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MLB Regular Season: 3-0 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS
*Greggy G’s NBA Playoff Special: 21-18 ATS

Here’s a little Haiku for you BEEATCHES:

Cavs Coach has no clue,
Reminds Greg G. of Wayne Fontes,
While L. Hughes is poo!

While it’s tough to whine like Timmy D after predicting the game-winning opportunity for King James and easily coverin’ last night, I would’ve luved to see the Cavs pull that one out like a college-kid without money for a rubber. Listen, I’m tryin’ not to hate on the crafty veterans of Mo-Town, but if Chauncey is going to get a call every time someone brushes into him…you have to call a foul on RIP’s skinny-azz riddin’ LeBron all the way to the cup. With that said, the unequivocal bozo play of the playoffs was made by Cavs headmaster Mike Brown. IF YOU'RE DOWN WITH LESS THAN 30 SECONDS, YOU DON’T HOLD THE BALL FOR THE LAST SHOT! I’m not exaggerating when I say this, but that was the dumbest thing I’ve witnessed in professional sports since Dusty Baker claimed that the Cubs white-players struggle with so many day games because Blacks and Hispanics are better suited for warm weather! In addition, even though Mr. Brown may have turned the Cavs into a defensive juggernaut, please stop runnin’ the same iso-play for your superstar (with about as much movement from his teammates as a virgin on prom-night) every time the game is on the line. When nobody on your squad is movin’ Mickey B…that enables all 10 Detroit eyes to stay focused on LeBron. Feel free to give me a shout if you need any help for Game 3, and if you have trouble trackin’ me down just call the Chicago OTB.

(All baseball plays will be even-up (minus OJ) unless otherwise noted)

Yeah, did you hear about this shiznit…the Kansas City AA Royals have won 6 out of 8! No, I’m serious…the Royals loss to the Indians yesterday snapped the second 3-game win streak they’ve had in the last 10 days. Luckily, my insideplays intern informed me that Greggy G rule #244 (b) was established with this accomplishment:

GG rule #244 (b)- Anytime the KC Royals, Chicago Blackhawks, or any team affiliated with Isiah Thomas has had two 3-game winning streaks in a month, it is wiser than Theo Epstein to play against ‘said-teams’ the rest of the month.

In addition, the Royals line-up is littered with no-name rookies and washed-up veterans, while the Mariners sport two Japanese dudes batting over .320, the newly acquired DH Jose Vidro (.315) and crazied OF Jose Guillen, along with big-boppers Richie “I’ll eventually hit well” Sexson and Adrian Beltre. On the mound, Lou Pinella’s ole’ crew will be sending out phenom Felix “If I put the burger down I’ll be great” Hernandez against their longtime former, and slightly better than .500 pitcher, Gil Meche. In addition, Seattle has been swinging the bat great lately knockin’ out 28 hits in their last two and are only 4 ½ games out in the AL West. Overall, I expect Mr. Meche to be a lil’ anxious tonight against his former squad and for the Mariners to have a pretty-good scouting report on their ol’ boy...Mariners by 2-4 runs

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