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NBA Playoff Special: 17-11 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Ouch…what a way to ruin a sweet mood in the Windy City Thursday night. Was that really the same squad I saw last week? While I’ve always, and will continue to plead for Pau Gasol, Garnett, or any other big with a low-post game and two good knees, I too drank too much Paxson, Skiles, & Co. Kool-Aid and mistakenly thought an over-achieving group of role players could compete with a team stocked-full of legitimate NBA superstars. Just as a professional handicapper can’t drop dime from the heart, as I fan, my judgment was clouded by the quality characters and disciplined work-ethic of the Bulls youngsters. Unfortunately, just like my azz at the gym, no matter how many Fred Hoiberg pull-ups I hit on a 17-year old who smokes a pack a day, I’m still only going to make 3rd team all-YMCA. What made it worse last night was once again seeing the chickenshiznit expressions on their face! No matter how much they led by (16 at the half; 19 in the 3rd), you knew they were just waiting for Detroit to make their run. And was it just me, or did the Bulls actually get smaller and shrink as the game progressed?

Yeah…I haven’t been this depressed since they canceled “Saved by the Bell-College Years” after just a handful of shows, and it’s more because I let me myself believe…believe in a bunch of 3rd scoring options that are undersized. That’s like my Homeboy justifying losin’ his rich-girlfriend after cheating on her with fat, lop-sided, muskrat looking BIZNICH! I mean Ben Gordon is great shooter and all, but when your 6-foot nuttin’ and you can’t play defense or dribble it’s time to become a permanent spark-plug off the bench. Same think for Captain Kirk, a solid “over-paid” point guard who wastes too much energy guarding 6’6” swingmen and still hasn’t found a niche at the offensive end. I could go on, but I’ll end with a final dart for the coaching staff. While Skiles has garnered my support since he’s been here, why the hell was I watching an offense that actually put Ben Wallace in a position to have to make plays. STOP PASSING HIM THE BALL YOU FOOLS!!! Unfortunately, Big Ben is a 16+ million a year investment for a declining window cleaner and a shrinking defender. While I still luv the young pieces Johnny Pax has put together, until we get a dominate wing and a back-to-the-basket beast…we’re just spinning our frickin’ wheels! Thanks for lettin’ me vent Homeboys, and more importantly, let’s get our azzes back to the winner’s circle….because you know nuttin’ makes me feel better than rolled-up Aces over Kings and holding free money in my hand!

The Jazz have shocked everybody by actually being the more efficient team on the break and in the open court so far. Besides the fact that Deron Williams is twice as fast as we thought and AK-47 is freakish talent that someday may have a Matrix type of impart, Sloan is know for letting the reigns go a lot more when his boys are at home and we saw that in game 1 & 2. With tonight’s contest in Oakland, I have a feeling the ole’ ball coach’s game-plan will focus on keeping the roof from blowing off the Warrior Dome. The Jazz cannot afford to let Bearded-Wonder ignite the crowd with halfcourt alley-oops and back-to-back transition 3s, so expect the Jazz to slow things down and really limit their quick-shots. Of course, it’s tempting to take Utah with 6 to 7 free points in your pocket, but it’s tough to predict how the Jazz will react to Nellie’s ballers with 20,000 yellow t-shirts dancing around in the background. In addition, if either team wins by more than 8 points, you have to think the UNDA will be delivered. I know this isn’t the sexiest pick, but neither was my Sweetest Day present and it still got the job done…Jazz/Warriors total points 206-212

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