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NBA Playoff Special: 18-12 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

While pushin’ the Spurs/Suns total was more annoying than listening to Stuart Scott talk anything sports-related, what an awesome finish by PHX last night. Timmy D’s boys seemed in more control than Doug Christie’s wife for 46 minutes, only to let Nash and his high-flyers pull their usual late game heroics on the road. As for Horry’s hockey-check on the Canadian with UNDA 20 seconds left, that was the first time I actually realized his overrated-azz was on the court. I know I predicted we’d see the Spurs in the finals, but that’s not because I enjoy watchin’ the exciting play of Bowen, Horry, Barry, & Oberto…they’re like watchin’ an adult film with crabby veterans that are just in it for the paycheck. As for the Cavs performance, what can I say…I told ya!

On to tonight’s tit-alizing match-ups! While I’d luv to tell ya the Bulls will win a close-one in Mo-Town and the Warriors will dominate in Salt Lake, I’d also like to tell the ladies I’m carryin’ luggage that doesn’t fit underneath the carry-on bin…but I guess the man up-stairs figured I’d find a women with my charm and gamblin’ prowess. No matter what, I’m going to make sure to have some fun tonight. The Warden gave me a hall-pass for the evening, my Warrior Zubaz are Snuggle fresh, and my Homeboy’s bar has $2 drafts and Golden Tee! As for my picks and pics, hopefully they add a happy-ending to the evening that would make Asia Carrera proud!

The Jazz are not going to let the Warriors run tonight…period (…the period is for my boy Raffy Palmeroid). Sloan doesn’t want to give Baron & Co. any momentum to make this a series, and they proved in game 4 that Golden St’s streetballers get frustrated playing defense for more than 15 seconds a possession. The only way this thing goes OVA is if Nellie’s squad is down double digits with 5 minutes and he institutes a “Hack-a-Jazz” desperation ploy. Carlos “Picture me playin’ with LeBron” Boozer is too awesome in the half court for Deron to be flying-up court and AK-47 is just too disruptive at the other when the Jazz are in their defensive sets. While the Warriors have been hotter than Jessica Alba wearing nothing, anything, or even Craig Sager’s suit, this is the first elimination game for the Oakland boyz and I expect them to be tighter than Scottie “No-Tippin” Pippen when the bill comes around…Warriors/Jazz total points 206-212

While it’s tempting to take my undersized youngsters getting 7-8 points, the UNDA is too perfect to waste another play on tonight's game. The Bulls have scored more than 100 points only once in this series…and they won that contest. In the other three when Paxson, Skiles, & Co. got whipped, they averaged 76 points. In addition, the Pistons got a lil’ 3-happy in Game 4 (6-25) and I expect them to go back to utilizing their size and half-court efficiency to keep the Bulls from starting their break off long rebounds. The Palace of Auburn Hills will be rockin’ tonight, and unlike in PHX & Oakland, they seem to encourage a slow-pace and enjoy watching the Pistons make teams play BAD (Soriano-outfield-bad) basketball. I luv my Bulls…but as a ATS maven, I luv the UNDA a lil’ more…Bulls/Pistons total points 170-176 total points

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