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NBA Playoff Special: 1-0 ATS

Hopefully Sunday Funday was enjoyable…even without my playoff picks. I apologize, but I spent the day drivin’ home from Minneapolis after a Saturday with some ole’ college buddies. And of course, we acted as though we were still running the show at 22 and even told some of the dancers (my favorite was Tigger) that we were minor leaguers for the Devil Rays…just like ole’ times baby. As for my investments this weekend, besides squeaking out the Bulls victory where I told you Luol would dominate, I played quite a few unders as game 1’s always produce shooting percentages closer to 35 than 45%. I’ll continue to track these trends, but game 2’s are never a solid ova/unda play as many teams desperately change their strategy.

And how about my M*tha F*ckin Warriors, after wasting 6 hours in the car on a beautiful day, I opened a nice bottle of wine, made some lemon-butter for my artichokes, and tried not to dribble on my GST Zubaz as I watched in amazement! The match-up between Don Nelson and his former buddies is going to be a classic and if Baron “I’ll knock you over with my azz!” Davis can continue to exploit the undersized guards or slow-footed forward match-ups there could be real problems for Avery. Not to mention, Stephen “I want to party with you” Jackson’s stellar defense on the German Diggler and Matt “Mohawk” Barnes’s underrated role in staying out of the way and coming-up with more loose balls then Andy Dick. Should be a great week of action fellaz and should be a great week to call in sick at least twice…no barkin’ from the dog, no smog, and ole girl’s cookin’ breakfast with plenty of hog!

The Pistons didn’t look like themselves Saturday and even let the Magic sneak back into it late before winning by 8. Just like Chauncey talked about yesterday, the Pistons got lazy and seemed to coast thru the second half…so expect them to come out looking to dominate throughout. Also, while it’s great to see Grant and his bionic-feet in the playoffs, Turkoglu and the Dukie are going to struggle all series chasing Rip and preventing Prince from gettin’ any shot he wants. As for the Magic, Dwight Howard is really the only match-up that is scary for the Pistons, but Brian Hill still can’t run an offense thru him since his only go-to-move is called: Turn and try to Dunk on your head! I expect a blow-out tonight and the series to be ova in 4…Pistons by 12-18 points

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