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Greg Gamble’s Daily NBA Special: 139-101 ATS

Sunday started out perfectly with a bloody, followed by some shrimp nachos and a Bulls performance that has Chi-Town buzzin', before my Funday sunshine was killed by a ref. Just hangin' with my lady and ready to enjoy a 2-1 Sunday...when referee Joey “I think I’m a star” Crawford suddenly decided to kick Timmy D out because he was laughing on the bench. Are you frickin' kidding me! With all the tanking theories and mysterious injuries we’ve seen the last month, NBA fans were finally being treated to a nationally televised Mavs/Spurs battle that had both teams playing like it was the Western Conf Finals. Next think you know, the baldy veteran ref decided he wanted to show everybody across the land that he controls the game and turned Sunday into a complete embarrassment. This is not the first time Crawford has acted more macho than a porn-star with a 19 year-old virgin, and do not be surprised if Mr. Stern suspends his sorry-azz for part of the playoffs. But before we get to the playoffs, we still have 3 days left in the regular season to help our early retirement plans fellaz. Have a great week and congrats to my Homeboy Jon in Minneapolis…he passed his last test and is now an official Architect. All that means...is that I finally have someone to help me finish my house in the Hamptons!

The Grizzlies have already guaranteed themselves the most Oden/Durant ping-pong balls for the draft and actually looked pretty awesome scoring 133 points and ending the Nuggets 8 game win streak on Friday. As for tonight, this will be their last home game of the season and I fully expect the Grizz to put on another impressive show. Timmy D and Spurs have nothing to play for anymore after Joey Crawford ruined any hope of them moving up in the standings, and I also have a feeling their going to be talking more about what happened yesterday then about how to stop the great Terance Kinsey (20 ppg over his last 9). Pau Gasol also knows this may be the last memory he provides the Memphis faithful at home in his Grizz jersey, so I’m looking for at least 30 and 10 tonight from the Spaniard…Grizz by 2-8 points

Every quote you find coming out of New Jersey has the Nets looking to dominate the last few games so they enter the playoffs with a little more moxy. From the head coach, to Vinsanity, to the new and improved Bostjan Nachbar, these guys seem determined to move into the 6th seed and to continue to build on their confidence. While the Nets did have a tough battle in Indiana yesterday, the Knicks also laced them up Sunday and lost a heartbreaker in Toronto. Finally, everybody luvs to play well at the Garden so expect the Nets to come out with some fire, while the Knicks will come out with the same crappy line-up and same crappy-coach they always do…Nets by 8-14 points

Now that the Celtics have fallen as far in the standings as possible, they mysteriously activated Al Jefferson and Delonte West yesterday (combined: 47 points, 10 rebs, 7 ass) and almost provided a remarkable comeback to beat a desperate Magic squad. Throw in the speedy Rajon Rando, a highflying Gerald Green, the always improvin' Ryan Gomes, and maybe we’ll see the Celtics beat a Heat team that has nothing to play for and plenty of banged-up starters…Celts in an upset

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