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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-97 ATS

Stop the Presses Homboys…Greggy G went 4-0! As the humble man I am, I must first give thanks to Jameer Nelson on his flawless layup with .1 left on the clock (…in my opinion, possibly the biggest shot of his career) and to the Indiana Pacers who miraculously covered 6 points in the finally 30 nano-seconds…because of their innate inability to dominate early, I never played the potential 1-point ATS lose in the Rocket game. And of course, I cannot continue without givin’ Larry the ATS Legend his mad-props for handing us the Philly/Boston OVA, and convincing me later in the day that the Heat/Wiz contest was not unwatchable if it could become profitable. What a genius...I ended up making some homemade shroom flavored popcorn, cracked a 3 month old PBR, and thoroughly enjoyed watching both teams play like azz and come nowhere close to the ATS total.

Watch-out Vegas, insideplays.com has put the women & children to bed and is lookin’ for frickin’ crab-legs & caviar! Only two tilts on the NBA docket tonight, and while I’ll still do a little handicapping cause I’m a degenerate, the real Good Friday is only a day away…the last Friday of the NBA regular season! A day when in the same game a team may have 3 NBDL stars of tomorrow loggin’ 30 minutes apiece, while their opponent has 2 all-stars with playoff desperation never leaving the floor. Enjoy the day Homeboys…cause you know my azz will! We goin’ Sizzler and Daddy’s gettin’ a new pair o’ kicks…and this time they won’t say Starbury on the side!

I really wanted to take both home-teams tonight, but was more shocked than Tom Brady’s contraceptive agent last month when the lines came out this morning. To start, with the up-n-down Cavs at home against the playoff desperate Nets, I figured King James would only be giving 4 tonight and this could be a potential play. Unfortunately, the line has been between 6 and 7…I guess I need to find out which one of my moles is leaking info to Vegas! As for the Lakers and Clippers, who have been trying to piss away their playoff chances faster than I’ve pissed away any chance at a political career, I was shocked how low the spread was with Kobe & Lamar at home. And don’t tell my the Clippers also play there, when Phil’s boys are home the atmosphere resembles a party at the Playboy mansion, while when Ron Harper’s old squad wears the home-whites the atmosphere is more like days when my parents were out of town and we ended-up playing Strip-Twister in the basement! If the Lakers, whose fans annoyingly clamor how Kobe can still lead this squad to the promise-land, can’t beat a Clip squad with Jason M*tha F*ckin Hart starting at the point…I will start calling Mr. Bryant by a new name, Harold Rider (in honor of Harold Minor and J.R. Rider). Come on Mr. Zen-master, tell me those books that Ronny Turiaf and Andrew Bynum have been reading all season can help them slow down Elton Brand tonight…Lakers by 6-12 points

Larry the Legend’s OVA/UNDA special (2-1 ATS):

Listen, usually a take all of Larry’s plays and pic my favorites. Kind of like when your Homeboy tells you to come over because his girl is making him throw-out his adult-video collection…You look thru and grab the ones that come in a nice box, but leave the ones that look like they’ve had more than 4 owners or simply have titles that could get you arrested (Squirt Flirts or Dude, that was a Man!). With only two on the schedule tonight, I’m stupidity pulling a Lance Briggs and waiting for tomorrow to jump back on the gravy train…but for all you diehard Larry the Legend Enthusiasts, he likes both UNDAS tonight as each team will be greatly effected in the playoff race:


See Friday Fellaz…only 24 hours to payday!

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