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NBA Playoff Special: 6-2 ATS


The hardwood guru was only 8 seconds and a Kelenna Azubuike free throw away from a second straight 3-0 evening. What can I say…6 out of 8 in the playoffs with my two losses coming by one OVA/UNDA point last night and by the deadly hook (a half point for you non-gamblers) on the Pistons Monday. Actually, it’s kind of ironic because my Polish Cyclone Thunderstick also has a little hook itself. But enough about my lil’ Homeboy Jumanji, I actually need to sent out some props to the Cubbies. Once again the power of Insideplays is motivating athletes like a pack of hotties waiting on the concourse for Pablo Ozuna. Yesterday, I compared the Nuggets defense to Cliff Floyd’s swing and he proceeded to go 4 for 5 at the dish. Coincidence you say, I think not…my webmaster has informed me Cliffy’s a daily subscriber! But enough about the Northsiders trying to crawl out of the basement of the Central Division, we have 3 more NBA picks and some other pics that’ll surely make you say: “ I LUV GREG GAMBLE MORE THAN A HOT MODEL LUVS THE PATRIOTS QB!!!”

If you haven’t watched this series, you’d probably think the Magic have been playing decently against the former champs having lost both contests by 8. But in reality, it’s been the laziness of the Pistons that has kept these games from being complete blow-outs. Hopefully, after watching the Bulls demoralize the Heat like TT BOY and the Hedgehog treat an overweight porn star, we’ll actually see the Pistons breakout the whooping-stick tonight. Maybe playing on the road will excite them like a married business-man at a hotel lobby without his wedding-ring, or maybe watching the other big-boys (Mavs & Suns) dominate will get them to step-up their game. As I mentioned last time, there is no way Grant Hill’s ankles or Hedu’s whiteness can slowdown Tayshaun & RIP, while Dwight Howard still has trouble doing much damage unless it’s on the offensive glass or by way of the alley-oop…Pistons by 6-12 points

While the Jazz & Rockets combined for 188 points in game 2, let’s not forget that they only scored 159 in game 1! The Rockets let loose a little in front of the home-crowd Monday, but I believe the beautiful Jeff Van Gundy will make sure T-Mac and boyz return to their methodical, Rex Grossman on roll-out, type of play. In addition, the change in venue should make the two teams struggle to score 40 points combined in the 1st quarter, and you have to expect the Jazz to be a little tight in this must-win situation. Finally, besides the fact that playing in Utah can cause breathing patterns similar to fat-people having sex with turtlenecks on, as this series progresses expect these well-coached teams to disrupt each others offensive game plan…Rockets/Jazz total points 172-178

From all the talk coming out of Phoenix, everybody knows the Suns want to totally demoralize Kobe, Phil, & the rest of the terrible Lake Show ballers. Watching Luke Walton, Jordan Farmer, Kwame Brown, and Sasha Vujacic actually try to keep up with the Suns reminds me of watching a Stanley Roberts sized officer try to chase-down 170 pound cokehead on COPS. Not to mention, Jack Nicholson had to explain to his 19 year-old girlfriend why Pat Burke and Eric Piatkowski were on the floor in the 4th quarter dropping bombs. As if things couldn’t get worse with Lamar Odom nowhere near 100%, Kobe’s sprained ankle should limit his mobility and frustrate him more than a white-girl in Colorado. I know the Laker faithful and Money Mike will tell ya there’ll be some magic at Staples tonight, but I’ll pull a rabbit out my azz if you see Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum prevent Amare from dunking on them at least 8 times tonight…Suns by 8-14 points

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