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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 135-98 ATS

I was so close to taking a night-off from the window, but just like Warren Moon…something about the sun going down excites me! I definitely should have trusted my gut as I ended the night losing some dinero on the Lakers and gettin’ hauled out of lil’ pub by a Mexican bouncer yelling: VAMANOS SH*T-HEAD! In my opinion, racial profiling led to my dismissal from Manuel’s Casa de Partido as I was the only cracker in the establishment, but the owner begs to differ…(supposedly) he says I threw my Tecate at his 12’ TV and was yelling: “Harold Rider sucks Pelotas Grandes!” For those of you not in the know, Kobe Bryant will now be represented by the Isaiah J.R. Rider and Harold “Baby-Jordan” Miner until he proves he’s more than just a talent show. And please spare the text messages Laker fans because I don’t want to hear how he already has some jewelry…just like my girl showing off her Elizabeth Hurley sized ring and acting like she bought it, real ballers know Shaq was the one that bought Kobe’s bling! Obviously, I’m angry because I made a stupid decision to bet on a team I hate, which always ends up being the frickin’ double-whammy…and that’s only fun if Kobe Tai is involved. But enough complaining because nothing gets better than today…I mean we have the last Friday Night in the NBA, one my best Homeboys is in from out-of-town, the Cougar just told me it’s his 30th Birthday, and the warden (my beautiful lady) gave me a hall-pass for the evening! Let’s make some cash tonight so you guys can buy that Ab-Roller and I can buy Manuel a new TV. Take it light boyz…CAUSE IT’S HARD OUT HERE FOR A GIMP!

This is the pinnacle of the Greg Gamble end of the year NBA mop-up (…unless it doesn't cover tonight). I won’t bore you with my Warrior Zubaz stories, and just tell you that Don Nelson finally has his 26 swingmen playing like the professional version of the ole Loyola Marymount squad. As for the Kings, they suck, their slow & old, and my white-azz could cross-over Mike Bibby. Obviously, this is for entertainment and entertainment purposes only...but if I had some extra cash I’d be hitching a cab to Vegas…Warriors by 8-14 points

I wish this game was on a weekday, because I’d either be at the United Center or relaxing on my expensive Unicorn-skin sofa watching every minute of Walter Herrmann. I don’t think I’m gay, not that there is anything wrong with that Mr. Hardaway, but I will say that the Argentinean Fabio has the potential to give me a half-ie in HD! Of course I luv the Cats o’ Bob and they have been awesome for my bank account lately, but their not ready for the playoff intensity that the Bulls will be displaying tonight. The Bulls have to win every game from here on out to ensure the 2nd seed, and I think they received a little more incentive just by watching the Cavs blow-out the Nets last night. As for the Bobcats, they’ve looked impressive lately against teams out of the playoffs or resting their stars, but their still the Cats o’ Bob and can be blow-out at any given moment by a team that takes them seriously. Also, this is the last road trip for the Bobcats so I have feeling they might have something else on their mind this weekend…Bulls by 12-18 points

The Bucks and Celtics have successfully tanked themselves as far in the standings as possible, so I have feeling we might actually see these two try to win this one tonight. While the Celtics have some youngsters that will excite you and can make a nice And1 video, the Bucks have a starting five tonight that understands their NBA reputation and longevity is always at stake (Mo Williams, Earl Boykins, Charlie Bell, Ruben Patterson, & Dan Gadzuric)…yeah, I know it’s frickin’ pathetic that I know that!...Bucks by 3-9 points


This one is definitely going to be worth the price of admission and may remind you of a semi-final battle you’d find at a Rucker Park Tourney. Since it’s virtually impossible to find one frontcourt player on either team that would even be considered average by NBA enthusiasts, I have a feeling we’re going to see at least 6 guards on the court at all times and at least 6 missed alley-ops! If both teams don’t score 100 points, the Celtics should give everybody their money back…Earl Boykins scores 36 and both teams combine for 206-212 points

Nobody is scoring over a 100 in this one and somebody isn’t making it to 90. The Pacers have gotten whiter & slower as the season has progressed, while the Miami Heat could run a decent fast break if it were 1998. The Pacers are desperate for a win, while Riley is just starting to get his superstars back...Heat/Pacers combine for 174-180 points

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