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Money Mike's Lake Show analysis

Seeing that the Lakers tend to be bashed alot on Insideplays by my boy GG b/c they seem to never cover the damn line, I found it only appropriate to give some love to the Lake Show after last night's performance. Down 2-0 and back in Hollywood for game 3, I eagerly anticipated how the young Lakers would respond. As I sat in the Rockit bar and grill last night watching lame ass brokers, traders, lawyers and the such try to pick up some of Chicago's finest dime pieces, I watched in disgust as the Lakers pretty much were steam rolled in the first quarter by the Suns. At the same time, I'm listening to my buddy B Bolan from C-Town talk about how much he hates Kobe and Lebron is the best player on the planet. Write on queue as if Kobe over heard the ludicrious statement that was just made, Kobe sets the tone with a couple of makes and some lock down defense to get the troops in line. 25 shots later, Kobe has 45 points, and Kwame "I just made Jordan proud" Brown puts up 19 and 6 boards to help lead the Lakers to their first win of the series.

After the win I found myself reflecting back to the statement bymy boy B Bolan made that caused my ears to bleed. Being also from C-town I have been able to catch alot of Cavs games and watched first hand the development og Lebron as an all-star caliber player. I love Lebron's game just as much as the next man, but their is no denying the fact that even if Lebron were able to match Kobe's skills in pure jump shot ability, his precison in getting to the basket and better overall defensive pressure (although Kobe has dropped off in this department or the last few years); Until Lebron developes the "killer instinct" their is no doubt in my mind who is the best player on the planet.

Posted by Money Mike on April 27, 2007 9:39 AM |


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