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NBA Playoff Special: 17-10 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Don’t look for me to apologize like Curt “I can’t stop opening my mouth” Shilling for my OT victory last night. I was like a ‘Clarett in a Goose store’ last night finishing my last piece of Totino’s pizza topped with baby dolphin and giardiniera as the former Illini guard hit a clutch pull-up to send it to an extra session. Just as I’ve been on the other end of games where OT burned me worse the Ronny Mexico burned a few ladies, I don’t remember the Vegas window ever apologizing for takin’ my airfare money in ‘97 and forcing me to panhandle all the way to New Mexico. Speaking of New Mexico, I marvel at the fact that they’re responsible for 3 of my favorites…Brian Urlacher, Demi Moore (just magical in Striptease), and Billy the Kid. And speaking of Mr. “I talk way to frickin’ fast” Urlacher, how cool is that he gets to put a notch next to his bed for both Paris Hilton and a convict! Sorry to ramble, but as you probably know I’m just a lil’ nervous about the Bulls/Pistons match-up tonight. I know Pax, Skiles, & Co. have showed us nothing to believe this is still a series, but don’t underestimate how confident the Bulls will look playing at home. All they need is win tonight and this is a series again…no matter what the so called hardwood gurus tell ya. Just listen to the true NBA maven and make sure to tell the ladies to: Call me Joey, call me Donny, call me Tony Parker so I can call ya Eva…BEEATCH!

Of the millions of Greggy G loyalists who religiously take my plays (…and never send a thank you), I’m guessing half of you will ignore tonight’s play since I’m a Chi-town homer. Suit yourself…but that next suit may be purchased from TJ Max instead of Giorgio Armani’s VIP closet! I know the Bulls were completely overwhelmed and Michael Sweetney actually rolled onto the floor in Detroit, but I honestly believe they were not ready or experienced enough to understand how different the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs can be. Compared to the other major sports, the NBA’s regular season and playoffs have far and away (btw, do you see Nicole’s booby in that movie?) the biggest contrast in style and intensity. In round 1, most teams are fine-tuning their playoff rotation and getting re-accustomed to a tournament approach, while round 2 becomes a true blueprint of team’s playoff capabilities. For the Bulls, things were easy in round 1 as they are one of the few teams that play with playoff passion and intensity for a majority of the season. As for the Pistons, while they looked somewhat unenthused in round 1, they understand that you need to raise your game with each series…and definitely have so far against Chicago. It even seems the Pistons fans understood this approach and added to the Bulls misery with each turnover and missed defensive rebound. Fast forward to tonight, and I see a transformed Bulls team playing with utter desperation and passion…and will only need a few shots to go down to get the crowd in a frenzy and their confidence back. In addition, I truly believe we’ll see a hint of over-confidence in Flip’s vets tonight at the United Center. If the Bulls can get out of the gate early, I believe Skiles will turn them loose to try to tire-out some of the Pistons old-legs and keep the youngsters from having to think too much.

Obviously, the Bulls are the definition of a Jekyll & Hyde team and nothing showcased that more than ending the regular season with a devastating playoff positioning loss to NJ, only to come out smokin’ at home against the defending champs. I could bore you with match-up advantages or a technical breakdown that would make you call me Doug Collins, but it’s not needed tonight. The Bulls will win at home tonight…because their at home tonight! Oh yeah, and Larry the ATS Legend thinks the OVA looks mighty interesting as well. C-Ya Friday Fellas…Bulls by 6-12 points

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