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NBA Playoff Special: 19-15 ATS

*Greggy G’s NBA Regular Season: 146-106 ATS

As Da Cougar and I drowned our sorrows in Greek Town after leavin’ the United Center late in the 4th, (I just wish Michael Sweetney had told me in the nacho line that his teammates were leaving in the 3rd), we struggled to enjoy the ambiance of bad cologne and greasy lamb…and even failed to put together a heated debate on our ball clubs with Cub/Sox weekend upon us. In addition, yours truly is in the mist of his first ATS loosing streak for the playoffs, and I just received the official damage report on my new/scratched/dented hooptie. With that said, this weekend should be more beautiful than Ali Larter with some whip-cream...I mean the beer gardens will be a madhouse of drunk dudes threatenin’ to fight over the better utility infielder, the DePaul girls will be in Cubbie short-shorts pretending to be joggin for their health, and with Tank Johnson back on the street…you never know what might happen

Listen, I know you guys are either depressed about the Bulls or pissed that my pick dropped your dinner selection from Charlie Trotter’s to Charlie’s Fried Chx & Fish, but what more could I really do. I frickin’ gave Skiles and his undersized youngsters the four keys to victory yesterday and they decided to Rex Grossman-it instead. It’s just like the former Washington Bullet Headmaster Wes Unseld used to tell me back in the day: “Greggy G, I can tell’em what to do…but I can’t stop them from being a fool!” As for tonight’s tilts, YOU KNOW HOW WE DO IT…all a losin’ streak means to an ATS baller is it’s time to double-up! Let’s roll fellaz and make sure to have a weekend that would make Ahmad Rashad and Michael Jordan proud!

This is strictly a numbers play…check-out how the scoring has plummeted like Paris Hilton on an oil tycoon throughout the series:
Game 2: 194
Game 3: 181
Game 4: 172
Game 5: 145

Not that I’m Snoop Dogg smart or anything, but it’s obvious these teams have figured-out each other’s game-plan. In addition, have you seen the Cavs offense lately…the Nets force the ball out of LeBron’s hand and then Larry Hughes just jacks-up a terrible shot while Big Z and Gooden wave their arms to no avail. As for Nets on O, they’ve struggled to get much around the basket with Cleveland’s size and overall team defense, and have never been able to make teams pay from downtown when they sage. Finally, the pressure in this series seems to be mounting with each possession, and unfortunately, LeBron also is dealing with serious family health concerns that have arisen this week. All the best King James...much luv from Insideplays. Should be a great game tonight, but I can’t see either team hittin’ the 90 point total…Cavs/Nets total points 168-172 points

My head says SA, my heart says Barbosa finally catches fire and Bowen gets blindsided by a back-pick, and my wallet says just double-up on the CAVS/NETS UNDA. I may need two bottles of Boone’s Farm for tonight’s festivities Homeboys…it’s going to be a late one!

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