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NBA Playoff Special: 8-3 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Another profitable evening for Mr. Gamble, another Ronny Mexico faux-pas, and pictures of His Airness partying with white-girls in Cabo…it’s like somebody is doing my work for me! I’m not even going to mention my 2-1 performance last night cause we need to lambaste the water-bottled, middle-fingered, non-rubber wearing overrated QB that just didn’t have enough on his diamond-incrusted plate. If you haven’t heard, police conducting a drug raid on a property owned by Mr. Mexico ended up finding more than 60 abused dogs and other materials associated with dog and cock-fighting. Now I’ll admit I did a little cock-fighting back in the day, but that was solely a college experimental thing. As for the animal abuse, I don’t even like the shedding, crapping, stinky pets, but anybody involved in this type of behavior should be dealt with by the Mafia group that was after Maurice Clarett. But enough depressing sports news, let’s check out MJ getting’ his groove on…Luv how he’s still holding the cigar: http://deadspin.com/sports/nba/take-a-number-to-grind-with-mj-254447.php . I can’t make this stuff up fellaz…it’s like everybody wants to make it into Greggy G’s column. But enough gossip, I know the majority of my loyal readers are here for my NBA picks…well, actually most of you are hear for the pictures, but I’ll take what I can get. Have a great weekend my friends, check back when you’re bored, and Happy M*tha F*ckin Birthday to my Homeboy Toddy T. I’d tell him to get lucky tonight, but unlike most of us, that’s just part of his daily routine!

As an owner of 27 Sarunas Marciulionis rookie cards and 3 autographed Chris Gatling headbands, it pains me worse than the ole’ Q-tip test at the doctor to say that the Mavs will dominate the rest of this series. To start, Stephen Jackson will not continue to play like an all-star and Dirky Diggler will not continue to play like Luc Longley. Secondly, I agree that the Warriors were in the heads of the Mavs like Rodman messed with Malone, but after the victory Wednesday I believe those thoughts have vanished faster than my brain cells after a trip to Amsterdam. Finally, Avery and his boys finally realize they can completely dominate the glass and use their disciplined offense to frustrate Nellie’s offensive-minded crew. Not to mention, Al Harrington looks more lost than Alfonso Soriano in center and Baron Davis looks like he’s slowly resorting to his old castin’ and jackin’ days…Mavs by 8-14 points

These two combined for 172 in game 2 and have combined to shoot 41% in the series. In addition, Jason Kidd has a bum knee and you have to expect the Nets want to make sure Ford & Calderon aren’t running the break all day. As for the Raptors, head coach Sam “Luv your Suit” Mitchell had his crew slow the tempo in game 2 after realizing the frontcourt-challenged Jersey boyz couldn’t handle Bosh on the block or isolated in the high-post…yeah baby, that’s what I call a breakdown!...Raptors/Nets total points 180-186

With the Heat favored by 5 and my polish thuderstick (a hook), I’m more tempted to take the Bulls than Ricky Williams is to barrow Michael Vick’s water bottle. But just like Peter North can control his temptation to fall in love, as a true degenerate gambler I can’t let my emotions take over. I know the Bulls scored a 107 in their blow-out win Tuesday, but for that reason exactly, there is no way Coach LA Looks is going to let his crusty veterans try to chase Deng, Gordon, & Hinrich tonight. The Heat are going to try to keep the score in 80s and keep this a half-court game as much as possible. I also have a feeling we’ll see both teams in tons of foul trouble and I guarantee the Bulls will not get anything easy around the bucket. When this one goes under, and if the Bulls win, I’m buying $2 PBR for everyone at the bar tonight. You know why…cause I’m RICH BEEATCH!..Bulls/Heat total points 174-180

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