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NBA Playoff Special: 12-6 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

It’s amazing the different emotions you’ll find between fans and players. As I marked yet another “W” in my lil’ yellow notepad after the Jazz held on to the 6 points they were gettin’, I responded to the victory with my normal celebration routine of 4 beer bongs, 4 Skoal Bandits (Kiwi-Mango Flavor) and 44 push-ups. To the contrary, I was shocked to observe Boozer react as if he didn’t realize they had just covered on the road. I don’t know what type of pressure Jerry Sloan is putting on these guys, but do you think Pete Rose tipped over the post-game buffet if the Reds were getting +1.5 runs and lost 3-2 to the Padres…I think not! I guess Carlos is a lil’ bit more of a perfectionist than yours truly, but maybe that’s why I was kicked off my Church League team back in the late 90s. Supposedly, the Lord our Savior wasn’t too happy I held the ball at the top of the key for the final 3 minutes of the 1997 Religious Roundball Championship as we got close to the OVA/UNA total…Are you kidding me, no way I was going to give my Garbage Kid money to those nuns!

But enough about how I’m a WICKED-STALLER FROM BEHIND THE ARC, my Warriors are on the brink of one of the coolest upset stories in Playoff history, the Chicago-Media is panicking because the Bears 1st round pick likes to rap about demoralizing women, and I’ve almost completed my flawless breakdown of the Bulls/Pistons series. Just like my friend Ice Cube would say…I GOT TO SAY IT WAS A GOOD DAY! Let’s roll Homeboys!

Nellie & Avery’s squads have combined for an average 199 points over the first 4 games, with game 2 as the only one giving OVA playas a victory…and that only went OVA by one frickin’ point! In addition, you have to think the Mavs will be a lil’ tight tonight and will do everything in their power to keep the Warriors from turning this into a frantic streetball match. If you watched the Spurs last night, they had a similar fear with the freelancing Nuggets and didn’t even bother to attack the offensive glass at certain times as they were more concerned about getting back on D. Of course, it’s more tempting to take GST and the 9 points than trying to grow a beard like Baron Davis, but I’m not jinxing myself and I’m not washing the Yellow and Blue Zubaz just yet!...Warriors/Mavs total points 194-200 points

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