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NBA Playoff Special: 12-7 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Trying to fall asleep last night was impossible, and not because of anything a put in my weathered and broken body. Just like the day before my first date with the senior Pom-Pom’s Captain (hell ya...I did!), I tossed and turned thinking about what the new day could bring. Back in High School it was daydreaming of her spirit fingers touching anything that wasn’t hers, while last night it was Baron’s beard, Stephen’s crazed-stare, Nellie’s mafia attire, and the Warrior faithful partyin’ like their at that Johnny Utah surfer-party in Point Break. I mean Jessica ‘frickin’ Alba was sitting court-side Homeboys! What can I say…the GST Zubaz are already on, my Everclear Jungle-Juice is already mixed, and my mini-nerf hoop has a new globetrotter net…its gameday baby! Oh yeah, and we also have the early contest with Williams & Boozer’s pick n’ roll verses T-Mac & Ming’s isolation show, which has my ATS mind more excited then when I learned I had a second date with Ms. Spirit Fingers! It’s time fellaz…Let’s put the women and midgets to bed and go lookin’ for some Kobe beef and caviar!

Greggy G has found something magical with this game tonight. While it can’t yet be called a trend, it will be following tonight’s contest. In Game 2, the Rockets and Jazz battled in Houston to hard-fought victory for the Van Gandys, with the teams combining to score a total of 188 points. Following that, the two headed to Utah for a must-win Game 3 for the Jazz, and Sloan’s boyz responded with a slugfest victory were the teams combined to score 146 total points. As for the last game between these two in Houston…what do you know, they combined to score 188 total points in a Rocket victory and the teams now head to Utah for a must win for Boozer and friends. ALERT! Greggy G’s ATS Lightbulb just lit up like a Hanukah bush! Just like last time these two headed to the state that Timmy Hardaway luvs and John Amechi hates, I have a feeling the Jazz are going to get medieval down-low on defense and the Rockets will have a little voice in the back of their head saying: “Relax…it’ll be much easier to finish this back at home!” This one seems way too easy…but so did the ACT and ended-up taking that twice! I still luv the UNDA more than Wasabi flavored Funyuns, and I also expect the Jazz to win the series if they can pull this out tonight (…and if they tell Derek Fisher to stop driving into a crowd of tall people!)…Rockets/Jazz total points 166-172

My heart says the Warriors, but my wallet says:
“Just enjoy the game you degenerate!”

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 3, 2007 10:34 AM |


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