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NBA Playoff Special: 18-12 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Gambling aside (…I can’t believe I just said that), what a miserable start to this past weekend. On my drive to visit family far-far-away Friday, an ole’ lady claimed she saw Bigfoot comin’ out of the forest and proceeded to swerve her ‘96 Saturn into my new hooptie and caused more damage than Shawn Kemp’s third-leg has caused our great nation. While she continues to claim the forest came alive, speculation at the department is that she’s from a rival sports prediction agency…their azz better have some Geico baby! After the officer asked if I thought the Bulls would cover, he told me to calm my azz down or I’d be joinin’ him for his ride home. I’ll admit, I acted a lil’ bit like the Warriors when they don’t get a fouled called and scolded the ole’ BEEATCH worse than Roger Goodell scolds a brotha who enjoys a few too many xtra circular activities, but the only thing coming out of the forest in suburban Chicago are pedophiles and few fellaz from Boys-town!

On the positive side, at least the gamblin’ gods have a heart as I dominated my professional hardwood predictions Sunday and was able to enjoy another entertaining battle between Sloan & Nellie over a box-o-wine and some Newports. As for tonight, while I’m only givin’ you the Suns/Spurs tilt for my ATS play, I’d bet my eye-brow trimmer that LeBron has a bigger night than ‘His-Airness’ at a single’s bar…well, maybe not that nice. 34 year-old Jason Kidd dominated the glass with his 6-4 frame against the Cavs, and you have think the young 6-8 King James will be amped-up to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I’m guessing his box score will look something like this: 34 pts 14 reb 10 ass. Oh yeah, and the Nets still start Mikki Moore and one of the Collins brothers in their frontcourt. Let’s start the week off right fellaz, and congrats to the Bullies for prolonging the inevitable. It may not seem like much of moral victory, but trust me…the youngsters needed it.

Basically we need these two teams to score 100 points tonight. So far thru 3 games, the juggernauts (luv that word) have broken the century mark 5 out 6 times. Just as Greggy G predicted in game 4, the Spurs adjusted to Kurt Thomas on Timmy D by replacing Elson/Oberto with a wing-player, keeping Amare on the perimeter and leaving the undersized Thomas isolated on the block. Also, Manu finally got-off and became an aggressor in the half-court, while Mr. Longoria looked a lil’ more comfortable with the Matrix blanketing him the whole night. As for the Suns, I expect the so-called Black Jesus (Amare) to take more advantage of the undersized Spurs line-up, and you have to expect the Brazilian Road Runner to finally have one of those monster games after strugglin’ the last two. Finally, there is a slight chance that Bruce Bowen will be suspended for his knee to Nash’s family jewel, and if that happens I’m double-up like I have a pair of Aces at the Blackjack table. Even if he plays, I have a feeling he’ll be in foul trouble as the refs nail him for some ticky-tack BS, which also means we’ll see some fireworks on the offensive end with Finley, Barry, & Ginobili…and less on the defensive…Suns/Spurs total points 207-213

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