonight, I’m sticking to my ATS theory, as well as, bouncing back with Larry’s Ova/Unda Special. I’ve witnessed the Chicago Legend purchase a few white tigers over the weekend from his theory, so a 0-1 record at Insideplays just means I’m just doubling up on one of his picks anoche. Speaking of tonight, looks like I’m stumblin’ to bed with some hard working kidneys…we have the Bulls/Knicks battle kicking-off the evening, followed by my White Sox trying to start their west coast trip 2-0. What a day to be a Chicagoan. Take it light Homeboys and please don’t forget to take your Milk Thistle every morning…it’s your liver’s best friend!

I know the Nets needed OT to beat the Wiz in NJ this weekend, but I just can’t see how Vince, RJ, & J-Kidd don’t dominate with Agent 0 and Caron loungin’ in suits that cost more than my condo. Jarvis “No-defense” Hayes & Mr. Jamison combined to shoot 11-22 from behind the arc in that contest, and if they duplicate that tonight…lil’ Lawrence Frank should be fired on the spot. The Wiz have no other options on offense, unless you count Darius Songalia’s top-of-the-key jumper, and defensively look more like the Harlem Globetrotters. Finally, and most importantly, the Nets are still not a lock for the playoffs and desperately need a win tonight to ease the pressure…Nets by 6-12 points

This is not just a must win for the 2nd seed for my Bullies, but a chance for Pax, Skiles, & Co. to BEEATCH-slap Isiah and give themselves a few more of the Knickerbockers ping-pong balls for the Durant/Oden draft. While the Knicks didn’t look to horrible last night at home against he Pistons, I think Detroit only played ballz-out for the last 4 minutes of each quarter. Not to mention, the Knicks always look awful on a back-to-back, and you know if Big Ben is able to go he’d luv to make Eddy Curry look bad. Finally, the Bulls guards will get any shot they’re looking for tonight against the defensively-challenged Knick frontcourt…and don’t be surprised if the Bulls outscore Zeke’s boys by 20 coming out after halftime…Bulls by 16-22 points

Yes…I lost a little Mother’s Day gift on the Clip last night, but I was shocked to see Josh Howard actually lace them up last night…my bad! Brand and Kaman should have a big night against Chandler (Questionable) and David West, while Corey Maggette should be licking his chops with Desmond Mason out and Rasual Bulter subbing in his place. I know Chris Paul is the shiznit, but he’s been playing on one foot and hasn’t gotten any help from Bobby Jackson lately. Finally, while I’m usually weary of a team on a back-to-back, in this case with the playoffs on the line and a short flight, I think the Clip will come out sharp and build a nice early lead. Especially with the Warriors winning last night, they need win to grab back the final playoff spot in the West…Clippers by 3-9 points

The Cats O’ Bob have become my 2nd favorite team over the last month and I’ve currently put in an offer on Ebay for a pair of Zubaz donning their logo. While many teams out of the playoff hunt are shutting down their starters, the Bobcats just brought back Okafor & Brevin Knight and just beat the Heat in Miami over the weekend. Besides the fact that the game is in Charlotte, the difference in tonight’s contest is that the Diesel will be out, Haslem is dealing with a groin injury (questionable), and Posey is dealing with a little drinky-drinky problem. Finally, Bobcat lame-duck headmaster Bernie Bickenstaffenheimer is probably in his final days as a head coach, and you have to think he’ll pretty happy if he can end his career knowing he beat Pat Riley twice in-a-row. Oh yeah, and I haven’t even mentioned my favorite blonde bombshell Walter Herrmann…Cat O’ Bob by 4-10 points


I know everybody is either injured or suspended on these two teams, but this has the makings of YMCA fastbreak special. I don't care if you've never heard of anybody playing for these two teams, because you've also never seen any of them play much defense. Let alone this game is going to be in-front of 22 people and only watched by those in Larry's posse! Atlanta has let it's last 8 opponents all score over 100, and with that in the equation, you can't tell me you think the Hawks are going to lose by 14 at home and push with a final score of 100-86. This one seems easy...F*ck ya Larry!...Celtics/Hawks 196-206 total points

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