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NBA Playoff Special: 1-1 ATS (NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS)

With the Pistons up double digits most of the 4th quarter, I can’t say I was too thrilled to lose last night’s wager by a hook at the charity stripe. Detroit always seemed a bucket or two away from completely blowing out the Magic, but acted more unenthused than MJ at a gentlemen’s club when the blonde girls have a night off. But not to worry, the sun came up today, I had enough V-8 in the fridge for a breakfast bloody, and the Sun-Times still has the daily line on page 110. In addition, we have Bulls playoff basketball and $2 PBR’s calling my name tonight. While Scottie Skiles has downplayed the significance of game 2 to the media, do not be fooled by his comments. In my humble, slightly-buzzed opinion, the winner of tonight’s contest is advancing to round 2. So breakout the Jud Buechler jersey, your Craig Hodges short-shorts, and save the 2-for-1 Tuesday coupons at the Admiral…its gameday!

The two squads combined for 187 in the first contest, despite the fact that both teams had some big-guns in foul trouble all night. In addition, the Heat have been whining more than Mark Prior with a scratch on his arm, and unfortunately, I have feeling it will result in plenty of free throws with the clock stopped. Also, the Bulls know they need to run the AARP Heat as much as possible, while I know that game 1 went OVA with the usually sharp-shooting Bulls going 3-17 from downtown and Captain Kirk only scoring 2 points in 19 minutes…Heat/Bulls total points 186-192 points

Despite the complaints from Shaq Diesel and Coach LA Looks, I believe Paxson, Skiles, & Co. have their youngsters beaming with more confidence than Mark Grace used to have in Wrigleyville. Besides home-court, the Bulls understand their speed, athleticism, and bench have forced the Heat to look to the refs for help. And just like I told you about game 1, the Heat do not have answer for Luol Deng, J-Will & the Glove cannot keep up with Hinrich & Duhon, and the Chi-town native Mr. Wade is nowhere near 100%. While most so-called experts will tell you Miami will be the team playing with some desperation tonight, those who truly know the game like Greggy G will tell you that the Bulls understand they have to head to South Beach up 2-0…Bulls by 6-12 points

With the Nets winning game one, I expect the Raptors to be a little tight on the offensive end, while stepping up their D on RJ and Vinsanity at the other. The two teams combined to score 187 in the first contest and I expect New Jersey to slow it down even more tonight. While most casual fans think of the Nets as an up-tempo squad with Jason “DON’T SHOOT” Kidd, with T.J. Ford and Jose Calderon always looking to push the ball the Nets showed us Saturday they will not play into their hands. In addition, while everybody luvs to see Kidd lobbin’ alley-hoops to Carter on the break, the New Jersey offense is based off 1-on-1 isolations and absolutely nobody scoring down-low besides their perimeter players…Nets/Raptors total points 184-190 points

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