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NBA Playoff Special: 19-14 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

Yes, the gamblin’ gods got me by a hook last night, but I refuse to get pissy like Rex Grossman when he hears people say he’s short, slow, and has small-hands. I’ve already won my fair share of .5 ATS victories this post-season and actually enjoyed watchin’ the Suns compete short-handed against the big-bullies from San Antone. (BTW, I’m a degenerate…and all degenerates live a life of denial & justification.) Despite the financial dagger it caused my retirement fund, I slept like a baby last night knowing tomorrow would bring a great day…I mean Da Cougar got me a playoff ticket! I take back all the White Castle and Velveeta jokes and I’ll make sure to give you my Kobe Tai - “All Thai’d Up” DVD once you get married. My only real concern as I hit the pillow was should I wear the white mink coat with the Greg Gamble, Ltd. logo or my Dave Corzine throwback. Its game day Homeboys…and I think this NBA maven knows what’s gonna happen!


4. They get their hands on more loose balls than a NBA Groupie
The Pistons bench is extremely short when you consider their grind-it-out style of play and the total minutes/age of many of their starters. As a result, you do see the Pistons take a few possessions each quarter to regroup and pick their spots when to be overly aggressive, which can leave them vulnerable to hustle and energy plays for loose balls and long-rebounds. While I’ve always undervalued Chris Duhon, he proved it once again in game 6 that he’s more disruptive and annoying than anybody we have in the backcourt…and if he’s hittin’ his shots (…which I’m always cursing until they go in), we will win tonight!

3. They Rebound like a Pop-Star after the 1st marriage
The reason I initially thought the Bulls could win in 6 was their ability to out-rebound the lifeless-legs of Detroit’s frontcourt. Sheed’s legs seem weathered & crabby, Webber’s are just about gone, and Maxiel’s are short, leaving them with only Mr. McDyess to use his surgically-repaired hops. Unfortunately, it took the Bulls two games before they realized that a combination of the Afroed-Wonder’s muscle, T-Time’s freakishness, and Deng’s subtle aggression & long-azz arms could dominate the glass and chase down virtually every long-rebound.

2. They Take Quick Shots like Greggy G on a Hallpass
Detroit is a wonderful defensive team…when they are set! In the first three games, especially late, the Bulls would pass the ball around the perimeter without a purpose and either end-up taking a contested shot with the clock running down or make a silly turnover forcing a perfect pass. Over the last two, their undersized shooters have taken the first open look available and not waited for Detroit’s length to get into position. In addition, besides the fact that the Bulls can beat the Pistons to open spots in transition and even steal a few lay-ups, since the Pistons aren’t set for their individual box-outs, the quick, long forwards for Skiles seem to have a better than 50/50 chase of getting every offensive rebound.

1. The Backcourt stays out of Foul Trouble
The Bulls win and die with the jump-shot of these 3 (in order of importance):
1) Ben Gordon 2) Kirk Hinrich 3) Luol Deng

Unfortunately, two out of these three are extremely prone to a whinny expresssion 6 minutes into the game, followed by a stiny spot next to Michael “Bag-o’ Doughnuts” Sweetney on the bench. (BTW, I put Deng 3rd because he’s pretty consistent with his mid-range game and really can do some other things to help contribute to a win…Compared to Flash Gordon, who can take over a game lookin’ like he’s playing Double Dribble and knows how to guarantee a swish, but really can’t do much else. As for Kirk, I think his jump-shot holds additional value since his performance is usually based-on his success early, and the fact that teams will leave him open more often than the other two.)

Along these lines, Flip and the Pistons veterans know this and will be taking both Capt. Kirk and the undersized 2-guard (…that can’t place defense or dribble very well) into the post at every opportunity. To tell you the truth, I’d rather see them sacrifice a few lay-ups to stay on the court tonight…It’s not like Big Ben and T-Time aren’t going to be there to help.

So…does that mean I think they will win tonight? I suggest you read what my webmaster tells you below and “Continue Reading” Homeboys!

My fraternity house-mom always told me 2 things::
1. You should go to Gambler’s Anonymous
2. It’s OK to take a day-off

What I told her:
1. I’m not a quitter
2. Did you see what happened to Rae Carruth on his day off!

With that said, if I don’t believe in what I write…why write it!

The Bulls proved in Game 4 that they understand their best looks come early in the shot-clock and in transition, and have finally utilized their frontcourt speed and springs to dominate the loose-ball battle. Not to mention, when you’ve got the Luv-a-bulls and Greggy G in attendance...magical things tend to happen. I’m kind of temped to take the over with the Bulls quick shot-selection, but I’m going with the ole’ all or nuttin’ call tonight…Bulls by more than a bucket…and the OVA/UNDA on my beer spills (+/-3)…If I was a gamblin’ man I’d say OVA!!!

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