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NBA Playoff Special: 11-6 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

The Bulls, Warriors, and my girl’s new Insideplays lingerie made yesterday an extra special Sunday Funday. With the 'Cool' Luol Deng getting his long-azz arms on every single loose ball and Baron Davis using a fullback’s mentality and a powerful-azz to dominate the Mavs, I had plenty of dreams of a Chi-town/Oakland Finals match-up. With that said, I’m currently on assignment and will be working on a feature article for the Bulls/Pistons match-up and will have to make this write-up shorter than Rex Grossman standing next to an offensive lineman. Hopefully everyone had a kick-azz weekend and special thanks to my brother who spilled a glass of red wine on my brand new suit 15 minutes into the wedding Saturday….that’s my dogg! Take it light boyz and don’t forget to check the new DVD Fortune Nookie #22…it blows FN #21 out of the water!

After droppin’ the first two on road, the Jazz dominated at home to even the series and seem to have finally found the match-ups they can utilize. To start, Jerry Sloan’s favorite punching bag since Greg Ostertag left town, Andrei “AK-47” Kirilenko has stopped crying and put his focus on utilizing his long, quick frame to frustrate T-Mac. At the point, Deron Williams has finally realized he can completely dominate Rafer “Skip to my No-Defense” Alston, while Matt Harpring has lived-up to the “Favorite White-Dude of Insideplays” hype and been magical off the bench. Obviously, the 8-foot Chinese kid is the one match-up that Rockets have a huge advantage, but foul-trouble has limited his productivity at key times. In addition, if Okur can finally hit a few deep jumpers to bring Yao away from the bucket, the Jazz can open-up the lane for the most underrated power forward on the block, M*tha F*ckin Carlos “I luv Cleveland” Boozer, and take control of this series tonight…Jazz in buzzer-beater

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