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MLB Special: 9-0 ATS (HELL YEAH!)

I had a weekend that would have made the Cincinnati Bengals and Lindsey Lohan proud. Hit up Wrigleyville Friday, Crawfish Boil Saturday, Birthday Bash and Lakehouse trip Sunday, and the race track yesterday…oh yeah, and I went undefeated on the M*tha F*ckin’ diamond the entire time! When I was 5-0 last week, my Homeboy told me he was waiting until I lost before he took my MLB picks…looks like my boy isn’t gamblin’ until after the All-Star break! As for the professional hardwood playoffs, I finally won a Jazz/Spurs UNDA and the Cavs are getting’ a huge break with Larry “I’m more overpaid the Stuart Scott” Hughes going down with a foot injury. And what about the Ronny Mexico fiasco…how shady was that anonymous interview with the dude that said Vick was the Keyser Söze of Canine Battles. You think the Falcons wish they still had Matt Schaub holdin’ his clipboard? And Finally, I’d rather go to a Kirk Hinrich motivational speaking engagement than watch either Chicago baseball team. Our summer in Chi-town is too short to be wasting it on .500 ball-clubs, and you know A.J. Pierzynski can’t start a school-girl fight every single afternoon to keep us entertained. Take it light my degenerates and enjoy the short week…BTW, did I tell you I’M FRICKIN’ UNDEFEATED IN MLB?!

The Orioles are on a 3-game win streak and have the luxury of playing the Royals today and tomorrow to keep things hotter than Jessica Alba wearing anything. Oriole starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie has been filthy lately allowing 5 runs in his last 4 starts, while Royals ace Jorge De La Rosa gave up 9 runs and walked 7 in his last trip to the mound. Oh yeah, and you should trust my azz because I’m 9-0 in MLB…Orioles by 2-4 runs

As for an underdog today on the Diamond, while it’s not a Greggy Gamble pick of the day…I’ll probably throw some coin on the Indians (+180) at Fenway against Josh Beckett who was sent home early in his last start with a skin tear on his finger. The Tribe’s offense is too loaded to be gettin’ that much of a dollar advantage.

As for the NBA playoff game tonight, I’m tempted to take the UNDA and the Pistons, but as Sammy Sosa once told me: “Baseball has been very very good to me!”

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 29, 2007 10:59 AM |


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