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NBA Playoff Special: 19-13 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

I’ll admit, I jumped off the Bulls playoff bandwagon so-fast you would’ve thought the cops were chasing us and Nate Newton was on-board. Does that mean I’m not leaping back on like Ron Jeremy in a double-feature...HELL NO! Not to mention, my Homeboy THE COUGAR is taking me to the United Center for game 6, and rumor has it three of the Luv-a-Bulls want Greggy G’s autograph since they’re Insideplays subscribers. As for my Warriors, it’s tough to hate on Boozer, AK-47, Harpring, and D-Williams, but I would’ve loved to see a few more weeks of Baron’s kick-azz beard, Matt Barnes’s tatts, and Stephen Jackson being…well, Stephen Jackson. Sorry to be a lil’ late today, but the liver, kidneys, and lungs aren’t workin’ so-well. Luckily, we’ve got an easy game on the ATS docket tonight thanks to the lame-azz NBA head-honchos who encourage players to take cheap-shots and reward them for being dirtier than Britany Spears in Cabo. Take it light fellas…it’s only Wednesday!

This one is going to get ugly…in more ways than one. I wish I could tell you the Suns will rally around the ridiculous suspensions and Jalen Rose will explode for 44 tonight, but they already had a short bench and have struggled mightily all season with the Spurs size. While Kurt Thomas has played admirably on Timmy D the last few games, those have come with Amare hangin’ around the basket and adding some intimidation. On the offensive end, Stoudemire and Nash’s pick n’ roll has been the Suns #1 play, especially at crunch-time, and I don’t think subbin’ in Pat Burke for the pick n’ pop is going to do the same kind of damage. As for Diaw, while he’s hasn’t found last year’s playoff magic, he’s really the only frontcourt player D’Antoni uses off the bench and even plays a lil’ point-forward when Nash needs a rest. As for tonight, I guess that means we’ll see the stick-figure known as James Jones picking up the slack. Oh yeah, and over the last two days I’ve heard 6 different Suns players and coaches discuss how devastated they are over the suspensions...probably not a good sign with Tony Longoria's squad in town comin' off a loss. Speaking the Spurs, they are pretty frickin' awesome and I don’t think losing the artist formerly know as 'Big Shot Rob' is going to cause Pops any game-planning headaches. Smart play Mr. Horry, you may end-up being the series MVP…Spurs by 10-16 points

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