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NBA Playoff Special: 15-8 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

I finished off the weekend with some ATS flare going undefeated on the hardwood and winning an OVA/UNDA bet at the Zoo with a cotton-candy vendor on the number of tree frogs in the Reptile House exhibit. Damn, those lil’ bastards are harder to find than a clear video of the R. Kelly escapades. While the Lincoln Park Zoo is free, with all the extra coin I had lying around the house I decided to pull an Oprah and donated to the habitat and improved lifestyle of the Rafer Alston’s, aka the Dwarf mongoose, and slept like a baby knowing Greggy G had made the world a better place. But enough about my philanthropies, the Bulls are desperate for a win in Mo-Town, Mike Piazza’s best friend is back in the Big Apple, and my Warriors will be battling the most underrated low-post technician in the game…no, not Jarron Collins, I’m talkin’ bout Carlos “I Luv Cleveland!” Boozer. While my heart says ride the Warriors train with the same passion Emmanuelle used to on Showtime late-night when I was a youngster, I have a feeling the Jazz are going to be ready for Nellie’s crazed-crew. Let’s keep the magic rollin’ fellaz and don’t forget to wish T-Mac well on his annual early spring break!

The one thing my Warriors haven’t been able to handle all season is a low-post scoring threat. While the Mavs had plenty of bigs, nobody besides Stackhouse could maneuver with his back-to-the-basket with any consistency and that ended-up leading to Dirk’s depressing demise. That will not happen to John Amechi’s ole’ boys as Mr. Boozer has quietly become the most dominate low-post scorer left in the playoffs. I also believe the hype and emotion displayed against Nellie’s former team will be tough to re-create for the Warriors in Game 1, and it can’t help that they’ve been off since last Thursday. I know Baron needed the rest for his hamstring and to touch-up the beard, but the momentum they were carrying was so contagious and unpredictable I can’t see how Stephen Jackson can flip-it-on and re-harness the craziness. As for the Jazz, you know Sloan had the boys re-focused by Sunday afternoon and I fully expect players like Harpring (back-door & mid-range), Paul Millsap (around the rim), and Gordan Giricek (open from the corners) to do much more damage than Devean George, Greg Buckner, & Austin Croshere provided Avery Johnson. While the Warriors will try to swipe every cross-over and back-tip every time they get beat, I believe that style falls into the lap of a disciplined pick-n-roll team like the Jazz. I hope I’m wrong, but if I’m not…at least I’ll have some extra money to save more endangered species…It would be a shame if all the Ostertag’s were wiped-out before my child was able to witness their greatness…Jazz by 6-12 points

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