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MLB Record: 11-0 ATS (I ain’t lying Homeboys!)

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 22-19 ATS

Publishing Note: A Bulls article I wrote is posted on the previous entry and discusses two of Paxson’s favorite youngsters leavin’ town this off-season...enjoy!

Back to business…I honestly need to lose a baseball bet before any new-readers come to the site because I have a feeling it’s as believable as that hamster/Richard Gere story. IT’S NOT MY FAULT THE ROYALS PLAY EVERDAY!!! But enough AA Royals chatter, a huge game on the hardwood tonight and I have feeling we’re going to see a score lower than Paris and Lindsey’s Driver’s ED scores. But before I give my daily winners and daily picks, I have a few important thoughts for ya:

1. Kobe Bryant is as likely to be traded as my girl is of convincing me to rid myself of my Kobe Tai collection.

2. Why do rich-rappers brag about getting’ panties from strippers in their songs? Do they realize dorky white-dudes that MAKE IT RAIN with $6 dollars can do that too?

3. How funny is it that they make 80 year-old baseball managers dress-up in full uniform…You think the Wicked Films producer wears a strap-on and rubs Ramen seasoning on his balls directing a scene. (What do you mean you guys don’t use a Picante Chx packet during 4-play?)

4. Combining Pop-Rocks and Everclear in your mouth will cause permanent gum damage and will make you piss your pants.

5. Watching the post-game press conferences for Ozzie and Lou is 169 times more fun than watching Chicago baseball (BTW…169 equals the recorded # of beef-stick purchases by Tank Johnson for his 60-day stint in the clink!)

6. Who knew Marcus Vick, aka Ronny Tijuana, was the good one in the family?

Have a good one fellaz and always remember what the great poetry writer 50-cent once told me… “Losers lose and Winners win!” You know which one of those I roll with!

In the first two games in Kid Rock’s hometown, the LeBrons & rapidly-aging Pistons combined for 155 total points in both games. As for games 3 & 4 in the city that Bernie Kosar built, these two averaged 174 points per contest. Obviously, with the Cavs winning the last two, you have to expect the Pistons to realize they need to slow this thing down as much as possible to take back control of the series. In Cleveland, Chauncey gave the LeBrons too many open-court opportunities because of turnovers, and you can’t expect Daniel Gibson to pull another Raja Bell circa 2001 with the 76ers performance on the road. In my opinion, both teams know this game could determine whose going to the Finals so I expect some tight-players, no easy lay-ups, and some unbelievable defense from both squads…Cavs/Pistons 160-166 total points

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