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MLB Regular Season: 10-0 ATS (YEAH BABY!)

Sorry to be runnin’ late today, but I was signing autographs at K-Mart’s Outdoor Sales Center and I’m movin’ a lil’ slow after a devastating softball injury last night. Besides the disappointment of watchin’ our Smoke Daddy squad get pasted by dudes in softball pants, I also tripped over the first base line on my first Happy Gilmore at-bat of the season and my leg has swollen like Tank Johnson after a jail sentence. As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times today, during Tank’s 60 day stay in Cook County jail, the Chicago Bear purchased the following items: 162 beef sticks, 40 honey bun sweet rolls, 35 summer sausage blocks, & 35 bags of barbecue chips…Now that’s what I call the munchies!

As for my continuing dominance on the diamond, it’s really not that hard with the Royals forced to play 162 games a year. Let’s check my handy-dandy Gambler’s Anonymous baseball schedule…yep, they’re on the docket again to tonight! As for the tilt in San Antonio, I definitely think the Spurs will close-it-out with ease, but 8-9 points seems a lil’ rough for a conference finals match-up. Yeah, I think I’m sticking with the Sammy Sosa motto: “Baseball has been very very good to me!” Have a good one fellas and congrats to my Homeboy LeBron…by far the best player left on the court in the East!

Royals overpaid starter Gil Meche returned to reality in his last start giving up 7 runs and 11 hits in just ova 4 winnings. In addition, he left that contest complaining of lower back tightness, so I’d be more amazed than if they don’t find dogs buried in Ronny Mexico’s backyard if Meche makes it into the 5th tonight. As for the Orioles hurler Erik Bedard, he’s had some bad-luck as far as run support lately, but has been solid pitching 34 innings in his last 5 starts and allowing an average of only 4.2 hits per game. And finally, Baltimore has won 4 in-a-row and only trails Detroit in the wild card standings, while the AA Royals are in the midst of a 6 game losing streak and look more like the Cleveland Indians in Charlie Sheen’s best picture Major League…Orioles by 2-4 runs

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