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NBA Playoff Special: 16-8 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Insideplays just sent a fruit & knee-brace basket to Al Harrington for blowin’ that lay-up as time expired givin’ us the extra special “Win by a Hook!” Not to mention, Mr. Harpring (aka Greggy G’s favorite white-baller) was cooler than MJ in Cabo knocking down two FTs with 7 seconds left. While some of you probably think I’m a bandwagon jumper who should be supremely disappointed by the baby Bulls getting waxed worse than T.T. Boy waxes a newcomer to the business, the only thing I lose sleep over is the dentist, flying squirrels, and picture'less books! Yeah, I thought Hinrich, Gordon, & Deng had turned the corner as a group, but what can I say… they look like a freshman Tri-Delt performing the Cow-Catcher for the first time. Do I think the Bulls have a chance to make this a series…No! Do I think the Bulls now have a better chance to sign someone like Pau Gasol in the off-season…Yes! But enough about the Bulls, they haven’t cost me any Mother’s Day presents since they went to Kid Rock’s hometown, so let’s just worry about the squads that continue to make us contact Real Estate agents in the Hamptons. BTW, I’ve doubled up since the playoffs have started…have you?

Just like I told you on Sunday Funday…I know I picked the Cavs to meet SA in the NBA finals, but have you ever seen a Mike Brown coached squad blow-out a quality opponent. You have to expect the Nets will come out with some desperation tonight, while the Cavs still look like their trying to figure out the difference between the regular season and the playoffs. Look for Vinsanity, J-Kidd, & RJ to attack at every opportunity, especially against Pavlovic, and try to keep this thing close from the FT line. I luv LBJ…but tonight should be a perfect night for him to settle for too many jumpers…Nets in a buzzer-beater

Once again, this game has already been decided by Greggy G’s ATS rulebook: Greg Gamble Rule #172: If Timmy D is gettin’ points, make reservations at Sizzler!...Spurs with a straight-up win

Posted by Greg Gamble on May 8, 2007 11:30 AM |


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