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NBA Playoff Special: 13-7 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

While I’m not changin' my finals prediction of the Duncan’s vs the LeBron’s, I will daydream of 7-game series between Baron’s beard and Big Ben's fro playing for the NBA trophy. Speaking of the Warriors, how nice was that azz-kickin’ they gave Cuban’s boys. What made it even sweeter was watching it after winning on the Jazz/Rockets UNDA just a few minutes earlier. While I’ve never taken candy from a baby, I have stolen a cigarette from a drunken Ronnie Woo Woo and that wasn’t nearly as easy as my pick last night! Today we’ve got a similar scenario, just less banter from Mr. Gamble since I only rested my head on the pillow for 2 hours last night. Have a great weekend fellaz and check back for all the playoff picks and pics…DA BULLS!!!

Once again, Greggy G has found something magical in the OVA/UNDA tonight. Thru five games between these two Jessie Spano teams (J. Spano compared to the other girls on ‘Saved by the Bell’ = extremely average) the overall point total has gone UNDA 188 three times and OVA 188 twice. While that may not have you jumping-up and yellin’ YAHTZEE, if I told you the Raptors two speedy point guards are questionable tonight with some injuries (T.J. Ford - back/neck, Jose Calderon – ankle) wouldn’t you be a little excited to know that Vegas forgot to lower the UNDA? Even though Chris Bosh is their superstar, the Raptors rely on their point guards for deep penetration (…so many evil directions I could go with that) more than most squads and you have to think their fastbreak will be nonexistent. Not to mention, coach Sam Mitchell was actually talking about Darrick Martin’s playmaking ability to the media yesterday…yeah, I said Darrick ‘frickin’ Martin!...Raptors/Nets total points 176-182

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